What Color Shoes Go With a Gray Suit? (Best Options)

Whether you’re a man or a woman, some styles are universal. For instance, a gray suit. It is one of the most appropriate suit colors that you can easily rock at various occasions and business meetings. But to complete the look, you need the right color of shoes with it.

If you’re trying to figure out what color shoes go with a gray suit, you’re bound to have a lot of options.


Quick Answer

Gray is a great color that looks even more attractive when paired with any other color. You can pair a gray suit with shoes of almost any color such as brown, black, white, or any pop of color to make your whole look stand out.

If you can’t decide on what to pair your gray suit with, read on to find the best shoe colors that will look best with it.

What Shoe Colors To Wear With A Gray Suit?

It truly depends on the occasion – you can dress it up or dress it down with the colors you choose. Here are some classic colors that will look perfect with a gray suit. These are: 

  • Brown shoes: Gray and brown is quite the combo – you’ve to style it a certain way, and if you get it right, you’ve got yourself a fashion ensemble. These two colors complement each other highly and make your entire look seem more put together. It is the perfect pair for day weddings for men. 
  • Black shoes: This is the easiest color to pair anything with – regardless of the shade of gray, it is a timeless color that will give your entire look a more formal vibe. It is ideal for a presentation for men. A black is the best option to go for if you can’t think of anything else. 
  • White shoes: if you’re going for a more comfortable look – white is the color to choose. Gray suits are mostly paired with white shoes by women. They look great in every form. It is a good choice for both genders. 
  • Red shoes: If you’re known to be a style statement, and like experimenting with your outfits, you can pair your gray suit with some fine-looking red shoes and keep all the attention towards yourself. It goes for both men and women. 
  • Yellow shoes: If a pop of color is what you need – yellow will do it for you like no other color will. It will make you stand out and add a fun and lively element to your whole outfit. It is best for fashion events. 
  • Grey shoes: Grey itself is a great color for a shoe – the grey-on-grey effect will give a sleek and sexy look to your entire outfit. There’s hardly any color that won’t look great with gray shoes. Gray shoes will help complete your look.

What Shoes Go with A Gray Suit?

Now that we are clear about what shoes colors look best with a gray suit, it’s time to learn about which shoe type goes well with one. Here are the best options that you can rock with your gray suit.

  • Sneakers: You can’t deny that sneakers are indeed the most comfortable form of shoe wear, and once you put together a black pair of sneakers with your sharp gray suit, it will create a killer combo – a formal look for your office. These are suitable for both men and women.
  • Loafers: If sneakers are not your style and you’re more of a loafer person, that’ll do as well, apart from getting you utmost comfort. Loafers are chic. Both genders can easily rock loafers, and they look great in a formal setting.
  • Heels: It might surprise you, but originally, men wore heels. However, they later became strict women’s wear. Women can rock their favorite pair of heels in the colors discussed above with their gray suits to give a more style statement. When in doubt, you can grab a pair of black or white heels, and you’ll be good to go.

How To Pair Shoes With A Gray Suit?

Certain colors look best with a gray suit depending only on occasion. Here’s how you can pair your colored shoes with a gray suit.

  • Day Events: Get yourself shoes in white, brown, and black. That way, your shoes will compliment your suit and not look odd if you’re at a formal event – a white heel for the girls and a brown shoe for men.
  • Night Events: Go for a darker-colored shoe that will complement the shade of gray you’re wearing. Greyish-black is the perfect color for a night look, especially for formal

What Events Is A Gray Suit For?

The gray suit is the most flexible suit there is. It comes in many forms and accommodates a wide range of occasions. Here are some of the events you can rock a gray suit at.

  • Business meeting: The perfect corporate suit attire that means business. Nobody’s going to take you lightly when you have got a gray suit on. 
  • Hosting: A gray suit is a great option to go for, sharp and stylish when hosting an event. It will make you stand out and give you the confidence you need to get everyone’s attention. 
  • Wedding: It is the perfect wedding attire for men. Whether you’re a best man or the groom – a gray suit is one of the most worn suits for weddings. It has its charm. 
  • Date night: When you want to impress and make an impact – leave it to the gray suit to do all the talking. It is a true style statement.

What Are The Rules To Follow When Wearing A Gray Suit?

You don’t just wear a gray suit with your wardrobe’s first thing you see. Some rules make it look the way it does. Check them out! 

  • Make sure it fits: A suit is known by its fit – if your gray suit is not of your fit, don’t wear it. 
  • Pair it with a light shirt: A white shirt will do – it will look best if you’re going to a wedding. 
  • Play with color: This is where your colored shoes come in, have some fun with your look and add in a pop of color. 
  • Skip the striped tie: Unless you’re going to the office and aiming for a more formal look, it is best to skip the striped tie.

What’s The Gray Suit For You?

There are many shades of gray that you can opt for and pair your shoes and other accessories accordingly. Here are the most commonly worn ones.

  • Light gray: This is the shade to opt for if you’re aiming for a smart casual look.
  • Dark gray: This is for more of a stronger statement – when in doubt. It will lift your confidence and make you look put together.
  • Charcoal gray: This shade screams strictly professional! It comes in many textures and blends – all look great for business meetings and corporate events.

Can You Wear A Gray Suit To A Party?

It depends on you and how you carry the suit – men and women wear gray suits to office parties and friends. If you’re comfortable rocking a suit with heels (for women) or sneakers (for men), then there’s nothing like it.

It is such a versatile suit that you can dress up or dress down for most occasions, such a plus to have it in your wardrobe as a staple.

Wrap Up

White and black shoes do look sophisticated and formal with a gray suit. However, you can choose from the other colors mentioned above to add that pizzazz to your look.

From all the looks and colors mentioned above, let us know in the comments what color shoes you wear with your gray suit and are now willing to experiment with!

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