It seems like tea and good health go hand in hand! The constituent nutrients and essences of the ingredients used in teas are all somehow very beneficial for health. For thousands of years, ever since the beginning of time, people have been consuming this particular type of beverage for health purposes. And the results speak for themselves!

Part of this has to do with the essential oils contained within the ingredients that become infused within the liquid. And part of it has to do with the natural synergy that these oils create with our internal functions, allowing the body to enable healing and rejuvenation, and also allowing the body to repair broken and damaged tissue much more easily.

Benefits of Herbal Tea for Skin

What is truly fascinating about teas, and herbal teas in particular, is that they have properties that benefits each and every part of the human body and almost all bodily functions. The skin in particular benefits from regular intake of tea. And the best part is that there are many different teas that you can drink in order to get a fresher, more rejuvenated skin.

To that end, following are some of the best teas that you can have for a healthy and glowing skin that defies age and stays clearer for longer.


Jasmine Tea

Starting with one of the most delicious and aromatic teas in existence; you cannot go wrong with a bit of jasmine tea, especially if it is brewed to perfection! Jasmine tea has noteworthy antibacterial and anti-ageing properties, along with a tendency to reduce acne, while also preventing it from occurring again.

Jasmine tea can also prevent inflammation and excessively oily skin by slowing down the production of too much sebum. It is best brewed to a mild flavor depth, since concentrating can prove detrimental to the taste, which tends to become bitter the longer it is brewed.

White Tea

The much younger cousin of common black tea, white tea is the equivalent of under-roasted coffee beans in terms of antioxidant content. The amount of antioxidants in white tea is what makes it so beneficial, as it has more of it than black or even green tea. Antioxidants prevent the collagen in the skin from breaking down and becoming dissolved, which then leads to stronger and more elastic skin.

White tea can be brewed in the same manner as regular black tea, with just a little sugar to add taste. Eliminating the sugar altogether is better, since it will help the antioxidants be more efficient.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has been known for many, many years as one of the best natural relaxants in existence, other than narcotics of course. It is contains perhaps the only natural chemical complex that relaxes the muscles and brings a state of calm to bodily movements, without the use of narcotic compounds.

Chamomile tea, when consumed on a regular basis, can reduce the wear and tear that facial muscles go through on a regular basis. This prevents the muscles from getting fatigued, which keeps them tighter and lends flexibility to them.


This type of tea comes from South Africa, and has some of the most powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that you can get from natural products. Even better rooibos does not contain any caffeine, which means that it can be consumed safely without the fear of the side-effects of caffeine consumption. It is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as victims of a number of skin conditions.

Inflammation is a major problem when it comes to the skin, especially in warmer climates. Instead of applying ice and/or consuming medicines, you can simply brew a cup or rooibos and watch the inflammation go away.



Tea is a safe and healthy beverage, which can be enjoyed in a number of ways. As part of a skincare routine, it can work very well in combinations too. For example, if you want an antioxidant combination, you can brew green tea and white tea together, to get the flavanoids as well as the kick, all in one.

You can also make very mild tea and add cold water to it, and carry it out when you go for a run. Not only will you get all the health benefits that come from tea, but you will also get healthier, and younger looking skin.

*This article is contributed by Martin Hansen. For further info, read my disclaimer here.

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