What Color Shoes Go With Khaki Pants? (Best Options)

Khaki pants have been around for a long time, and they’re the ultimate comfort wear worn by both men and women. You can wear Khakis in different settings, so whether you’re at a formal event or a casual one, your khaki pants will work both ways.

But to complete your outfit, you need shoes to match. So, what color shoes go with khaki pants?


Quick Answer

You can wear your khaki pants with brown, black, gray, beige, red, and white shoes. However, the color depends on the occasion you’re wearing your khaki pants. Different colors go in casual and formal settings. Your final look will ultimately determine the color that goes best with your khaki pants.

For the love of fashion, it’s crucial to know which color shoes best complement khaki pants. Let’s delve into the depths of fashion to find the best color shoes for khaki pants.

Which Color Shoes Are Best for Khaki Pants?

The shoe color boils down to the type of look you’re aiming for with khaki pants. Khaki pants originated from military use initially. But today, they’re used as both formal and casual wear. Here are the best shoe colors that go with khaki pants in the order of their appeal:

  • Brown: The color brown is commonly used in shoes. Especially brown leather shoes, because the color is easy to achieve. Since the khaki color comes under the same hues as brown, natural, brown shoes are the number one choice to wear with khaki pants. Both light brown and dark brown shoes will blend seamlessly with your final look.
  • Black: While many fashion gurus suggest not wearing black with khakis, but if you wear darker shades of khaki, black shoes can give your outfit that oomph factor, making you stand out from the crowd. There is no dead-set rule that says you can’t wear black shoes with khaki pants.
  • Gray: If your khakis have gray undertones, gray shoes should be your go-to option right away. There’s no need to question it; it’s the obvious choice.
  • Beige: Khaki pants are already somewhat beige-brown, so beige shoes are a no-brainer. They’re not at the top of the list because you don’t want shoes of the exact color of your pants. Shoes are supposed to complement your outfit rather than match the precise shade. But khaki pants, of course, come in different shades. Darker shades would look stunning with beige shoes.
  • Red: So red shoes are definitely the odd ones out. But you’d be surprised by how good they look with lighter tones of khaki. Red shoes with khakis are for you to make a fashion statement.
  • White: If you want a subtle and simple look, white shoes are the best choice to wear with khakis.

Which Shoes Are Best for Khaki Pants?

Khakis can be worn with a wide range of shoes. No matter how limited your shoe collection may be, there will be something that can go with khakis. Here are some shoe types you can wear with your khaki pants:

  1. Sneakers: If you’re wearing casual khakis, pairing them up with a pair of sneakers is a great option. Generally, baggy and cargo pants look great when paired up with sneakers.
  2. Loafers: If you’re wearing chino khakis, there’s no better option than to wear them with a nice pair of dark brown loafers. You can throw in a matching blazer to complete the perfect look.
  3. High Heels: You can find a wide variety of women’s shoes that go with khakis, and high heels aren’t an exception. A nice pair of heels with your khakis can look stunning.
  4. Boots: If you want to add definition to your outfit, boots are the way to go. You can wear them in both casual and formal settings. Chino khaki pants are a great option to wear boots, but you can also pull off a unique look with baggy khakis.
  5. Flip Flops: While flip flops aren’t anyone’s first choice to wear with khaki pants, but they go surprisingly well with them. Of course, they give a casual look and if you want to give off that comfortable vibe, wear your khakis with flip flops.

When is the Best Time to Wear Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants fall under the category of those clothing items that can be worn all year round, contrary to the common belief that they’re summer wear. Here’s how you can look fabulous in khakis throughout the changing seasons:

  • Summer and Spring: During the warmer days, khakis are more popular than ever. You can wear them with casual t-shirts or polos and pair them up with a nice pair of flip-flops to enjoy the summertime.
  • Winter and Fall: Formal khakis paired with boots or loafers look great on colder days. You can even add a blazer or coat to your outfit, and you’ll be good to go in any official event.

Simply put, khakis are an all-rounder that can be worn at any time of the year. Regardless of the season, they would make a great addition to your closet.

What are the Different Undertones of Khaki Pants?

The universal khaki pants have a warm or red undertone. They’re more of browns because of the red undertone. But the color khaki acts like a chameleon, and you can find a bundle of shades in it.

The most common undertones for khaki pants other than red include gray and green. The gray and green undertones give khaki more of a cool vibe.

Both warm and cool undertones of khaki look great. You can compile a marvelous outfit within minutes if you know the undertone.

How Long Should Khaki Pants Be?

If you’re going through all the trouble of putting together a nice outfit with matching shoes, your pants shouldn’t cover your shoes.

Ideally, your khaki pants should fall short right above your shoes. You can get a room of 1 to 2 inches. If your pants are too long and cover your shoes, they can disrupt your look. You can roll up your pants into cuffs and give them a trendy look as an alternate.

What Color Socks Go with Khaki Pants?

Depending on your outfit and the undertone of your khaki pants, you can wear different colored socks. Generally, khaki pants look great with brown socks and matching shoes. But besides the popular brown choice, you can wear khaki pants with the following:

  • Olive
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Beige

Ultimately, it all depends on the color scheme of your complete outfit and the shoes you decide to wear with your outfit. Rather than matching the pants, you have to match the socks with the overall look.

Can You Wear Formal Shoes with Khaki Pants?

Since khaki pants are so versatile, you can wear all types of shoes with them, including, of course, formals. Khaki pants with formal shoes make for great office wear, or you could also wear them at formal events and parties.

To pull off a more formal look, you should wear black shoes with khakis. To match the shoes, wearing a black blazer on top can help. If you’re not too fond of black, charcoal gray is also a good option to consider.

Wrap Up

While there are no dead-set rules in the world of fashion and style, but pairing up your khaki shoes with brown, black, gray, beige, red, and white should be your top options. But that’s doesn’t mean you can’t wear any other colors.

Create your unique look with khaki pants. Let us know in the comment section what color shoes you like to wear with khaki pants.

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