What Color Shoes With a White Dress? (Best Options)

A white dress is a classic – a must-have in every wardrobe. You can style it however you want. It can be casual for an everyday look or formal for dinner.

But to truly add that oomph to a white dress, you have to pair the right color of shoes with it. This brings us to the main question, what color shoes go best with a white dress?


Quick Answer

Generally, the shoe colors that look best with a white dress are white, nude/beige, brown, red, gold, and grey. If you want to go for a subtle look with minimal jewelry and makeup, you will most likely choose some light-colored shoes. If not, you can go for bold colors.

Do you want to find out the best color to pair with a white dress that will make it stand out? Keep reading!

What are the Perfect Shoe Colors to Wear with a White Dress?

The shoe color you end up choosing will depend upon the type of look you choose to flaunt – here are some timeless colors that will look fabulous with a classic white dress. These are:

White: You can never go wrong with a basic white shoe – the white-on-white combo is a winner and a popular choice for just about anyone. It will put together your outfit and compliment any skin tone. A classic choice for an everyday lunch! 

Nude/Beige: A nude or beige color enhances your skin tone like no other and would look spectacular with any white dress. Apart from complimenting your natural skin color, beige or nude shoes will enhance your legs and make them look even more beautiful. 

Brown: This is the easiest color to pair with a white dress – all types of brown will make you and the dress look more attractive and make your entire outfit pop. It gives a more subtle vibe and is great for evening parties. 

Red: If you want all the attention towards your dress and legs, red is the color to go with. Not only will your shoes stand out, but they will make the entire outfit spunky and fiery, adding sass to it. No one will forget your red shoes that day. 

Gold: If you want to feel like a princess, gold shoes will give more of a formal, sophisticated look. If you’re off to a more formal gathering, then you should put on a pair of gold shoes and walk-in style. 

Grey: These are an excellent addition to your wardrobe and would be a fine pair with a white dress. They will make a statement and are a great combo to rock in summers and winters.

What are the Best Shoes to Wear with a White Dress?

Now that the colors are settled, we can move on to the best shoes to wear with a white dress.

Here are a few options that you can choose from:

Heels: A heel is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Get yourself a sharp pair of textured heels or one colored heel that will match your white dress. It will bring out your legs and make the entire outfit look elegant.

Flats: It is no surprise that flats look adorable with plain white dresses. However, there are various types of flats, and if you wish to be a little extra, you can choose a pair of gladiator-style flats that will add pizazz to the entire outfit.

Stiletto: There is nothing like a pair of sophisticated stilettos. These can be paired with any white dress: Mid-length, flowy, or short, a great pair for every occasion.

Sneakers: If you wish to make the vibe of your outfit cute and casual, you can pair it with sneakers. It will automatically put together your entire outfit. White sneakers with a white dress are a killer combo.

What Makeup Looks Best with a White Dress?

Since white goes with anything and everything, you have a lot to play with. Differing on the occasion, you can dress up or dress down any look.

Here are some makeup options for you that will work best with a white dress:

  • Lipstick: Nude lipstick will look subtle and natural with a white dress. It is best for a day look. Red lipstick will be a head turner and add a pop to your lips.
  • Eyeshadow: If you’re going for a much bolder look, you can opt for a black smokey eyeshadow. It would look stunning with your white dress.

What Jewelry Looks Best with a White Dress?

The beauty of the color white is that it can go with anything – it is like a plain canvas for you to paint however you like. Depending on the event or your mood, you can pair the jewelry. A chunky necklace, only statement earrings, or both will look wonderful. You can add in more jewelry in terms of rings and bracelets.

Keeping in mind the color of the shoe, you can decide the color of the jewelry. If you wish to create a statement look, wear as little as possible. However, you can layer accordingly if you’re going somewhere like the beach or a music festival.

What Color Nail Paint Looks Best with a White Dress?

White nail polish is stunning – it enhances your skin tone and makes your nails and hands look cleaner. It automatically adds a more put-together and elegant look to the entire outfit. It is sure to catch a lot of attention. This or nude colors will be more subtle. You can opt for those bright colors to add a more screaming and in-your-face color.

It is best to match your shoe color to give a more coordinated and put-together look. You can also create contrast like gold shoes or white nail color.

Can You Wear a White Dress to a Wedding?

It all depends on you – white is the color brides wear at their wedding, and you don’t want to take the spotlight from the bride on her big day.

If you choose more exciting colors, that will be a better option for a wedding, or you can even go for pastels as they are a wedding classic. Pastel pink, green, and lilac will look extremely pretty for day weddings.

Wrap Up

White and gold shoes do make a stunning combo with the white dress. However, you can choose from the other colors that look best with a white dress, such as nude/beige, red, silver, grey and brown.

Let us know in the comments what color shoes you wear in the end!

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