What Color Shoes Goes With Everything? (Best Options)

Shoes are an essential part of your outfit. The color of your shoes is also very important to complete your overall look. The shoes you wear should complement your clothes, but to do that, you’ll need to have enough shoes in your closet to match all your outfits.

That brings us to the question, what color of shoes goes with all clothes?


Quick Answer

Generally, the best colors that blend seamlessly with every attire are black, beige, and gray. Out of all the colors, black is the most popular choice. But besides these three, white and navy-blue shoes are some other options to consider as many people tend to wear them with all their outfits.

If you struggle to choose the right color of shoes to match your clothes, read on to find the best shoe colors that go with everything.

What are the Best Shoe Colors for Every Outfit?

Some shoe colors would go with most of your clothes if not all. It depends on the color scheme of your outfit. But even still, some colors don’t look out of place no matter what you’re wearing. Here are some of the best shoe colors for every outfit:

  • Black Shoes: Black shoes are universal. They match almost all your outfits, and if you ever find yourself struggling to find the right color to match your outfit, wear black shoes. Black shoes are perfect for formal and casual wear, but then again, it all depends on your preferences, your outfit, and the type of event being held. Generally, though, black is the perfect color that you can flaunt with all your clothes.
  • Gray Shoes: Neutral colors like gray are no less than lifesavers. There’s nothing in your closet that won’t look great with gray shoes. Gray shoes can make your look complete without looking extra.
  • Beige Shoes: Except for winters, beige shoes look great every other season. No matter how unique your outfit may be, beige shoes will find a way to fit in without looking out of place. They bring out that warm vibe during spring and summer and complement the seasons just as they complement your clothes.
  • White: White shoes are more commonly worn by women than men. Although, a comfortable pair of white sneakers is also found in the men’s shoe collection. The color white, for women, at least, looks great in every form. If you’re going for comfort wear, white is the go-to color for both genders.
  • Navy-Blue Shoes: If you want to add a pop of color to your otherwise darker-toned outfit, navy-blue shoes are great for adding that definition. If you’re wearing black, brown, or gray clothes in particular, navy-blue shoes can blend in well with your clothes.

What Shoes Go with Everything?

Now that you know which shoe colors go with everything, you should learn which shoe type goes with everything. Here are the top shoe types that you can wear with all outfits:

  • Sneakers: Sneakers are the most comfortable form of shoe wear ever created. If you pair up a white pair of sneakers with your everyday casuals, you can pull off a cool look without compromising your comfort. Sneakers are suitable for both men and women.
  • Loafers: If you’re into more practical designs, there’s no better shoe to wear than a nice pair of loafers. Besides being comfortable to wear, they’re quite stylish. Both genders can wear loafers, and they look great in formal settings.
  • Heels: Initially, heels were worn by men, but later they became women’s wear. You can wear your favorite pair with almost every outfit. Heels can be worn with casuals and formals, both. When you can’t find anything else, grab a pair of black heels, and you’ll be good to go.

How to Pair Shoes with Clothes?

For the times you’re running late and can’t find the perfect pair to go with your dress, it’s important to stock up on neutral colors. Here’s how you can pair shoes with all clothes quickly:

  • Buy All Neutral Colors: Get yourself shoes in black, beige, gray, white, and navy-blue colors. That way, you can grab any of these neutral colors, and your outfit will be complete.
  • Darker Shades with Lighter Colors: If your clothes have a darker tone, opt for lighter shades such as beige or light gray shoes. But if you’re wearing lighter colors, you can wear black or navy blue.

How Many Pairs of Shoes Should You Have?

You can have as many pairs of shoes you want, but if you look at things practically, it’s better to keep the shoes you actually wear. According to stats, on average, women in the US have 17 pairs of shoes and only wear three pairs regularly.

While it’s good to have backup shoes, you only need 4 to 5 pairs for daily wear. Of course, you can keep a huge collection for formals or even casual shoes. Having more shoes means having more variety to choose from.

Are White Sneakers More Popular than Black?

It all boils down to your personal preferences whether you choose to wear black or white sneakers. But yes, white sneakers have a trendier look and they can be worn with all clothes. Black sneakers also look great, but white sneakers can enhance your overall look.

But if you prefer to wear black sneakers, they’re a great option too. Black sneakers never go out of fashion, plus it is a more versatile color than white. But both are great for looking stylish with your everyday wear.

Are Gray Shoes More Versatile than Black Shoes?

Both black and gray shoes are versatile, and you can wear them with almost all your outfits. But whether gray shoes are more adaptable than black shoes is a long debate. Simply put, it depends on the color of your clothes. If you’re already wearing dark shades like black or brown, pairing them up with gray shoes would be a better option. But if you’re wearing lighter shades, black shoes would be the better option.

Which Shoes Look Great with Jeans?

You can wear any shoe type with jeans. Sneakers are the first choice for wearing jeans by both men and women. But you can also wear loafers, heels, boots, and almost every shoe out there with jeans.

In a way, you could say that jeans give you more flexibility to wear different shoe types rather than the other way around. To match your final overall look, try to match the shoes with the kind of top you’re wearing.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, black, beige, gray, white, and navy-blue colors should be the go-to option that you can wear with everything. These five colors offer more neutrality, and they look great with all clothing items.

If you have any other colors that you think go well with everything, let us know in the comment section.

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