What Shoes Go With Chinos? (Best Options)

Chinos can help you rock your semi-formal and even formal gatherings. What makes them look more spectacular is when you match them with the perfect shoes. Your footwear makes vital differences to enhance your regal appeal and charm the audience.

So, this brings us to the billion-dollar thought: What shoes suit the best with chinos?


Quick Answer

Of course, the best shoes for chinos can depend on numerous elements. Factors, including the occasion you’re going to, what look you plan on acing, the color of your chinos, and the shirt you’ll match with the chinos are crucial variables. Though, rest assured. A few shoes make chinos look deluxe and offer you suave looks every time and anytime. They are lace-ups, loafers, sneakers, boots, and stilettos.

Now, what shoes are the ultimate perfect companion for your chinos? Read on to find out your answers!

What Shoes Go Best With Chinos?

Ultimately, the ideal shoes to pair with chinos can vary for every man and woman, depending primarily on the color of your chinos. You must also consider how formal or casual the event is. But owning and wearing versatile shoes that look spectacular with every chino is the key. If you’re curious to discover what these footwear must-haves for chinos are, let’s find out!


Lace-up shoes, including Derbies, Oxfords, Monks, and Chukkas, are swoon-worthy items to have in your footwear collection. They look sensational with chinos and offer you a distinct class of deluxe glamour. Turn heads and stun the crowd with how crisp your overall outfit looks as you stride in your lace-ups.


Loafers are practical, convenient, and, most importantly: utterly sophisticated. Match your chinos with a pair of sleek and suave loafers and make jaws drop with your stylish appeal. They are, hands down, an impressive choice for your business brunches and causal daytime gatherings.


Surprised to see sneakers on the list? Why, yes. You’d be astonished to realize that sneakers are attractive footwear options to pair with chinos. They’re laidback and charming, offering the luxurious appeal of voguish youthfulness. If you’re a massive fan of chinos and love wearing them almost every day, be sure to slay your casual ensembles with a pair of sneakers!


Boots are bold, exquisite, and oh-so snazzy. A pair of leather boots with your chinos makes you look smashingly snazzy, that’s for sure. Be it your weekend night parties or family events, feel snug and stylish as you rock your chinos with shiny boots and render the crowd speechless. Women can also go for high-heeled boots to notch up their fashion meter even more.


Are you dressing up to leave unforgettable impressions and make the audience stop and stare at your beguiling charisma? Go for stilettos to match your chinos. They’re elegant, fetching, and gorgeous additions that accentuate your long legs and help you flaunt your modish appeal. Hence, stilettos are remarkable stunners for your upcoming evening party.

What Color Shoes To Match Your Chinos?

As we mentioned above, the perfect color of your shoes can vary based on the shade of your chinos. But preferably, chinos of darker tones look delectable and glamorous with footwear of hues, including black, grey, burgundy, and brown. These versatile colors enhance your dashing appeal and simultaneously spruce up your elegance.

If you want to embrace contemporary vibrancy, you can wear shoes in shades like beige, navy, and forest green. They promise magnificence to make even your simple ensembles look ravishing and drool-worthy.

What Occasions To Wear Chinos?

Admittedly, chinos are not as formal as slacks and formal pants. Though, they’re way more formal than leather pants and denim jeans. That’s one reason why chinos are such closet must-haves. You can wear them with several types, textures, and colors of shirts and manage to slay your swanky appeal.

You can rock your chinos and be the epitome of sophistication in semi-formal events. Or, you can wear them on casual and more laid-back occasions and offer fancy and spunky charms as you move around with utter grace. And the additional bonus: you can also throw on chinos as a part of your cocktail dressing and look every bit flashy and iconic.

What Shirts To Wear With Chinos?

If you’re dressing for a casual look, you can pair your chinos with a polo or cotton t-shirt. Chequered and printed shirts offer their uniquely smart and fashionable appearance too. And casual outfits look phenomenal when you finish off the look with a pair of boat shoes or sneakers.

Now, if you plan to go out for a semi-formal gathering, you can wear oxfords and crips button-downs. The button-down shirts must contrast nicely with the color of your chinos. And then, you can pair the dress-up with formal lace-ups, including Derby shoes or maybe Double Monks.

How To Accessorize With Chinos?

Accessorizing your chinos is a straightforward task that doesn’t require much planning. That’s a relief for when you’re already running late to steal the limelight of the event! Men can keep it classy and sophisticated by putting on a wristwatch, dark shades, and maybe a few leather wrist bands for casual occasions.

Women can maintain their fetching exquisiteness by flaunting a handbag that matches their footwear and some delicate jewelry. You can go for hoops, teardrop earrings, ear cuffs, a dainty necklace, and charm bracelets. How bold your jewelry is, depends on your preferences and the occasion.

Can You Wear Chinos To A Wedding?

If you’re attending a wedding of your friends, family, or an afternoon and more personalized beach wedding, feel free to wear chinos with a formal dress shirt. Match the accessories with some sleek shoes like Chelsea boots or Derbies. And that’s how you’ll notch up your style scale and leave the audience awe-struck by your immaculate ensembles!

Disclaimer alert: if you think the wedding is set at a highly formal venue, switching to formal dress pants might be the wiser thing to do.

Wrap Up

We experimented with numerous shoes to find the best-suited ones for chinos. And our personal favorites are lace-ups and sneakers. These two categories are the perfect blend of convenient modernism.

Though, if you prefer something chic and sophisticated, stilettos, loafers, and boots are ideal alternatives to highlight your lavish and dapper looks. Let us know your go-to shoes for chinos in the comment section below!

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