What to Wear With Gray Shoes? (Best Options)

Gray shoes are all about class and style. But often, people are confused as to what to wear with gray shoes. People don’t know that gray shoes look amazing with a wide range of clothes and accessories.

If you’re wondering what to wear with gray shoes, we have all the answers for you. Read on to find out what looks best with gray shoes.


Quick Answer

It really depends on what kind of look you’re going for; for formal gatherings, a crisp suit would look lovely with gray pumps. For parties, you can wear a beautiful lilac dress with gray heels. You can pair gray boots with skinny denim jeans and a white blouse for a more casual look.

Gray shoes are versatile and look great with many different dresses and accessories. Continue reading to find what looks best with gray shoes.

What Looks Best with Gray Shoes?

Gray shoes are often thought of as outdated, but they add charm and style to any outfit instantly. If you’re confused as to what to wear with gray shoes, here are some options for you:

  • Lilac Dress: If you plan to attend a party or a semi-formal event, wear a lilac dress paired with gray heels. A cool shade of gray looks wonderful with a lilac dress. High heels are the way to go with long or knee-length dresses.
  • Blouse and Jeans: If you want a more toned-down look, you can pair gray ankle boots with dark blue skinny jeans and a plain white blouse. It’s still a dressy combination that stays on the formal side.
  • Classic Pantsuit: Contrary to common belief, a classic black pantsuit looks wonderful with gray pumps rather than black heels. It blends seamlessly with the outfit and adds a touch of class. Moreover, it also looks more refreshing than black pumps. Based on the type of shoes you’re wearing, you can wear almost any clothing item with gray shoes. Gray shoes look great in coal or metallic steel color.
  • Pink Blouse: You can also wear a pink blouse with metallic anchor gray shoes. A combination of pink and gray looks gorgeous in almost all settings.
  • White Suit: White shorts and a blouse with gray boots also create a striking look. You can also opt for a lacy white suit with gray high heels.
  • Gray Dress: Nothing beats the classic combination of gray dress with gray shoes. You can wear heels that are one shade darker than the dress.

What Accessories Look Best with Gray Shoes?

Gray shoes look great with different accessories. You can pair them up with any scarves, jewelry, or hats. Here are some options for you to choose from:

  • White Jewelry: If you want to add an instant pop to your outfit, wear white jewelry with gray shoes, especially if you’re wearing a black or dark brown outfit.
  • Gray Hat: Gray-on-gray combo never goes out of fashion. When wearing light-colored clothing, accessorize with a gray hat to go with your gray shoes. Hats always make your final look classier and more organized.
  • Brown Scarf: If you’re going for brown or khaki pants, you can pair them with a brown scarf. The brown-gray combo looks wonderful. You can even add a beige or light grey blouse to complete your overall look.
  • Metallic Rings: You can accessorize with metallic gray rings if you’re going for a more casual look. When paired with gray shoes, they look stunning and create a striking look.

What Type of Gray Shoes Look Great?

There is no limit to the type of shoes you can wear for gray shoes. Here are some shoe types that look great in gray:

  • Snakeskin Pattern Heels: Wear gray snakeskin patterned heels to create a sleek and sexy look. Not only does it look trendy, but it also adds elegance to your overall look. Stiletto platform heels with a snakeskin pattern are a great way to make a fashion statement.
  • Ankle Zipper Boots: If you want to create a snappy look, wear ankle zipper boots with a white dress.

What Kind of Makeup Looks Good with Gray Shoes and White Dress?

If you’re wearing a white dress and gray shoes, you can choose a dark lip color. A maroon or even black lipstick would look great if you’re going for a dramatic look. If you want to create a subtle look, you can also wear nude lip color. When paired with a nude lip color, smokey eyes are a good option. For darker lip colors, you can use lighter eyeshadows. A brown or beige eyeshadow would look great.

Can You Wear Socks with Gray Shoes?

If you’re wearing gray trainers, sneakers, or closed shoes, you can wear socks with them. Based on the color of your outfit, you can wear different colored socks. Geometrically patterned socks paired with gray trainers or joggers look fashionable and give off a cool vibe.

If you’re wearing loafers, brown or black socks will blend with your outfit. In this case, ankle-length socks are a great option.

With heels, you can wear stockings or pantyhose instead of socks. Skin-toned or jet-black pantyhose are good options.

Can You Wear Bright Colors with Gray Shoes?

Color contrasts are very important in the fashion world. Modern-day fashion doesn’t restrict you from wearing different colors and styles. You can wear bright colors with gray shoes if you want. Light gray ankle boots, a gray sweater, and a parrot green skirt are surprisingly great combinations. You can also wear an emerald green tank top with denim shorts with gray sneakers.

If you don’t want a bold look, you can always opt for pastel pink pants with a gray blazer over a black shirt.

What Color Bags Match with Gray Shoes?

Bags are an important part of your complete outfit. The color of your bag should always complement the color of your shoes. You can pair it up with a lilac bag when wearing gray shoes. If your shoes are a darker tone, try to match the color of your shoes. But in this case, the color of the outfit should be one to two shades lighter. This balances out the color scheme as the same color throughout can look plain or dull.

Wrap Up

Simply put, a lilac dress paired with gray heels looks stunning. In casual settings, ankle boots look lovely with jeans and a white blouse. A black pantsuit with gray pumps is a good option for formal wear.

But your options aren’t limited; you can explore the fashion world and create your own unique combos. Let us know in the comments what you wear with gray shoes.

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