Should You Cut Your Toenails Before a Pedicure? (Correct Answer)

Pedicures are one way to keep yourself pampered because of how relaxing they are, but many people are unaware of certain things they shouldn’t do before a pedicure. And one of these things is whether or not they should cut their toenails before a pedicure.

If you’re in a similar boat, you’re probably pondering over the same question; should you cut your toenails before a pedicure? Let’s find out!


Quick Answer

There aren’t any restrictions on cutting toenails before a pedicure if you know the correct way to cut them. But even if you don’t cut them, it’s perfectly alright because your nail technician will cut them for you. Although if you feel self-conscious while getting your pedicure, you can cut them straight.

If your toenails are cut rounded or incorrectly, it can cause many problems while getting your pedicure. Read on to find what happens if you cut your nails incorrectly.

What Happens to Incorrectly Cut Toenails after a Pedicure?

You might think it’s no big deal if a couple of your toenails are cut incorrectly, but they can cause problems for you in the long run, particularly if you get a pedicure right after cutting your nails. Here’s what happens:

  • Risk of Infection: Even though salons are supposed to keep everything clean, you can’t trust every place to have hygiene standards. When you cut your toenails incorrectly right before a pedicure, you might be at risk of getting an infection. Mainly because of ingrown nails. When nails are trimmed incorrectly, you can expose the skin underneath your nails.

This skin starts to grow over the nails, which causes ingrown nails. Ingrown nails can puncture your skin from different areas, and when a pedicure is done, if the supplies aren’t clean, it can cause a bacterial or fungal infection. It will cause you much pain in the long run, and you’ll have to spend months treating the infection. You might even end up with cuts around your toenails which can again cause infections.

  • Improper Shaping: The second thing that might happen if you cut your toenails incorrectly is that your nail technician might not shape your nails correctly. If your nails are already too short, filing them won’t make much difference.

When nail paint is applied over an improper shape, it can look bad. You’ll be paying the salon for a full pedicure, and that includes nail trimming, so it is better to let them handle your toenail trimming rather than cutting them on your own.

How Can Toenails be Cut Properly Before a Pedicure?

It’s very simple to cut your toenails properly with the help of the right clipper. It’s better to cut your toenails one to two days before the scheduled date of your pedicure session. Here are some simple steps you can follow:

  • Find the Right Clipper: Not all nail clippers are the same. Some people can cut their toenails perfectly with a smaller nail clipper, but some might find it difficult. Based on the shape and size of your toenails, you should find a clipper that cuts your nails perfectly. It’s a trial-and-error process, but once you land your hands on the right clipper, it will be easier for you to trim your toenails to perfection.
  • Cut Straight: Most people mistake cutting the sides first, which eventually leads to round nails, with the central part being longer than the sides. That’s not how toenails are supposed to be cut. You should always cut them straight. The front of your toenails should be in a straight line. Keep cutting your nails this way, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

When to Not Get a Pedicure?

Even though pedicures are tempting, there are times you shouldn’t get a pedicure. Here are some situations in which a pedicure is not a good option:

  • Fungal Infections: If you have a fungal infection on your feet, you should never get a pedicure unless it is fully treated. Not only will your infection get worse, but it will also spread to others because of how contagious it is.
  • Wounds: You should never get a pedicure if you have an open wound, be it big or small, on your feet. Open wounds are prone to infections which can be extremely painful.

What is the Ideal Length for Toenails before a Pedicure?

Ideally, your toenails should be somewhere between 1-2 mm long. They can break, chip, and even tear away if they’re too long, which is obviously very painful. When they’re too short, there is the risk of ingrown nails and punctures, which causes infections. Either way, you’ll have a problem. Although longer nails have fewer chances of posing a problem than shorter nails, if you’re not confident in your nail clipping skills, leave them be and let your technician handle them.

How to Tell if Your Toenails are Overgrown?

Many people are unable to tell even if they have overgrown toenails. Fortunately, some very obvious signs can tell you whether or not it is time to trim down your toenails.

If you feel that your toenails are bumping into things more frequently, it’s because they’re too long. Another major sign is when you wear closed shoes, and your feet feel uncomfortable from the front. This mainly happens when your overgrown toenails start to curl, hurting your feet.

How to Prep Feet Before a Pedicure?

If you’re getting a pedicure for the first time, you might want to do a few things to prep your feet for the pedicure. To start with, you should make sure that your feet are clean. Washing them with soap and water is enough to clean your feet. Once you’re sure your feet are nice and clean, moisturize your feet.

Ensure that you don’t shave your feet a day or two before your pedicure. If you end up with cuts while shaving, they will burn and sting and might even get infected.

What Happens if you Get a Pedicure with Bad Toenails?

Ultimately, it depends on how bad your toenails are. Generally, a salon might not allow you to get a pedicure if you have a fungal infection or ingrown toenails. But even if they do, it will only bring bad news.

If your toenails are just overgrown, there might not be much of a problem, but if they’re overgrown and ingrown, you can get severe infections. Plus, if you have cuts and are diabetic simultaneously, it can turn into a serious issue. It’s best to let the cuts, wounds, and infections heal before you get yourself a pedicure.

Wrap Up

There is no harm in cutting your toenails if you do it right, but rounding or cutting your toenails too short may be a problem if you’re planning on getting a pedicure.

It’s best to leave them and get them trimmed during the pedicure. Let us know in the comments how you cut your toenails before a pedicure!

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