What Shoes to Wear With Straight Leg Pants? (Best Options)

Straight leg pants are a wardrobe staple that you can easily wear on any number of occasions. But choosing the right pair of shoes that you can wear with straight leg pants can be tricky.

With the variety of shoe designs available, picking the right shoes can be even more difficult. You must have seen people wearing anything from heels and flats to sneakers and oxfords and wondered what shoes to wear with straight leg pants.


Quick Answer

 You can wear a whole range of shoe styles with straight leg pants. Wear linen/cotton straight leg pants with casual shoes, denim pants with any style of choice, corduroy pants with ankle boots, and polyester pants with formal shoes.

Since there are many shoe pairing options with straight leg pants, choosing the right shoes can become even trickier. So let’s break down what shoes can be paired with what fabric of straight leg pants and for which occasion.

Best Shoes to Wear with Straight Leg Pants

You can find straight leg pants in different fabrics at almost all major indie fashion brands these days. Some common fabrics in which straight leg pants are popular, and the shoe styles that work well with them include:

Linen and cotton straight leg pants work with casual styles of shoes. These shoe styles include slides, sneakers, ballet flats, etc. However, you can also wear formal shoes with cotton and linen straight leg pants.

Denim straight leg pants can be worn with almost all shoe styles. Straight jeans are one of the most versatile jeans and can be easily dressed up or down with the right shoes and other accessories.

Corduroy straight leg pants look best with ankle boots or moccasins, as they are mostly worn during the winters. However, platform shoes and mules can also be paired with corduroy straight leg pants.

Polyester and polyester blend straight pants pair well with formal shoe styles. Since polyester and polyester blend fabrics give a nice fall to straight leg pants and make them look formal, heels and pumps of various styles can be easily worn with them.

While you can use the above guidelines to pick the right shoes with your straight leg pants every time, you can also pair some classic shoe styles with straight legs pants in all the different fabrics. Moreover, the top you choose and the accessories you pick out can also help you pair different shoe styles with your straight leg pants.

The Best Shoes To Pair With All Straight Leg Pants

Kitten heels are the best shoe style to pair with straight leg pants. Kitten heels can be paired with straight leg pants from polyester to cotton and denim to wool. They also look great in all different settings, from professional, casual, and in between.

For example, kitten heels can be worn with a pair of straight leg denim for a day out or on casual Fridays at work. Kitten heels and polyester straight leg pants can be worn as formal wear to work meetings and corporate lunches. You can also pair kitten heels with cotton and linen straight leg pants for picnics and road trips.

The second best shoes that work well with all kinds of straight leg pants are canvas slip-ons. Canvas slip-ons especially work well with straight leg pants when the color of canvas slip-ons matches the straight leg pants. However, plain black canvas slip-ons can be worn with black straight leg pants in any fabric.

Straight Leg Pants and Shoe Pairings for Casual Outfits

Cotton and linen straight leg pants in summers and woolen straight leg pants in winter work well with sneakers, moccasins, oxfords, and mules. If you want to appear more casual, pick the shoes in a funky color or pattern in any of these styles.

White-colored shoes in the mentioned styles also look great with casual straight leg pants. White canvas slip-ons and cotton straight legs pants especially work well for summer BBQ parties or no-swim days on the beach.

Straight Leg Denim and Formal Shoe Pairings

As mentioned above, straight-leg denim can be paired with any shoes. However, if you want to wear straight leg jeans but keep your outfit on the dressier side, opt for some pointed toe pumps. Pointed toe pumps look great with straight-leg jeans with heels or flats.

Choose a pair of black straight leg denim and black pointed toe pumps for longer and leaner-looking legs. Complete this formal look with a black blazer and some gold accessories.

Heels and Straight Leg Pants Day-to-Night Outfit Ideas

Strappy heels also pair well with straight leg pants in different fabrics. You can wear this combination for day-to-night looks in a variety of ways:

  • Pair nude strappy heels with black cotton straight leg pants and a black t-shirt.
  • Pair white strappy kitten heels with white linen straight leg pants and button-down denim.
  • Pair black strappy high heels with a black suit with straight leg pants in polyester fabric and a solid-colored button-down shirt.

Summer Shoe Ideas with Straight Leg Pants

Wedges, canvas slip-ons, sporty sandals, and strappy sandals all look great with straight leg pants in summer. Choose straight leg pants in cotton and linen fabrics only for summer looks. Pair some printed straight leg pants with solid colored loose boho blouses for casual summer day looks. You can also wear colorful embroidered blouses in peplum cut with white straight leg pants and white sandals. Sporty sandals also look good with casual black straight leg pants and an athleisure top.

What Shoes to Wear with Straight Leg Pants in Office

You can wear brown leather oxfords with black straight leg pants in polyester blend or cotton at work. You can also wear closed-toe pumps or ballet flats with straight leg pants and blazers at work. Pair a silk button-down shirt with some woolen straight leg pants and strappy heels as office wear during winter. Pairing ankle boots and woolen straight leg pants with high neck sweaters work well.

Wrap Up

The options of shoe pairing with straight leg pants are truly endless. Depending on the weather and the setting for which you are putting together an outfit, you can wear different shoes with straight leg pants. Make sure to match the style of the shoes with the fabric of the straight leg pants for a put-together look.

Now that you know what style of shoes you can pair with straight leg pants in different fabrics, you can come up with all sorts of outfit ideas. Let me know in the comments what style of shoes you think works well with straight leg pants in all fabrics.

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