What Shoes Do You Wear With a Leather Jacket? (Best Options)

Leather jackets might have been popularized back in the 1950s, but ever since then, the wardrobe staple has been a favorite for many. From rock stars to regular people, you would not find a single person who doesn’t own a classic black leather jacket.

However, when it comes to styling leather jackets, many people aren’t sure which style of shoes to pick in order to complement their overall look. So if you’re also wondering what shoes to wear with a leather jacket, don’t worry as you have come to the right place.


Quick Answer

It is easy to get confused about the style of shoes to pair with a leather jacket. After all, you want the leather jacket to be the star of the show. Hence, to make things simple for you, in our recommendation, easily attainable footwear styles that you can wear with a leather jacket are:

  • Boots
  • Heels
  • Sneakers

As times change, so do the fashion and styling elements. Therefore, as there are a variety of styles available in leather jackets as well as shoes like heels and sneakers – let’s take a run of an in-depth breakdown of the top five ways you can pair different leather jacket styles with different shoe styles.

5 Ways to Pair Different Leather Jacket Styles with Different Shoe Styles

Here are the top five ways you can pair up different styles of leather jackets with different shoe styles.

Classic Black Leather Jacket with High Ankle Boots

You can never go wrong with a classic black leather jacket. Popularized by pop-culture fashion, the leather jacket style is a fashion icon with its own fashion following. A classic black leather jacket means serious business, paired with denim, formal attire, and even cocktail dresses.

Therefore, it is natural to want to pair something just as statement-worthy, if not more. So keeping in mind that you want to highlight the jacket, the best shoe style pairing with it is ankle-high boots. Whether you keep it monochrome or contrast, it is bound to pair well and look good.

Brown Fur Collar Leather Jacket with Fancy Brown Brogues

A more contemporary take on a classic leather jacket – fur collar leather jackets are becoming more mainstream with every winter season that goes by. The idea is basically a concoction of lining a leather jacket with a sweater instead of adding additional layers underneath.

Thus, creating a hybrid that also looks great and doesn’t compromise on keeping you warm. So a consequent pairing keeping this idea in mind is of fancy brogues. For instance, if you are carrying a brown fur collar leather jacket, pair it with fancy brown brogues for color, cut, and contrast.

Black Leather Biker Jacket with Canvas Shoes

Next up, we have what every teenage rom-com shows the protagonist wearing – a black leather biker with canvas shoes in high school. It is a cult-classic pairing that is a complete no-brainer, especially given that so many teenagers seem to carry it so well.

Moreover, there is no need for any fancy clothing items to pair it with. You can just throw in a bunch of other wardrobe staples to make it work. For instance, wear a striped t-shirt and black denim along with your black leather biker jacket and canvas shoes, and you’re good to go.

Faux Leather Bomber Jacket with Statement Sneakers

Bomber jackets have been THE jackets for quite some time now. The style has been popular but recently came under the spotlight, all thanks to Hollywood’s too-cool-for-school kind of boys like Pete Davidson and Zayn Malik. Or the credit can go to top models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner as well.

Nonetheless, it was a matter of time that faux leather bombers were out in the open. As people have clearly embraced fashion, statement sneakers are the way to go for footwear. You can pair up your gym clothes and layer them with a bomber to look casual but classy.

Statement Leather Trench Coat with Court Shoe Heels

Wearing long leather trench coats shouldn’t mean you compromise on your style. Get yourself an uncanny statement piece and match it up with a good pair of court shoe heels. You will surely be a head-turner the moment you step outside your house.

The pairing adds structure to a covered and layered look, and what better option than heels to add the cut? It allows for extra length, and court shoe style allows you to cover up for the cold. It surely is a match made in heaven and commonly seen on New York streets in winter mornings.

Does The Leather Jacket Have To Match The Shoes?

One of the most commonly asked questions about leather jacket styling is if the jacket should match the shoes. And to that, we say, not necessarily. After all, to each its own style. Where you feel you can pull off a bold, statement look, someone might go for a minimal, commonly put-together look.

Moreover, a leather jacket is not a wardrobe accessory like a watch or a belt that must match your footwear, or you’ll be conducting a styling error 404. It is indeed a wardrobe staple, a layering tool that you can easily have fun with while styling. So it is up to you when pairing leather jackets with shoes.

Is Leather Jacket Seasonal?

Contrary to popular belief that leather jackets are for the cold weather, the styling gurus recommend otherwise. Yes, leather jackets are for all year long, whether it is cold, rain, or shine. Naturally, the material leather makes it an ideal choice for winters.

However, colder evenings at warm places can take leather jacket styling too. Moreover, areas prone to more rain can also enjoy faux leather jackets. In fact, there will be fewer chances of wear and tear of the jacket as it is made with faux leather instead of genuine.

Are Colored Leather Jackets A Fashion Faux Pas?

Colored leather jackets are quite fashionable these days s it is hard to say if they are a sartorial sin. However, a colored leather jacket does show that the leather might not be genuine. This reduces the value of the clothing item you are wearing amongst peers.

Therefore, it is a personal preference. If you can buy high-end leather goods, then a colored leather jacket is not questionable. However, a budgeted buy sometimes may not even last you that much as the color starts to fade and strip away from the inner material.

Are Leather Blazers In Fashion?

Most definitely! Leather blazers are all the rage because if Meghan and Kelly can pull it off, then so can you. The mix of the classic black leather with a new cut such as a blazer is a match made in heaven. From rockstars to people in business, channeling their inner rockstar – leather blazers are great outerwear.

Additionally, the neutrality of the whole clothing concept that comes with leather makes it exclusive yet a fashionable part and parcel. You can never go wrong pairing leather outwear with shoes, shirts, dresses, and even formal suiting. It’s all about how you carry it.

Will Leather Jackets And Boots Never Go Out Of Fashion?

Given how leather jackets and boots have been a winter season must-have for decades now. It is hard to say if the duo will ever retire from the fashion industry.

From ramp walks to models carrying in real life, leather jackets and boots are a 10/10 dressing game for anyone.

Wrap Up

A tip to remember when styling a leather jacket is always to make it the star of the show. After that, there is hardly a fashion faux pas that you can commit and look bad.

If you are just starting out with leather jackets, go with a classic black one and embrace the style all year long!

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