What Color Shoes to Wear With Black Jeans? (Best Options)

Black jeans are a wardrobe staple for both men and women. People with different body types can wear black jeans in various flattering ways. However, pairing the right shoes with black jeans can be a challenge.

You must have seen people wear black jeans with different types of shoes in various colors. The cut of the black jeans and the occasion can determine what color shoes to wear with black jeans.


Quick Answer

Black shoes always work well with black jeans. They help make your legs appear longer and slimmer. You can wear black shoes in any style with black jeans according to your mood or the occasion. You can also wear brown and white shoes with a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt. You can also match the shoe color with your handbag. 

Since there are multiple options of shoe colors that you can wear with black jeans, let’s dig a little deeper to learn more about these shoe color pairing options.

When Can You Wear Black Shoes with Black Jeans?

You can wear black shoes with black jeans when trying to achieve an effortless but put-together outfit. Black shoes and black jeans always look great together. Black shoes become an extension of your black jeans and appear neutral. You can wear any type of black shoes such as slides, moccasins, or oxfords. You can even wear high heels with black jeans if you are a woman.

Matching black shoes with your black jeans allows you to experiment with tops as well. Tops with all kinds of colors and patterns work well when worn on top of a pair of black jeans and a pair of black shoes.

What Type of Brown Shoes Work Well with Black Jeans?

Brown shoes are a popular shoe color option to pair with black jeans for men and women. But they only work with casual outfits. You can wear the following types of shoes in brown color with black jeans:

  1. Moccasins
  2. Slides
  3. Flip flops in brown leather
  4. Sneakers
  5. Slip-Ons
  6. Chelsea Boots

You can improve their overall outfit when pairing black jeans with brown shoes by adding brown-colored accessories. You can carry a handbag in a matching shade of brown. Brown-colored jewelry or gold accent jewelry can also enhance your outfit if you are a woman. You can add a brown strap or gold chain wristwatch to your outfits regardless of your gender.

You can also wear a brown or tan top when pairing black jeans with brown shoes. A brown cardigan or blazer can also complete and elevate your outfit in colder months. You can also add a printed scarf with shades of brown in all kinds of weather. Choose a silk scarf in summer and a cashmere scarf in winter.

How to Style White Shoes with Black Jeans?

White shoes can make or break your outfit. But you can confidently style white shoes with black jeans with an all-black outfit. Black jeans with a black top and white shoes look great on everyone. The type of shoes you pair with black jeans should depend on the top.

  • Black jeans with a fancy, black top can work with white-colored heels for women.
  • Black jeans with a plain black t-shirt look great with white sneakers, slip-Ons, and moccasins on everyone.
  • Black jeans with a textured black t-shirt pair well with white sneakers for women.

A casual blazer in black over a black t-shirt also looks great with black jeans paired with casual white shoes. You can transform your outfit from casual to casual chic by adding a black blazer.

How to Pair Black Jeans with Patterned Shoes

Patterned or brightly colored shoes paired with black jeans are a great way to make a style statement. Here is how you can style your patterned shoes with black jeans without fail:

  • An all-black outfit can be safely paired with printed slides, slip-Ons, and even heels.
  • For animal print slip-Ons, slides, and heels can be paired with a similarly printed blouse and black jeans.
  • Floral patterned slip-Ons, sneakers, and heels can be worn with similar floral print tops and black jeans.
  • Geometric patterned sneakers or slip-Ons can be worn with casual t-shirts in different colors.

Look for the size of the floral pattern on your shoes. Match the size of the pattern between shoes and top to make the outfit look intentional. You can also carry a similarly patterned clutch with any of your patterned shoes and black jeans if you’re a woman.

Pick flowy and button-down patterned tops for a chic look. Add a neutral color scarf to this outfit to balance the plain and patterned fabrics.

Black Jeans Outfit Ideas for Work

Casual Fridays can be a great time to wear black jeans to work. Here are some black jeans outfit ideas for work:

  • Black jeans with a striped black and white sweater and black casual shoes.
  • Black jeans with black or brown Chelsea boots and a black button-down.
  • Black jeans with casual black shoes, a black t-shirt, and a denim jacket.
  • Black jeans with casual black shoes and a fancy white blouse or plain white t-shirt.
  • Black jeans with black sneakers and chambray button-down.
  • Black jeans with black heels and a fancy black blouse.
  • Black jeans with black heels, solid plain button-down, and black blazer.

Wrap Up

A pair of black jeans is a truly versatile garment. The possibilities of shoe colors that can be worn with black jeans are endless. You can wear black jeans with various styles of black shoes, brown shoes, white shoes, and even printed and patterned shoes. You can pick any type of shoe when pairing your black jeans with a plain black t-shirt.

Now that you know all the various shoe colors that you can wear black jeans, what would be your first pick? Let me know in the comments if you prefer wearing different shoes with all-black outfits or if you like to match your top and shoes.

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