How Much Does a Chanel Handbag Cost? (Direct Answer)

When we hear ‘luxury handbags,’ our minds immediately go to Chanel handbags. Since we mostly see Chanel handbags carried by celebrities and socialites, we know they come with a high price tag even if we don’t know their exact price range.

But how much does a Chanel handbag cost? The right answer to this question can depend on the bag’s style, size, and whether the bag is new or vintage.


Quick Answer

New Chanel handbags can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, while vintage Chanel handbags can cost between $3,000 and $15,000. Some limited edition vintage Chanel handbags can also come with a hefty price tag of up to $25,000. Moreover, buying vintage Chanel handbags at auctions can cost even more, with prices at high as $32,500.

The price differences between new and vintage Chanel handbags can confuse first-time buyers. After all, it’s rare to find older models termed more valuable in today’s consumerist culture. So let’s take a deeper look into why Chanel handbags are so expensive in the first place and cost of the most popular chanel handbags.

Why Are Chanel Handbags So Expensive?

The status of Chanel handbags has risen from being mere handbags to a symbol of wealth and class. While there is no shortage of luxury brands in today’s world, nothing compares to Chanel handbags for the following reasons:

Simplistic and Practical Designs – Chanel handbags have maintained their basic bag shapes throughout the years. Though Chanel releases new handbag designs every year, they usually contain small tweaks in their classic designs. Sticking to the classic and well-loved designs has made Chanel handbags a style statement that never goes out of fashion.

High Quality – Chanel handbags are made with soft lambskin or caviar leather. Using these highest quality leathers in the handbags adds to the finished cost and the look and feel of the handbags. The hardware on Chanel bags is also high quality and is considerably heavier than the hardware on most other handbags.

Expert Craftsmanship – Chanel handbags are only made in France, Italy, or Spain by expert craftsmen. Though some parts of Chanel handbags are stitched using special sewing machines, each Chanel handmade contains some hand-stitched elements and is assembled by skilled craftsmen.

Durability Tests – Chanel various quality control and durability tests on each handbag before it is marked ready for sale. These tests ensure that each handbag will last for years.

Manufacturing Time – On average, Chanel handbags are made and assembled in 180 steps. The handbags also go through quality control tests after every few steps. The detailed manufacturing time adds to the final price tag.

Cost of the Most Popular Chanel Handbags

Some of the most popular Chanel handbags throughout the years are:

  • Chanel flap bag lambskin and gold-tone – prices for new bags start from $4,200
  • Chanel classic handbag gold-tone – newer bags cost between $8,200 and $10,000
  • Chanel shopping bag mixed fibres and silver-tone – prices for new bags start from $3,900
  • Chanel bucket bag lambskin and gold-metal – prices upon request
  • Chanel wallet-on-chain lambskin and gold-metal – new bags cost $2,950
  • Chanel clutch with chain lambskin – new bags cost $2,750

Why Vintage Chanel Handbags Cost More than Newer Ones?

Fashion industry considers an item officially vintage when it’s at least 10 years old. Hence in 2022, Chanel handbags from 2012 and older are considered vintage. Let’s look at three main reasons vintage Chanel handbags are more expensive than newer ones.

Better Quality – You might believe that buying vintage Chanel handbags is unwise since they are so old, but consider that vintage Chanel handbags in the market have already proven their quality. Besides, there’s a difference between used and pre-loved handbags.

Gold Hardware – Vintage Chanel handbags from early 2008 and older contain real gold in their hardware. From early 2008 and earlier, Chanel handbags were fitted with hardware made with brass containing 24K gold. This hardware was also plated with 24K gold before fitting it into the handbags. On the other hand, Chanel handbags from late 2008 and later are made with gold-toned brass.

Price Hike for Newer Chanel Handbags – Channel has been steadily raising the prices for newer handbags. Hence vintage Chanel handbags are also experiencing a price hike due to their better quality and gold hardware.

What Are the Most Expensive Chanel Bags Ever?

Chanel Diamond Forever handbags are the most expensive Chanel bags ever made and sold with a price tag of $261,000. Each handbag from the Chanel Diamond Forever collection contained 334 diamonds weighing 3.56 carats. These handbags are made of alligator leather with straps made out of 18-karat gold chain. Design-wise, these handbags are a mix of the most loved designs of Chanel flap bags and Chanel classic handbag. Chanel only produced 13 of these handbags.

How to Spot a Fake Chanel Handbag?

The popularity and high prices of Chanel handbags have given rise to many dupes. While you can easily buy new Chanel handbags from Chanel’s website and official stores, you may want to check a second-hand Chanel handbag for the following signs:

  • Number of stitches per panel – Genuine Chanel handbags can have 9 to 11 stitches per panel. Each panel in a handbag contains an equal number of stitches.
  • Quality of chain strap and hardware – Chanel uses only the highest quality metal hardware for its bags. Hence hardware in all Chanel handbags feels heavy and luxurious.
  • Authentication card – Chanel provides an authentication card containing a serial number with each bag.

Do Chanel Handbags Ever Go On Sale?

Yes, Chanel holds a small sale twice a year. However, discounts are usually available on a limited number of handbags from the latest season. Chanel never gives discounts on its classic designs or well-loved handbags. However, there are two ways to score some discounts on Chanel handbags.

  1. You can buy Chanel handbags at discounted prices from duty-free shops at some airports. If you plan to travel soon, you can set a reminder to buy a Chanel handbag on the way.
  2. Chanel employees can get up to 30% discounts. If you are close with someone who works at Chanel, you can ask them to utilize their employee discount for you. However, Chanel employees have a purchasing limit and can be restricted to utilize discounts on certain items.

Are Chanel Handbags a Good Investment in 2022?

Chanel handbags are a great purchase considering their quality. Typically, any Chanel handbag can last up to 10 years of regular use. However, not all Chanel handbags are equal when considered as investment pieces. Only a handful of Chanel handbags retain their resale values. You also have to use and store your Chanel handbag very carefully if you purchase it as an investment.

As an investment, the top three Chanel handbags are Chanel flap bags with 111% retention value, Chanel coco top handle bags with 97% retention value, and Chanel Deauville Tote with 95% retention value.

Wrap Up

You can buy new Chanel handbags in a budget of $3,000 to $10,000 or invest in a vintage Chanel handbag with a budget of $3,000 to $15,000. However, if the budget is limitless, you can purchase vintage Chanel handbags for as high as up to $32,500.

Are you planning to buy a Chanel handbag? Let us know in the comments which style you have your eyes on and how much are you willing to spend on it.

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