What Shoes to Wear in Snow? (Best Options)

It is crucial to wear the right pair of shoes when going out in the snow – you want to ensure your feet are warm and dry at all times, so it is easy for you to stay stable on your feet.

Regular shoes will not do as they will allow the snow to seep in, causing you a lot of discomfort throughout. Keep reading to learn what shoes to wear in snow.


Quick Answer

The best shoes to wear in the snow are ones with great traction and a solid grip. They come with seam-sealed waterproof construction, a cozy lining that will keep your feet warm/dry and support for your ankles.

Listed below are some essentials a good snowshoe should include: 

  • Leather
  • Faux leather
  • Fleece-lined
  • Insulated
  • Waterproof
  • Stiff and stable
  • Durable

It’s necessary to keep all these details in mind to keep your feet warm during winter. To ease your winter footwear decision, let’s analyze what shoes are best to wear in the snow.

What Type of Shoes To Wear In Snow?

The type of shoe you wear in snow impacts the level of comfort you’re aiming for. Today’s options mean that you don’t need to compromise on comfort or style. Here is the key that makes a shoe a great option to wear out in the snow.

  • Faux-leather: If you wish to keep snow out of your feet, these shoes made of cowhide are perfect for snow. They are made out of full-grain or top-grain leather and work the same way a cow skin does – they do not let snow or water seep in and keep your feet dry all day long.
  • Cozy-lining: Shoes that keep your feet warm in snow are a dream come true. It’s all that you need when going out in the harsh weather. These shoes have a fleece lining to lock in the warmth created by your feet to achieve this.
  • Good traction: You don’t want to keep slipping in the snow and hurt yourself. The kind of traction you choose depends on what you’re planning to do. Microspikes are best for walking on ice and snow and for everyday use. These will help keep your feet stable on the snow.
  • Gore-Tex technology: This is no less than a dream shoe. It will keep your feet warm, dry, and breathable regardless of the temperature outside. Since your feet will be closed all day long, they will tend to sweat, but the Gore-Tex materials will keep your feet dry.
  • Waterproof: Not all shoes protect your feet a hundred percent. Some let in snow and water after a while. This is why you should go for a pair that is waterproof in the Most leather shoes are sprayed with a waterproof product that helps make them snowproof, and hence you enjoy dry feet throughout.
  • Ankle support: For people who like to go for hikes, they must opt for shoes that provide them some sort of ankle support – snow boots will give you the right ankle support you need, they have extended shafts that make walking in the snow much easier as compared to regular shoes.
  • True-to-size: Shoes that are not your size can be quite a problem when walking on snow. They will constantly slip and will not keep you stable. Wear shoes that are true to size and will give you the ultimate fit, half an inch or an inch bigger in size would do as wearing socks would fill up that space.

Which Style of Shoe Works Best For Snow?

Your feet need to be warm and comfortable for you to make the best of the winter season. There are different styles of shoes that will make your time out in the snow enjoyable and memorable.

  • Boots are a winter savior – they will help you survive the extreme cold and keep you going throughout.

There are many types of boots that you can choose from:

  • Pac boots: These are thick winter boots with an upper portion made of leather and a lower shell made of rubber. These are highly durable.
  • Snow boots: These boots are mostly insulated on the inside, which helps protect your feet from freezing. These tend to have fashionable designs such as linings and faux fur.
  • Winter hunting boots: Compared to the other two, these are less bulky, mostly include Gore-Tex waterproof protection, and are ideal for hiking over rough terrain. However, they will not provide the best insulation.
  • Winter work boots: Made of heavy and long-lasting leather, some have steel toes while others have extra insulation to protect from the weather. 
  • Sneakers: You can now wear your sneakers throughout the year regardless of the weather as they are well-equipped to handle anything.
  • Toasty: Nike has up their game as they provide you the best-quilted sneakers that will make you feel like you’re still in your blanket.
  • High-tops: The Chuck Taylors are the best form of high tops that will give your foot and ankle the support it needs. They come with a fleece-lined interior that will keep your feet warm.
  • Gore-Tex: The all-new Adidas models are coming with the Gore-Tex technology that is all set to keep your feet dry, allowing you a lightweight walk/run on ice, snow, and even salt.

How To Layer & Protect Shoes For Snow?

It is crucial to layer your feet and protect your shoes for the winter season, but it all comes down to outside weather. Whether climbing, walking, or backpacking that day, try to match the shoe you choose with the amount of snow outside.

  • Socks for layering: it is best to use synthetic or wool socks along with wicking liners that will help keep your feet warm. You must wear these as sole shoes will not provide you comfort. You can always put on more socks, depending on the weather.
  • Sprays and Waxes for show protection: In case you don’t own boots or sneakers or yours are wearing off and not giving the way they used to, you can spray your shoe or put wax on it to help them seal and not allow any water or snow to come into the shoe.

How Often Should I Replace My Winter Shoe?

It depends on where you live and the time (in months) it snows in your area.

  • If you live in colder areas where you rarely get to see the sun, you might want to get a fresh pair of shoes for the snow every season as all your work would be done wearing those shoes, and if you’re constantly in those shoes, they have a higher chance of getting worn.
  • If you only wear your winter shoes for a few months each year, they will last you up to three seasons, given that you take proper care of them.

Which Shoes To Avoid In Snow?

It is common sense to avoid all types of heel-type shoes for the winter/snow season.

The everyday mistakes that people make when choosing shoes to wear out in the snow are:

  • Rainboots: These are a big no as they will not provide you any warmth and will allow all the snow and salty water to come inside, making your socks and feet extremely cold. These are everything a shoe should not wear out in the snow.
  • Suede shoes: This is made of one of the most delicate materials, and wearing these in the snow will ruin the shoes completely. It will get damp and dirty and will not keep you warm. 
  • Uggs: Uggs are not suitable for wearing out in the snow. They are foot warmers after you’re done with all these snow activities. These are best worn indoors or out in the sand. 

What Color Shoes To Wear Out In The Snow?

Depending on the outfit you’re wearing and your personal preference, you can choose any color you like. However, the most popular colors to rock in the snow are:

  • Black
  • Neon Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Lime green

Ultimately, it all depends on the color scheme of your complete outfit and what you feel like wearing most often.

Wrap Up

There are a few gears you need to survive the snow – the right shoes are one of them. They will help you do your everyday tasks along with any adventure that comes your way and will never let you go out of style.

You can create your unique looks by choosing the shoe that suits you best to wear out in the snow.

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