Do Stainless Steel Necklaces Rust or Tarnish?

Stainless steel necklaces are growing in popularity for their durable and corrosion-resistant qualities.  There is a good chance you have a stainless steel necklace in your own collection.

Are you worried if it could be susceptible to rust or tarnish spots?  Wearing a necklace throughout the day creates many different opportunities for rust or tarnish to appear.

Quick Answer

Stainless Steel necklaces do not rust and tarnish. Stainless Steel has unique qualities and can be mixed with different elements to fit any job required.  These qualities make it an ideal selection for necklaces and other jewelry you can wear every day.  While other metals like gold or silver fall victim to rust or tarnish from water and outside elements Stainless Steel holds its own and continues to shine. 

Are you in search of a necklace you can wear every day?  Do you need something with low maintenance from morning until bed?  A Stainless Steel necklace might be the perfect option for you, let’s dig into some research and see if it would be a good fit for you.


7 Ways to Protect Your Stainless Steel Necklace

Keeping your Stainless Steel Necklace looking great is easy to do with simple materials that you more than likely already have in your home.   There are also a few other options that you might want to purchase to protect your investment.  Keeping your necklace clean is one of the best ways to protect your Stainless Steel Necklace from rust or tarnish spots.

Baking Soda: Grab some baking soda from the kitchen and mix with water at a 2 to 1 ratio, find an unused toothbrush and gently scrub any dirt and debris from your necklace.  You can then take a cloth and dry it off completely before storing it away for the next time you want to wear it.

Soap and Water:  If you’re out of baking soda and need to give your stainless steel necklace a quick scrub down grab some soap and water with a soft cloth and wipe down your necklace.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Toothpaste:  We all have some toothpaste in the cabinet, or we should anyway.  The cleaning power it uses to brighten your teeth can also give your Stainless Steel necklace a fresh new shine.

Stainless Steel Cleaner:  Don’t feel like the soap and water are giving your stainless steel necklace the shine and luster you’re looking for?  They do make a Stainless Steel Cleaner that you can use to brighten it up.

Ultrasonic Cleaners: If you have a lot of jewelry and want to invest in a small ultrasonic cleaner it is also a great option for your Stainless Steel necklace.  It can also get into the more intricate detailing that is harder to reach by hand.

Storing your Necklace:  When you are done wearing your Stainless Steel necklace and you have used one of the above techniques to clean it up it is important to factor in how the necklace is stored.  If you have a lined jewelry box it is best to keep it in one of the cloth-lined drawers or boxes by itself.  This helps protect it from getting scratched by other jewelry as well as away from outside elements.

Find the Best Stainless Steel Option: There are many different options in stainless steel.  Finding one that falls into the 316L category or more often known as “surgical stainless steel” will be the best option when looking for a Stainless Steel Necklace for your collection.

Keeping your Stainless Steel Necklace Clean

Even though Stainless Steel is designed to not rust or tarnish easily it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.  Keeping your necklace clean is a great way to lengthen the lifespan of your necklace.  Just because something is strong doesn’t mean it should be left to the elements.

  • Each day you wear your necklace wipe it down with a dry cloth before putting it away
  • Use one of the above techniques described to clean your necklace
  • If you exposed your necklace to chlorine or ocean water be sure and clean it immediately

Depending on how often you wear your Stainless Steel necklace will determine how frequently you need to clean it.  If it is something you wear every day, and even sleep in, you should probably make sure you clean it thoroughly at least once a week.

If you are going to wear it once and then store it for a while be sure and give it a solid cleaning before putting it away.

How Long Does a Stainless Steel Necklace Last?

A Stainless Steel Necklace could last you a lifetime depending on how often you wear it.  The metal is strong and made to last.  It is easy to care for.  It is a solid option for a necklace.

Will a Stainless Steel Necklace Rust in Water?

Stainless steel is made to stand up to regular water with no issues.  Stainless Steel has its own built-in film that covers the surface to keep contaminants and aerated water from breaking in.  It is good to keep in mind that chlorinated and heavy saltwater are slight exemptions to this rule.  Repeated exposures to either of these can break down even this built-in protectant.

What Can Cause Rust or Tarnish to Stainless Steel?

Extreme chlorine levels, high-power cleaning products, high humidity, and harsh environments over a long period of time can cause rust or tarnish to your stainless steel necklace.

Does Gold or Rose-Gold Plated Stainless Steel Rust or Tarnish?

The thickness of the plating plays a huge role in the durability of the gold or rose-gold plated necklace.  It is a softer covering which means it will be more susceptible to outside elements.  Over time the plating will wear off and expose the Stainless Steel and it will need to be re-plated.

Can You Shower with your Stainless Steel Necklace On?

Regular soap and water will not wear down your stainless steel necklace and it is completely okay to shower with it on.  If you have a gold or rose-gold plated option of the necklace it is not recommended to shower with it on as it can wear down the plating faster.

Wrap Up

Stainless Steel necklaces are made of specific materials that stand up to rust and tarnish and are more durable than many other metals on the market. The everyday customer will find a necklace that will continue to shine for many years to come with low maintenance and extra durability.

With its built-in layer of protection made from alloy metals and easy-to-upkeep maintenance, it is the perfect option for a necklace that you can wear all day.  With its growing popularity, there are many options for styles.  If you take the small steps to preserve your stainless steel necklace it can be a great piece of jewelry for many years to come.

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