Hello, lovelies! I hope the weather is beautiful where you are as it is on my side of Canada. Actually, the weather has been pretty darn hot and there are days I felt like I’m cooking under the sun. Juno has been feeling the heat as well and these days we stick to letting her run in the park which she usually last all of 30 minutes and she is done. Weimaraners are supposed to be very high energy but she prefers to laze around in the shade.

Today’s post is all about two tinted sunscreens from two different price range which I have been loving. So much so that I have converted a few friends into fans of both! And with Summer well and fully here, I have been wearing these sunscreens instead of my usual BB Creams and foundations as both even out my skin tone beautifully and all I need is just a touch of concealer. P1310347

Now, before anything else, I would like to state that I am not a chemistry expert and I know there are lots of studies and divided opinions about sunscreens in general. Physical or Chemical, how high SPF is enough, what is the correct amount and these are topics that I can never fully answer, however, if you want to educate yourself then I highly recommend checking out Michelle aka She has tons of well researched and educational posts on sunscreens and some of my favourites are on Chemical vs Physical sunscreens (read here), all about SPF (read here) and Sunscreen vs Corals (read here). P1310352 P1310357 Vichy Idéal Soleil SPF60 100% Mineral Filter* (active ingredient titanium dioxide 14.8%) is the newest addition of my sunscreen family. It has a tint to it which helps with the white cast but what makes it special to me is how it evens out my skin tone. No, it doesn’t give any coverage instead, it leaves a healthy radiance and my skin looks so healthy with it. It dries down quickly, doesn’t leave any tackiness or residue, doesn’t pill and all my cream and powder makeup glide beautifully over it. All I need is a touch of concealer, blush, a touch of highlighter and my base is pretty much done. My skin doesn’t get shiny throughout the day and neither does it fade and looks patchy throughout the day. Other bonuses? This formula contains antioxidants; Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil and it is also recognized by Canadian Dermatology Association as safe to be used on sensitive skin. P1310351 P1310354 Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF50* (active ingredient titanium dioxide 6% zinc oxide 5%) is highly raved about in the beauty community. It has been recommended by Lisa Eldridge and has a very strong fanbase and as soon as I tested it, I instantly understand why. The lightweight, watery and almost instantly absorbing formula is dreamy. It glides over the skin like silk, feels like nothing, dries down matte and doesn’t have a strong sunscreen smell too. This dies down transparent so it doesn’t leave any coverage at all so you do need a BB Cream or foundation over it if you need coverage. Bonus? It contains Artemia Salina, a plankton extract which was proven to boost skin’s natural defences against UV damage. P1310364 P1310371 P1310372 You really can’t go wrong with both sunscreens, however, bear in mind if you are darker skin tones, you might still notice slight white cast despite the tint. That is the one and only negative that I can come up with about these sunscreens (more towards Vichy than Skinceuticals) so do try to swatch beforehand if you are concerned. I have never been one who is particular whether physical or chemical as long as they offer broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. I know there are so many myths surrounding both physical and chemical sunscreens out there so I highly suggest reading this myth-busting article by Stephen or better known as Kind of Stephen to be better informed about the matter. Have you tried any of these sunscreens? What is your current favourite tinted sunscreen? *Gifted but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here.

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