What Color Eye Makeup Looks Best for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair? (Best Options)

If you’re a perky blonde with blue eyes, there are some eye makeup colors you should avoid. If someone told you to start betting on ‘less is more,’ it is likely because you make the wrong choices of colors.

Where some colors perfectly go with the color of your hair and eyes, others may weigh down your features or harden them too much. So, what color eye makeup looks best for blue eyes and blonde hair?


Quick Answer

For fair-skin blondes with blue eyes, we recommend pastel shades: pinks, lilacs, grays or nudes, for daytime. You can also add shades from soft pinks to deep bronzes. Opt for smokey eyes with dark brown, bronze, gold, and gray tones for the night, but avoid black. People with a darker skin tone can go with a range of shades of copper, dark brown, bistre (ochre), sienna and sand, red and orange.

There are a variety of colors, so consider all the options until you find the right combination. But how to find the ones that best suit you? You can find all the details below!

The Perfect Eye Makeup Shade for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

Depending on the occasion and the season, certain eye makeup colors are favored to beautify and illuminate the blue eyes and blonde hair. But good eye makeup also adapts to other factors, such as your skin tone, the shape of your eyes, and the shade of your blonde hair.

There are some rules to follow and tips and tricks to enhance your blue eyes and blonde look with eye makeup!

Rules to Follow in Eye Makeup of Blue Eyes with Blonde Hair

  • For blondes, the keyword is natural! No need to overload the makeup.
  • Avoid tone-on-tone as much as possible. Favor colors that make the best combinations.
  • You may like green very much, but it is not the most suitable shade for blue eyes.
  • If you have very light skin color, too dark tones will harden your features.

Eye Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes with Blonde Hair during Daytime

For the range of eye shadows, blondes with blue eyes can afford both warm and cold tones during daytime: earth brown, caramel, bronze, beige, peach, apricot shadows up to pink, violet and coral colors that awaken the iris in the blink of an eye!

You can also bet on complementary colors to create contrast, illuminate and give sparkle to the eye. Orange and orange-yellow, warm and bright colors are ideal for blue eyes.

Eye Makeup Colors for Blue Eyes with Blonde Hair at Night

For simple blue eye makeup with blonde hair, the safest bet is gray, which suits any occasion and accentuates your look.

The dark shades go wonderfully at night and help to intensify the look. Get doe eyes by creating an increasingly dark gradient going towards the outside of the eye, with colors such as brown, bronze, copper, plum, or orange or highlight the edge of the upper eyelashes with a line of eyeliner or black pencil for a doe-eye effect.

Different Eye Shadows for Light Blue and Dark Blue Eyes

Light blue eyes will be enhanced by dark makeup shades, for example, an iridescent copper brown to gain contrast. As for dark blue eyes, they gain intensity with light eye shadows.

Eye Makeup Colors for Different Shades of Blonde Hair

There are different shades of blondes, such as ash blonde, golden blonde, Nordic blonde, dark blonde, etc. Depending on your blonde shade, some colors may look better than others.

  • If you have light blonde hair and blue eyes, go for the lighter and neutral tones of brown, orange, the full range of blues and grays, silvers, and pinks and lilacs. You can also opt for smoky eyes but avoid black.
  • If you have dark blonde hair, you can go for warm shades from the red, orange, and yellow families and light and dark brown shades.

Rules to Select Shades for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

As a general rule, you can guide yourself through any color palette in the following way:

  • Choose eye shades close to yours for natural, elegant, flattering makeup.
  • To highlight your eye color, look on the opposite side of the palette, where you’ll find the opposite colors.
  • Likewise, the colors closest to your eye color will be the most appropriate for the base of the eye shadow; neutral tones for blue eyes.
  • For the edge of the eye, it’s best to use a darker shade of the colors right next to it on the color palette.

Eye Makeup Colors According to the Season

During the hot season, go for the light shades to brighten up and illuminate the face: pastel colors, soft coral, parma or peach are perfect during the summer. You can also apply a touch of taupe or caramel eyeshadow on the eyelid and a beige-white pencil to illuminate the eye.

You can go for darker and warmer tones, browns, bronze, grays, red and orange for winters. Comb and lengthen your eyelashes with black or brown mascara to enhance the look.

Tips for Eye Makeup for Different Shaped Blue Eyes

Those with small eyes can enlarge their gaze by making up the outer corner of their eyelids more intensely and by further emphasizing the outside of the eye with a line of eyeliner.

Those with bigger eyes should avoid this, but it doesn’t mean they can’t go with darker shades. Blue-eyed blondes with bigger eyes can opt for smoky eyes and darker tone but must not extend the outer corner of their eyes too much as it may sharpen their features too much.

Eye Makeup Colors Depending on the Occasion

During the day, apply light shades for a relaxed and luminous look. For easy and quick daily makeup, we recommend light pastel colors that go with every shade of blonde and blue eyes.

For a party or wedding at night, you can opt for colors and layers of gradients to force the intensity of your pupils. Apply the first layer of shadow on the eyelids, then a darker shadow towards the end of the eye. Go for a volume mascara to thicken the eyelashes one by one and intensify your look.

How to Have a Contrasting Effect with Any Eye Makeup Color?

  • Apply a cream shadow in shades of peach or pastel color to the entire eyelid
  • Blend with your finger to the crease of the eyelid
  • Create a halo with your chosen shade starting from the crease of the eyelid by degrading to under the eyebrow with a brush
  • Add a black line along the eyelashes. A line of black with the eyelashes will immediately deepen your look.
  • Choose a brown or bronze shade to intensify the finish.
  • Apply mascara.

Wrap Up

Your eye makeup color must be in harmony with your complexion, adapt to your blonde shade and fit for the occasion and the time of the day to get a perfectly flawless look with blue eyes and blonde hair. Quite an art!

Using the above tips and experimenting with them, you are sure to find your perfect eye makeup shades that will compliment your blonde hair and make your blue eyes even more beautiful!

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