The days of healthy radiant shine from the sun is gone from me. The Canadian weather is something that I am still trying to get used to. Never mind the wind and rain but recently it started to get dark at 5.00pm. Yes, daylight savings has started and 6.00pm looks like it’s 9.00pm! I think it’s weirdly cool but then again, the novelty of living in a new country still hasn’t worn off. Ask me again this time next year and I might have a completely different set of answers, one that involves words that no lady should ever utter in her lifetime. To cheat the healthy glow back into my face, I have been using highlighters like my life depends on it. I have been a massive fan of Benefit Sunbeam for the longest time and it is running out *sob!* so I finally decided to try something new. Hubby dearest’s aunt is an Avon rep so when I saw Avon Glow Bronzing Pearl was on sale, I just had to get it. P1000948 P1000949   P1000950   P1000952   P1000953 This offering from Avon follows the same footpath as the iconic Guerlain Meteorites Pearls. Now I have never tried the one from Guerlain, my wallet would weep for a century but I am really pleased with these pearls from Avon. These pearls are small in size and seems so soft that I thought they would crumble with the stroke of the brush. Thankfully none did and all I need is a blusher or bronzer brush, gently sweep over the pearls (I do it in one circular motion) and then apply it on the high side of my cheekbone. It instantly gives the most beautiful soft radiance to my face, I honestly looked sun-kissed. The shimmer is perfect, doesn’t make me look like a disco ball and didn’t highlight whatever that I desperately want to hide. It also lasted the whole day on my face and only faded a little by the end of the day. I have to frown on the scent of these pearls though…it reminds me of my grandma’s closet. And I don’t mean to be rude but it has an old, musty, flowery powder smell to it. It’s not exceptionally unpleasant but I prefer to be without it. I also rolled my eyes on the packaging. It came in a big box, placed in a big cheap-ish looking plastic jar and the product inside is soooo little. It’s like an hour of foreplay which ended within two thrust. Dude seriously? What a bloody tease. I don’t understand why do this? Wouldn’t it be better to place the product in a smaller jar or if you insist of using that big-ass jar then give more product. Anyway, scent and packaging aside, the product itself is lovely and has been a staple in my makeup routine recently. Have any of you tried this product and did you like it?

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