What Color Shoes Go With Tan Pants? (Best Options)

Tan pants look ultra-deluxe and elegant. And if you plan to notch up your stylish charms and leave lasting statements, you must pair your tan pants with the perfect colored shoes. You’d be surprised how that boosts your debonair persona.

So, this leads us to a pressing question: what color shoes go well with tan pants?


Quick Answer

Of course, the trendiest and most versatile colors for tan pants can depend on numerous factors. The look you’re planning to go for, whether the occasion is casual, formal, or semi-formal, and if you’re wearing pants in light or dark tan shades are a few elements that can affect your color selection. Though, usually, the colors that help you rock your tan pants with snazzy perfection are black, brown, beige, burgundy, and gray.

Now, what’s the most well-suited color to pair with your tan pants and enhance your urbane finesse? Read on and discover your answer!

What Are The Best Shoe Colors To Match With Tan Pants?

The perfect shoe color can be different for everyone, depending on your preferences the shade and texture of tan pants you’re wearing. Though, you’d be surprised to know that there are a few colors that always look utterly exquisite with almost every tan pant you own and plan to adorn. Curious to learn more about these eternal colors? Here they are!


Black is iconic and swanky, without feeling too flashy. The voguish shade is truly a delectable choice for semi-formal gatherings and evening parties. Black shoes with tan pants dress you up for every occasion and ensure you ace the minimalistic yet suave looks.


If you want to add a shade in your footwear collection that looks swoon-worthy, go for brown. From dark brown or light brown, every tone matches tan pants and enhances their sophistication. Your ensembles are sure to look even more attractive as you throw on a pair of brown shoes for your upcoming formal event.


Do you have a crucial Monday meeting? Dress to your nines, and don’t forget to pair your tan pants with beige shoes. Beige is the epitome of vintage classiness that makes you garner attention and turn heads. So, seal deals and charm your clients with your fetching and smart dress-up by completing your looks with beige shoes.


Rich, burgundy-colored shoes spruce up your courtly appeal and make you look every inch sharp and smooth. Finish off your ethereal looks and enhance your refined styles by wearing a pair of burgundy shoes over your tan pants. That’s honestly an impressive choice for all your winter evening gatherings.


Looking to rock your casuals like a fashionable and dashing individual? Throw on gray shoes and love how glamorous they feel with your tan pants. Gray footwear is the lovechild of poise and unbeatable elegance. And the best part: it also represents effortless designer vibes to slay your outfits for casual brunches.

What Are The Ideal Shoes To Pair With Tan Pants For Men?

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots look regal and feel luxurious on the feet. Adorn gray or beige-colored Chelsea boots with your tan pants, and be ready to look like a stunning hunk!


A pair of oxfords are every man’s wardrobe must-haves. As you throw on tan pants, match them with black or beige leather oxford shoes and turn heads with your gentlemanly charisma.


If you’re wearing tan pants to weekend parties or light family gatherings, ditch the formal footwear and go for sneakers. They’re practical, snug, and help you reflect swoon-worthy boyish charms.

What Shoes To Wear With Tan Pants For Women?


A pair of pointed-toe heels or strappy stilettos look ultra-contemporary and oh-so-exotic. They boost your irresistible looks and ensure making you the showstopper as you wear them with your tan pants.


Flaunt your bold and self-assured styles and be the talk of the town as you match your tan pants with ankle boots. Boots are true gems for summer night parties!

Ballet Flats

Nothing screams comfy convenience than adorning ballet flats with your tan pants. Stylish and modish ballet flats with tan pants always work their charms. Run errands, go to work, or choose the color scheme for your regular use.

What Color Shirts Look The Best With Tan Pants?

If you’re confused and going through your closet to find the perfect shirt for your tan pants, we’ll list a few suggestions to consider.

If you value flawless and genteel looks, black or white button-downs and classic white polos are perfect for you. If you love casuals and their swish suaveness, feel free to opt for shades, including sky blue, baby pink, navy, or cotton chequered shirts.

What Accessories To Wear With Tan Pants?

Ultimately, it depends on where you’re going with the tan pants on. But usually, a designer leather jacket for wild night-outs with friends or an ultra-modern sweater looks beyond charming with tan pants.

You can accessories your ensembles with a dapper wristwatch, black shades, and maybe a dark-hued and sleek messenger bag. A pro-tip: ideally, your crossbody messenger bag or purse should be of the same color as your footwear. That works wonders to set you apart from the crowd and compel the audience to stop and stare at your high-class persona.

Can You Wear Tan Pants To A Wedding?

If you pair your tan pants with formal and glossy Derbies or maybe vintage loafers and a crisp button-down, you can most certainly slay your tan pants at a wedding.

You can also pair your tan pants with graceful stilettos and apply neutral makeup with a vibrant lipstick color like red. That can add subtle sharpness to the outfit and raise your delightful aesthetics for the wedding.

The strategic fact about tan pants is that you can rock them at the most laidback and formal gatherings like a stylish professional. You should merely know how to layer and accessorize with your tan pants and select the perfect shade of footwear. That’s the secret recipe for looking artistically spunky anytime and every time.

Wrap Up

We tried footwear in several shades and hues to find what works best with tan pants. Our go-to favorites include black and brown because of the timeless confidence they offer. These two colors always act as your loyal wingmen, that’s for sure.

Though, feel free to opt for other hues, including beige, burgundy, and gray, if you want something different and distinct. These colors offer ritzy snappiness to help you cast unmatched impressions.

Don’t forget to mention your favorite shoe color for tan pants in the comment section below!

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