What Shoes to Wear With Maxi Skirt? (Answered)

Don’t you just love wearing maxi skirts? Feeling the skirt swish around your ankles and settle against your legs can be a great feeling. A maxi skirt can also be styled to suit any occasion, no matter how fancy or casual. And you know what’s the best part?  You can pair your maxi skirt with different kinds of shoes!

That brings us to our question, what shoes should you wear with a maxi skirt? We’ve picked out some different options for you to consider.


Quick Answer

So many different kinds of shoes go well with maxi skirts, including heels, pumps, sandals, sneakers, and boots. You should choose a pair of shoes to pair with your skirt depending on your personal sense of style and comfort with the shoes.

The right pair of shoes can make or break any outfit. Read ahead to figure out what kind of shoes you should wear with your maxi skirt.

What Shoes Should You Pair with a Maxi Skirt?

When it comes to shoes, styling a maxi skirt is easy. Maxi skirts look good with almost anything. Your choice should depend on your personal sense of style, comfort level with different shoes, and the type of occasion you’re getting dressed for. Here are some shoes to consider:

Heels: Heels are a great way to make you feel stylish and confident in any outfit. They are especially suited to maxi skirts and long dresses because they give you some extra height and prevent your skirt from dragging on the floor. Heels will also give you plenty of choices. You can go for pointed-toe heels, open-toed heels, strappy heels, wedges, and more. You can even choose between heels on the taller side or shorter heels as per your comfort.

Pumps: A good pair of pumps look great with just about any outfit and will look classy and stylish paired with a maxi skirt. You can go for a more classic look with ballet pumps or choose an embellished pair if you want to elevate your look. Pumps are also comfortable to wear and offer you a lot of variety in colors.

Sandals: If you like your maxi skirt touching the ground as you walk, then a pair of sandals is a great shoe option for you. A peek of your sandals can show with your movement or when you’re sitting down, drawing the eye to them. You can go for gladiator sandals, thong sandals, slides, and more.

Sneakers: The right pair of sneakers can give you the ultimate mix of comfort and style. If you’re going out with friends and plan on doing a lot of walking, sneakers are your best choice. They’re also a great way to get some contrast in your outfit. A maxi skirt is very feminine, whereas sneakers are more masculine or gender-neutral. Pairing the two together can give you a nice balance.

Boots: Boots come in so many different styles, and you are sure to find a pair of boots that were made for you! Boots and booties give you comfort, style, and coverage! Whether you go for a simple pair of booties, chunky heavy boots, boots with heels, or open-toed boots, they would all pair great with a maxi skirt.

Should You Choose Your Shoes Depending on the Weather?

While you can wear a maxi skirt throughout the year and in every season, the kind of shoes you wear with the skirt may have to vary. You can choose shoes in different colors and patterns depending on the season.

  • Autumn: You can wear shoes in brown, orange, and yellow shades in autumn.
  • Spring: Spring is always a great time for florals. So go for that.
  • Summer: In hot weather, a pair of sandals, pumps, or heels would be a great choice. Summer can be scorching, pleasant, or very humid, depending on where you live. An open-toed shoe is a classic summer look. You can match a pair of strappy open-toed heels or some boho-style sandals with your skirt.
  • Winter: In colder weather, you’ll want to keep more of your feet covered. Sneakers and boots are the way to go. Even if you aren’t trudging through the snow, you want to choose a pair of shoes that you can wear with socks to keep your feet warm and toasty. Moreover, you can go for darker colors and bolder patterns.

How to Make Your Maxi Skirt More Formal?

If you want to wear your maxi skirt to a wedding or a night out dancing, you want the outfit to look as formal and fancy as possible. This means bringing out the dressier shoes. A pair of stilettos, strappy heels, a classy suede boot, or a delicate pair of sandals might be some good options to try.

You can even have fun with the colors and materials of your shoes. Flashy colors like gold and silver can be good for a night out, whereas velvet or silk might be more formal and classy.

How to Make Your Maxi Skirt More Casual?

If you want to wear your maxi skirt to more casual events like a day spent with your friends, a trip to the market, or going out for lunch, you should use your shoes to make your outfit more casual.

Boots, sneakers, and sandals can all be worn for an everyday dressed-down look. Some kinds of heels can also be more casual. For example, wedges can look less formal as compared to stilettos.

Which Type of Accessories Match Best with Your Shoes?

Your shoes can set the tone for all of your other accessories. The first place to start is by matching your belt and your bag to your shoes.

For example, if your shoes are black, then wear a black belt and purse to match. If your shoes have gold accents or detailing, you can put on a pair of gold earrings or a bracelet. If your shoes have a pattern, you can wear a similarly patterned scarf.

What Colors Go Best with Most Skirts?

If you want a few shoes that you can pair with many different skirts, it might be a good idea to stick to neutral shades. While a shoe with a bold pattern or fun detailing can look stylish and exciting, it can be difficult to pair it with different colors and styles of skirts.

For shoes that will pair well with most skirts, choose neutral colors like black, beige, gray, white, and navy blue. If your skirt is darker, wear lighter shoes, and vice versa.

Can Jewelry Make Your Shoes Stand Out?

If you haven’t already, try giving foot jewelry a try. A delicate anklet can make your stilettos stand out. If you’re a fan of sandals and slides, toe rings would be a great addition to your look. You can even find some foot jewelry to wear on top of your heels and sandals to embellish them. A little bit of jewelry peeking out from under your skirt can draw everybody’s attention to your shoes.

Wrap Up

When wearing a maxi skirt, there is no shortage of shoes you can pair it with. From heels and boots to pumps, sandals, and sneakers, most shoes look great with a stylish maxi skirt, and you can use your shoes to transform the outfit into something that matches your sense of style.

Now that we’ve given you different options to choose from, try on a few pairs of shoes and find out which style suits you best. Let us know in the comments which combination of shoes and maxi skirt you prefer.

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