Can You Use Gel Eyeliner as Eyeshadow? (Quick Answer)

If you have more than one gel eyeliner lying around in your makeup collection, there is a good way to utilize them. Many people believe that gel eyeliners can be used as more than just eyeliners.

But the real question still remains; can you use gel eyeliner as eyeshadow? Read on to find out!


Quick Answer

Gel eyeliners can very easily be used as eyeshadow substitutes with proper prepping of the skin. First, you should apply an eye primer as a base, and then you can put on the gel eyeliner as an eyeshadow. Once you’re done, you can blend the product using a blending brush, and you’re good to go.

Applying gel eyeliner as an eyeshadow is a really simple process. Let’s look at how to make your gel eyeliner into an eyeshadow.

How to Convert Gel Eyeliner into an Eyeshadow?

Gel eyeliners are a cross between liquid and pencil eyeliners. By combining the functionality of both, gel eyeliners give more opaqueness and precision during application. But how can you convert a gel eyeliner into an eyeshadow?

It’s simple, by following a few basic steps, you can swiftly use your gel eyeliner as your eyeshadow. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Cleanse: The first step before applying any makeup is to clean your face completely. Make sure your skin is completely dry before proceeding to the next step
  2. Moisturize: Prepping your skin is very important. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on clean and dry skin and let it absorb into your skin completely.
  3. Prime: The next step is to apply eye primer around the eye area to create a smooth surface. Primers will make it easier for you to apply gel eyeliners onto the lid without looking cakey.
  4. Apply and Blend: On primed eyelids, apply a generous amount of eyeliner. Start with the upper lid and work your way around the eyes as needed. Use a blending brush to blend the product into the crease. It may take a few tries before you get a perfect blend. If you’re used to using cream or liquid eyeshadows, it might be easier for you to blend the gel eyeliner.
  5. Setting Powder: Once you’re done with the application and blending, make sure you apply a small amount of setting powder on top to prevent creasing.

You might struggle at the start, but after a few trial and error attempts, you’ll become a pro at applying gel eyeliner as an eyeshadow.

Which Brushes Can be Used for Applying Gel Eyeliner as Eyeshadow?

There are different brushes available in every brush set. So, which ones should be used when applying gel eyeliner as your main eyeshadow? Here are a few options for you:

  • Dense Blending Brush: Before applying the gel eyeliner, make sure you first prime your eyes; you will need a dense blending brush for this step. A dense brush will hold more primer and give an even application throughout the lid.
  • Fluffy Blending Brush: When applying product to the lid or getting the perfect blend, it is important to use a fluffy blending brush. The fluffier the brush is, the better blend you will get.
  • Crease Line Brush: If you want to add more depth to your crease and an intense application, use a crease line brush. The small size of the brush gives more precision during application. Since you’ll be using a gel eyeliner instead of regular eyeshadow, a crease line brush may leave harsh lines. You can again use a fluffy blending brush after applying the product to the crease to eliminate the excess product.

How to Prep Your Skin Before Applying Makeup?

While applying primer to the eyes is a given for prepping the skin; before that, there are some skincare steps you should follow to ensure the makeup doesn’t sink into the pores of your skin.

  • Make sure you cleanse your skin using your regular cleanser and pat dry with a towel. Do not rub your skin with a towel.
  • Apply a decent amount of moisturizer to lock the hydration into your skin.
  • If it is daytime, don’t forget to apply a generous amount of sunscreen
  • In the end, apply a primer, and you’re ready to start applying makeup.

What Can You Use Instead of a Brush to Apply Gel Eyeliner?

Ideally, makeup brushes are needed if you need to apply gel eyeliner as an eyeshadow, but you can always use your fingertips if you’re not too comfortable with the idea.

Apply a pea-sized amount onto your fingertip and start dabbing the product onto your lid. Blend out the product using a clean finger till you get an even application. Apply product in sections to make the process easier.

Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure as it can take away the product instead of blending it onto your lid.

Is There a Need to Wet the Gel Eyeliner?

Gel eyeliner already contains a certain amount of liquid, giving it a gel-like consistency. There is no need to wet your gel eyeliner any further. It can easily be used as an eyeshadow as it is. The only thing you need to ensure is that the expiration date of your gel eyeliner hasn’t passed.

An expired gel eyeliner hardens, and even if you add water to alter its consistency, it won’t make much of a difference. Instead of getting fluidity, it can end up looking crusty or crumbly.

Why Do You Need to Use a Setting Powder When Applying Gel Eyeliner?

Setting powder is used to prevent the creasing of the products. Generally, it is used under the eyes. But when you’re using gel eyeliner as an eyeshadow, you should apply a slight amount of setting powder onto your lid. Since gel eyeliners have a thicker consistency than creamy products, they can crease. But with a setting powder, you don’t need to worry about your makeup looking smudgy or cakey.

Simply put, the setting powder allows the product to settle in place.

How to Prevent Gel Eyeliner from Smudging?

When gel eyeliner is used as an eyeshadow, it can smudge easily. While smudgy eyeshadow can look sexy and appealing in certain looks, a smudged gel eyeliner does not give the same appeal. Instead, you can end up with panda eyes. To prevent your gel eyeliner from smudging, you should always apply eye primer onto the lid and under the eyes. It creates a smooth canvas for you to paint your eyes. Besides preventing creases, eye primer also stops the eyeliner from smudging.

Wrap Up

You can easily use gel eyeliner as an eyeshadow like a pro with the correct blending brushes and an eye primer.

If you have gel eyeliners in different colors, you can create beautiful eye looks easily. Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever used gel eyeliner as an eyeshadow.

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