What Color Shoes Can You Wear With White Jeans? (Best Options)

White jeans are fabulous to look at, and they’re perfect for getting a sleeker look even when you’re wearing casuals. In the world of fashion, there are too many dos and don’ts, but they’re all outdated.

The latest fashion trends are breaking all stereotypes, but you might still struggle to find the perfect pair of shoes to go with white jeans. So what color shoes look best with white jeans?


Quick Answer

Think of white jeans as a blank canvas. You can wear any shoe color you want with your white jeans based on the color of the top and the type of look you’re aiming for. Generally, white jeans look gorgeous with beige, navy, and red shoes. You can even wear patterned shoes to complete your look.

Ultimately, your complete outfit determines what color shoes look best with white jeans. Read on to find what shoe color looks best with white jeans.

What Shoe Color Looks Best with White Jeans?

White jeans can blend with any color, and they don’t restrict your options in any way. You can go for a more toned-down or a full glam party look with them. But here are some shoe colors that look superb with white jeans:

  • Beige Shoes: What you wear says a lot about your personality, and beige shoes with white jeans can say many good things about you. Beige shoes blend perfectly with all outfits and make your white jeans pop out more. If you want a more subtle look, beige shoes are a perfect choice.
  • Navy Shoes: Navy blue shoes lean more towards neutral colors, which benefits from completing your outfit in any way you like. Moreover, pairing your navy shoes and white jeans with a crafty denim jacket can give you a completely casual but cool vibe.
  • Red Shoes: If you like to steal all the attention at events, wearing red shoes with white jeans will definitely do that for you. Besides making you the center of attention, red shoes also have an elegance to them that can make your final look more sophisticated. Red shoes instantly add a pop of color to your overall outfit, and if you decide to wear red lipstick with your outfit, it will look stunning.
  • Patterned Shoes: If you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your outfit and still want to look great, you can always opt for patterned shoes. Floral or animal prints can look gorgeous with white jeans, and they can complete a chic look with simplicity.

What Shoes to Wear with White Jeans in Winters?

You can become a fashionista during winters with all the cute accessories and shoes you get to wear. Here are some shoes that you can wear with white jeans in winter:

  • Cowboy Boots: Cowboy Boots are great for not only keeping your feet warm but also making a fashion statement. When worn with white jeans, they look stunning and eye-catching. But if you don’t want to grab attention too much, you can cover your cowboy boots with your jeans.
  • Sneakers: If you want a combo of comfort and style, get yourself a nice pair of comfortable sneakers. Sneakers are a great option for casual wear, and they look stunning in pastel colors. White jeans and pastel colors are sure to make more than a few heads turn.
  • Ankle Boots: Sneakers aren’t your only option if you want comfort and more style. Wearing a glittery pair of ankle boots in winter will keep you feeling warm and comfortable while looking glamourous at the same time.

What Tops Look Best with White Jeans?

When talking about white jeans, you can’t talk about what tops to wear with them. Since white is a versatile color, you can pair it with a wide range of colorful tops and still look beautiful. Ideally, white jeans should be worn with the following:

  • Blouse: A black and white patterned blouse would look beautiful and will complement your white jeans perfectly
  • Cardigan: Wear a white top with your white jeans and pair it up with a bright cardigan, and you’ll look stunning.

Can You Wear White Jeans in Summers?

The answer would be, why not! White jeans are a fashion staple that you can wear all year long. The outdated rules that stopped wearing white jeans during certain seasons are long gone. The fashion world doesn’t restrict us from dressing a certain way anymore. You can wear your favorite pair of white jeans all year long if you’d like. Not only that, white jeans look fabulous when worn with floral summer tops.

What Shoes Look Best with White Jeans in Summers?

Summer is the time when you can experiment with different shoes and don’t have to restrict your options to boots and sneakers. You can wear pumps with your white jeans and a matching top to complete your outfit.

Wearing white jeans with heels is also a great option to make a fashion statement. If you want to keep things casual, you can always opt for a pair of comfortable walking sandals. Square-toe sandals also look quite fashionable with white jeans.

Can You Wear White Tops with White Jeans?

Yes, you can wear white jeans with a matching white top, but be sure to add a pop of color to the mix to complete your look. You can add a colored jacket or cardigan to get an instant appeal to your outfit. Plain white top and bottom can look a bit bland. But if you’re not too keen on wearing an additional top, you can always wear colorful accessories for adding a splash of colors.

Do White Jeans Look Good on Everyone?

White jeans look great on everyone. Rather than the color, the style of your white jeans is what matters the most. Wear a pair of white jeans that flatter your body type and are more in line with your style. All you need to do is ensure that the pair of jeans you wear is the perfect fit for you. If the jeans are poorly fitted, it might affect your overall outfit. But a perfect fit looks fabulous on anyone.

Wrap Up

White jeans are something you can wear all year round. The best color shoes with white jeans are beige, navy, red, and patterned. Of course, you can always experiment with different colors and shoe types based on the season and latest fashion trends.

Everyone has a different style; let us know what color shoes you wear with white jeans in the comments.

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