Should You Match Shoes and Handbag? (Correct Answer)

Some consider it a styling myth. Others call it a fashion statement rule 101 – matching shoes and handbags has been quite a fashion mystery for a long time.

However, regardless of what the fashion gurus have to say, it really is up to you what works for you and how well you can carry a coordinating outfit. Read on to find out a definitive answer.


Quick Answer

Yes! We are in complete agreement to match your shoes and handbag. Not only makes your outfit more coordinating, but it also makes it look like it was thoughtfully put together instead of in a hurry. So yes, matching your shoes and handbags is the way to go for us.

Need some inspiration to complete your outfit of the day? Continue reading as we discuss a style look book for different occasions to match your shoes and handbag.

5 Outfits to Wear Matching Shoes & Handbag

Matching your shoes and handbag can be a basic thing for some people, but others might require some inspiration to put together a look.

Hence, we have compiled a list of five outfits that you can use to match your shoes and handbags while looking completely in tune with fashion.

1. Midi Dress, Heels & Ruched Bag

A formal to semi-formal look can easily be achieved with a chiffon midi dress, heels, and matching ruched bag. Ruched bags are quite a in fashion, and so are scrunched-up heels. You can easily play around with the flowy texture of your dress while matching the footwear and bag.

2. Jeans, Top, Sneakers & Backpack

An ultimate day-out look that can easily be balanced with a matching pair of sneakers and backpack. In this outfit, the matching of the footwear and bag is not as per color or material but rather over principle. Sneakers and backpacks are a match made in fashion heaven for achieving a casual daytime look.

3. Long Trench Coat, Boots & Leather Clutch

Right out of winter and fall, Tumblr inspiration – you can never go wrong with a long trench coat, leather boots, and a leather clutch. As you can see, the matching footwear and clutch are based on material. At the same time, you can easily match colors too.

4. Shirts, Blouse, Slippers & Tote Bag

A spring day outfit to wear in the fields – shorts, blouse, slippers, and a tie-dye tote bag is a perfect effortless chic outfit put together for a picnic day. The matching of the slippers and tote bag can be done on the basis of color, material, and even texture.

5. Gown, Heels & Sequence Purse

A formal wedding or night reception look – gowns are everyone’s dream outfit, and nothing completes the look other than a perfect pair of Stilettos and sequence purse. The formal look will look complete with added drama and oomph thanks to the sequence purse while the heels elevate the gown.

What Are The Dos and Don’ts of Matching Your Shoes & Bag?

While matching your shoes and bag can come naturally to you, sometimes people can mismatch or over-match the elements involved. Hence, it is important to acknowledge certain dos and don’ts of matching your shoes and handbag.


Here are the dos of matching your shoes and handbag:

  • Match Patterns & Textures

Matching your shoes and bags is very easy if you match your shoes and bag based on patterns and texture. For instance, a ruched heel should be matched with a ruched bag, etc.

  • Color Coordination is Key

While matching your shoes and bags, it is essential to color coordinate the two if nothing else is going with the flow. For instance, brown leather boots should be paired with a brown leather bag, etc.

  • Do Keep the Occasion in Mind

Never forget the occasion you are dressing up for when matching your shoes and bag. For instance, pairing up flip flops with a sequence clutch is a fashion faux pas you’ll never be able to recover from.


Now over to the don’ts of matching your shoes and handbag:

  • Monochrome Is Boring

Ever be too matchy-matchy with your outfit, shoes, and bags. Monochrome is extremely boring and can often be a buzzkill for the entire look, making it look heavy and conjoined.

  • Same Material Throughout Is an Overkill

The same material is absolute overkill. For instance, a leather trench coat with leather boots and a leather bag not only sounds weird but will definitely look weirder put together.

  • Don’t Mix Seasons

You don’t want to mix season unless you want to commit fashion crime 101. People who wear outerwear like coats over summer dresses not only look bad, but one can never tell if it’s a winter outfit or summer.

Is Wearing Matching Shoes & Handbag Still In Fashion?

Many people feel confused about matching their shoes and bags because they aren’t sure if it is still in fashion. Well, the answer is yes and no. it completely depends on what you want to call fashion and have the confidence to carry well. Suppose it comes with matching shoes and a handbag that surely go for it. Otherwise, it is completely up to you to omit it.

What Color Is Best For Matching Shoes and Handbags?

Neutral colors like black, brown, and white are the best colors for matching your shoes and handbags. Not only does it look great with every outfit, but it also pairs well while matching together and not making the outfit boring or overkill.

Which Style Of Bag Goes Well With Every Type of Footwear?

A nice shoulder bag, preferably in leather and any neutral color, is one of the best accessory items to own. It is a wardrobe essential that you can splurge on, and it will look great paired with almost every footwear you own.

Wrap Up

Matching your shoes and bag is something you can easily have a preference for. It is not a fixed rule of fashion that you follow or break with your choice.

So if you want to match your shoes and handbag – we say go for it. Just remember the dos and don’ts to look your classy best while doing so. Cheers!

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