What Color Eyeshadow With a Red Dress? 6 Colors to Consider

Prom coming up? Or a fancy dinner date? Or maybe you are planning  an evening get-together with colleagues? Nonetheless, one thing is safe to say that you can never go wrong with a red dress.

Classic, chic and timeless perfection – red dresses are ultra-feminine and pair well with almost all occasions.

However, one little trick that can easily make or break your whole look is eye makeup. So if you are wondering how to complete your red dress look? You’ve come to the right place.


Quick Answer

There are all types of people out there: some who love eye makeup, some who don’t, and some who go an extra mile on both ends, i.e., super glam and no-makeup makeup look. So considering all such types, the best eye makeup looks to pair with a red dress are:

  • Base Eyeshadow with Black Cat-eye Liner
  • Nude Eyeshadow with Smoked Eye Liner
  • Gold Shimmer Eyeshadow in Cut Crease Style

Would you like more options to plan out your look in advance? Fret not and continue reading as we break down our eye makeup expert tips to help you choose eye shadow with a red dress.

6 Eye Makeup Looks to Pair with a Red Dress

Following are six sultry and seductive eye makeup looks to pair with a gorgeous red dress to complete your look for any kind of event. Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Classic Cat Eye: Black Winged Eyeliner with Red Lips

You can never go wrong with a classic cat-eye paired with ruby red lips. It is an iconic and fierce duo, verified by the likes of iconic women legends such as Marilyn Monroe and Taylor Swift.

2. Sparkly Nude: Glitter Eyeshadow & Nude Lips

We all like a little bit of sparkle when things seem dull, and glitter eye shadow is a perfect way to add some to your look. Greatly pairs well with a nude matte lipstick for a red gown look.

3. Smokey & Fierce: Smoked-out Eyeshadow with Berry Lips

A classic smokey eye is the one to go for if you can’t decide on anything else. Add a berry-hued lipstick, and you have a bold, fierce, timeless look to complement your red dress.

4. Metallic & Dewy: Silver Inner Corners, Gloss, and Dewy Skin

Channel your inner Zendaya with this one, as she is the one commonly seen sporting this look. Silver, metallic inner corners paired with clear gloss and dewy skin – talk about effortless chic!

5. Kohl Rimmed: Black Kohl Rimmed Eyes with Soft Pink Pinks

This look is more traditional and might not be a favorite for everyone. However, this means if you can carry it well, it will be exclusively yours. Just remember to get a water-proof kohl pencil and keep the lips muted not to overdo the look.

6. Beachy Bronze: Monochrome Eyeshadow, Bronze Skin & Nude Lips

Strut in confidence like right onto the platform from a day out the beach with this one. Get yourself one reliable bronzer, slather it as eye shadow over your lids, contour and bronze your cheeks, and outline your lips. The monochrome result would be to die for.

What Color does Eyeshadow go With a Red Dress?

It isn’t something to be ashamed of if you aren’t too good with the makeup brushes and would like something simple and easy.

Following are the top three colors that pair extremely well with red dresses and would look great on their own without any technical brush strokes and blending to do.

  • Brown: Choose among the many shades of browns from cool-toned to warm-toned, and place it on a lightly concealed lid for a dense finish.
  • Peach: Whether you like it peachy nude or burnt orange, a single layer over your lid would do the trick.
  • Champagne: From matte to shimmers or chunky glitter – it’s up to your preference with champagne as it hardly ever goes wrong with a red dress.

What Are Top Three Eyeshadow Palettes To Complete Your Red Dress Look?

You might have the best red dress in the wardrobe and a complimentary makeup look to pair with it, but a quality eye shadow palette is a deal-maker.

Here are our top three picks of quality eye shadow palettes from three different price points to help you complete your look.

→   High End – Huda Beauty: The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

18 versatile, creamy eye shadows made to last. A beautiful variety of shimmers, mattes, glitters, and metallic. Retails at a high-end price point but is completely worth the money.

→   Mid-Range – Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette

Twelve easy to blend, warm, and deeply rich tones to pair with a red dress. From matte nudes to terra cotta, the palette has a great color payoff and mid-range price point.

→   Budget Buy – NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Utopia Shadow Palette

There is an impressive array of 40 different eye shadows – one palette for all your day to nighttime looks. Creamy, versatile shades retailing at a budgeted price point make it a must-have.

What Are The Best Red Dress Looks of All Time?

Thanks to pop culture and our gorgeous celebrities who donned red dresses over time, there is hardly any shortage of inspiration for red dresses.

Here are our top three picks of iconic and timeless red dress looks that will surely help you get in the mood.

Britney Spears in “Oops! I Did It Again” Music Video

Talk about iconic. There hasn’t been any look that Britney wore and didn’t become a timeless, cult favorite.

Likewise, the red lather bodysuit she wore in her epic “Oops! I Did It Again” music video has a following of its own.

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2011 Oscars

One of the highest-paid actresses of Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence is the epitome of talent and beauty.

Not only does she pull it off on camera, but off-camera, on red carpets, her looks are just as amazing. Hence, her look in the 2011 Oscars was nothing short of sheer red beauty.

Emma Stone as Estella in Cruella

Admit it. We all have tried to channel our inner Estella ever since Cruella came out. After all, Emma Stone has made the character look so mischievous and fierce at the same time.

Thus, her look of the red dress that is exposed as she burns down her cape in a scene of the movie has stayed in our head rent-free.

What Type of Cuts Can You Choose In a Red Dress?

Maybe you don’t want to steer away from red, or maybe it is in the dress code for the event – nonetheless, there are plenty of cuts you can choose from for a red dress. For instance:

  • If you want something modest, go for a full-length body-hugging red flared gown and keep the drama in the back by having it backless.
  • Get a net lacy frock with a low-cut neckline to keep it minimal and skin-showing if you like it sheer.
  • Pair a red satin dress with knee-length boots, a denim jacket, and a cowboy hat for a country-contemporary look.

Do Red Dresses Look Good At Prom?

If you have the main-character energy to carry a red dress at your prom night, then, by all means, go for it.

All you need is the confidence to carry it and make it about yourself rather than worry about others’ thoughts.

Instead of over-indulging it, you can ask your prom partner to mix and match or contrast to turn down the overall look.

Wrap Up

Red dresses are timeless classics. Beautiful in daylight and at nighttime parties, great with every cut, style, and makeup.

If you have the confidence and knack for dramatics, wear a red dress to all or any of the events and watch yourself stand out from the crow. Cheers!

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