So here’s the story, I recently celebrated by 25th birthday (who am I kidding, I’m an old toad really…add a good old bloody 10 years to that age) so Sephora sent me an email about my birthday gift! Oh wow, how exciting! From the email, it looked like a good size makeup palette with beautiful colours! 4 eyeshadows, 2 lipstick colours and a blusher, I mean come on…that’s brilliant right? Well, yes and no. Capture See what I mean? It looks a decent size but…. IMG_6914

Ta-daaa! Okay, I do have a larger palm compare to most women (really swell for bitch slapping idiots!) but the palette is very small. 


It has beautiful colours though so who am I to complain…and it’s FREE!

IMG_6916 Swatches: Lip colours are decent, eye shadows and blusher NOT very impressive. Unfortunately I don’t see the colour names but I will double check later today. My eye sights ain’t that great anymore, I heard rumours that it comes with age. IMG_6917

ONE wipe with tissue, nearly all gone so it’s really not the best quality.

IMG_68871 IMG_68831 I used the light grey shadow all over my lids (with UD eye primer) and the coral blusher on my cheeks. I guess it’s…okay for something that is free. If I have to pay for it? I would be REALLY pissed off with the quality.

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