What Color of Shoes Should You Wear With a Blue Suit? (Best Options)

Planning to rock your formal dressing and turn heads wherever you go? Go for a blue suit! And if you want to make your ensemble look even more deluxe: Match the blue suit with the perfect colored shoes. Trust us; people are sure to swoon when they view your regal appeal.

Now comes the essential question: What color of shoes should you wear with blue suits?


Quick Answer

Of course, the most pristine and awe-worthy color for a blue suit depends on several factors. A few vital elements include the shade of blue you’re wearing, your fashion preferences, the occasion you’re dressing up for, and the look you’re going for. But the hues that never fail to boost your iconic impressions in blue suits are brown, black, nude, white, and blue.

So, what’s the color that looks oh-so-glamorous as you pair it with blue suits? Read on to discover your answer!

What Are The Best Colors Of Shoes To Match Your Blue Suit?

The ultimate best color of shoes for blue suits can vary for everyone, primarily based on how light or dark the blue shade is. In addition, you must also decide how flashy and snazzy you wish to look before choosing the perfect color of shoes for your blue suit. But don’t worry; there are still quite a few versatile colors that look spectacular with every blue suit. They are:


Browns are the best wingmen for your blue suits. They offer an air of regal finesse that turns heads and leaves lasting impressions. The best part: you don’t have to fret over shades of brown. Be it light tans or chocolaty dark browns. Every hue looks beyond delectable as you match it with your blue suits. An excellent choice for your formal business meetings and evening parties.


Bold blacks promise that subtle aesthetic radiance that makes your blue suits appear even more drool-worthy. Stun people with your charismatic and stylish vibes as you put on your black footwear and stride with immaculate self-assurance. Have fun basking in glee as you highlight your debonair looks!


Nude is a strategic and voguish color to tone down the sharpness of your blue ensembles. So, if you’ve got a semi-formal daytime event, that’s the shade you must adorn to look fabulously suave.


Nothing screams more graceful and sophisticated than wearing white-colored shoes with blue suits. The combination is everything soothing, chic, elegant, and luxurious. White footwear makes your outfit look like the epitome of minimalistic and magnificent dressing. It’s genuinely a mesmerizing pick for summer events when you want to feel and look airier and naturally fetching.


When in the mood for slaying monochromes, go for blue-colored shoes to match your blue suits. It’s rewarding and utterly exquisite as you notch up your style scales and make the crowd stop and stare at your bewitching appeal. Dressing in blues from top to toe certainly has its own exclusive perks, especially for daytime gatherings.

What Are The Ideal Shoes To Wear With Blue Suits For Men?

Derby Shoes

A pair of vintage Derbies with that elegant shine from the leather accentuate the high-class swankiness of your blue suits. Black and burgundy-brown Derby shoes are impressive selections that always make you look like a total hunk.

Monk Shoes

Searching for ways to alleviate your dapper looks and make your blue suit even more attractive? Match it with a pair of genuine leather Monk shoes. They’re trendy, classy, and dashing components for boosting your fashion meter instantly!

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots make your blue suits look sensationally sharp with an air of contemporary modernism. The footwear highlights your long legs and prepossessing appeal. So, spice things up and rock a pair of dark-shaded Chelsea boots to be the impressive hunk of the night.

What Are The Perfect Shoes To Wear With A Blue Suit For Women?

Pointy Pumps

Pointed-toe pumps are classy, comfy, and chic. They beautify your blue suits to help you charm people with your designer looks. An outstanding choice for all the fashionistas out there!

Strappy Stilettos

If you plan to ace your voguish persona like a pro and make jaws drop, here’s a tip for you. Throw on a pair of elegant and sassy strappy stilettos and look like a phenomenal lady on her way to rule the world. Stilettos over blue suits are one of the most smashing combos you can consider to slay your formal ensembles and look divine.

What Color Of Shirts To Wear With Blue Suits?

One of the best things about blue suits is that you can adorn them with several colors. That’s one reason why they’re also the closet essentials for every stylish individual! Ultimately, a neatly-pressed and creased white oxford shirt is the ultimate go-to layer for your blue suit.

Now, if you want to raise the vibrance appeal, you can go for printed shirts, including chequered button-downs and formal shirts with stripes. They’re super alluring and winsome. If you’re a fan of light shades, you can also opt for pale blue, light gray, pastel pink, and creamy white button-downs.

What Accessories To Pair With A Blue Suit?

Highlight your urbane trendiness as you accessorize your blue suit to perfection. For men, a tie that contrasts with the dress shirt, a sleek wristwatch, and dark shades are enough to seal deals and look royally posh.

For women, a striking handbag that matches the color of your footwear, dainty jewelry like studs, and a wristwatch are perfect accessories. They add to your imposing and lavish charms to make you look like the epitome of elegant personification.

Can You Wear Blue Suits To A Wedding?

Always! Blue suits are ideal outfits for weddings, especially winter and daylight ones. They ooze glorious vibes and emphasize your breathtaking and charismatic appeal. Blue suits can also be perfect options for all the groomsmen because they promise a splendid and ultra-modern look that offers comfortable swankiness to your outfits.

Wrap Up

After trying out several shades, we concluded that brown, black, and white are the perfect colors of shoes to wear with blue suits. They spruce up your urbane exquisiteness and promise sumptuous personas.

If you prefer something other than these timeless classics, you can choose shades like nude and blue. They offer their unique smartness to make your blue suits look utterly smashing. Let us know what color piqued your interest the most!

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