What Evening Shoes Go With a Black Dress? (Best Options)

Have a date tonight? You’ve picked out a stunning black dress for the evening, have chosen your favorite jewelry, and even planned the makeup look in your head; now is the time to look for the perfect pair of shoes to finish your look with a bang!

With multiple options, it’s tough to decide what evening shoes would go with your black dress. We have picked some shoe options to perfectly match your black outfit for the Evening!


Quick Answer

You can either go all black, with plain black or patterned heels. Or, if you are fond of the color, then heels with some bright contrasting shades such as Red wine, hot pink, aqua blue, mustard brown, or even white can work. Pick some nude heels or platforms if you want to subtly out the look!

One can never go wrong with a black dress for a special evening. Here are some chic ways to style your black outfit with the pair of shoes in your wardrobe:

Which Color of Evening Shoes Goes Perfectly with a Black Dress?

The first element that catches the attention in the look; is the color!

Following shades of shoes can go perfectly with your black outfit.

Black on black is the safest pick. If you don’t feel like experimenting with your look or want to keep it all formal, black shoes can be your pick.

White with black is the famous combo of all time. You don’t have to think twice if you have those stunning white pencil heels. White heels with French manicured nails will make you look like the” rich chic of the town.”

Red wine with black goes for the statement hot look. If you’re wearing red lipstick for the Evening, pair them up with Red Stilettos or pumps to look smoking hot!

Hot Pink/ Aqua Blue is the specific favorite for some ladies to add the pop of color. If you have any kitten heels or platforms in either of the shades, pairing them up with a matching bag can come out as a unique yet alluring look for the night.

Nudes and Browns can go perfectly for a formal night where you don’t want your shoes to make a statement in the entire look!

Which Type of Shoes to pick With a Black Dress in Evening?

The type of shoes you pick mostly depends on your comfort and choice. But here are the few options that can help you create a stunning look of your choice:

Heels as per your comfort and availability, all types of Heels can complement a black dress. However, if you are a heel-lover and want to pull off the look with a bang, your top picks can be Stilettos, kitten heels, block heels, platforms, and even wedges. Heels bring confidence in your stature, enhancing your physique and adding more “femme” to your walk.

Flats and sliders can be an option for ladies who prefer comfort over luxury. Having said that, you can also create a look as stunning with flat shoes like printed mules, leathered loafers, pointed pumps in contrasting colors, and even your converse!

While heels are preferred choices for formal events and date nights, you can wear flats on events where you can stay in your comfort zone and want to walk around with ease.

Some Specific shoes that you’ve been dying to wear which don’t go well with any other dress, well here’s your chance. A black dress is like an empty canvas you can play around with. Be it your vibrant red wrap-around heels or heavy leather long boots, you can pull them off now!

How to Pair Up Other Accessories with Your Shoes on a Black Dress?

There’s no right or wrong with what accessories you should pick to style your black dress. But it all looks quite put together when there’s a theme followed.

  • Match the color:It looks more appealing when a black dress is styled with matching shade accessories. If you’re picking some unique color of shoes, match your earrings or neckpiece with it. If you don’t wish to wear any jewelry, go for hot pink lips with hot pink shoes!
  • Match the shade of metal: The shade of metal needs to be monotone for the entire look. If your shoes have a gold buckle or belt, it will look rather elegant to wear your jewelry in gold, too. The same rule applies to your watch and belt if you’re wearing one.
  • Limit the embellishments: If the shoes you’ve picked have multiple embellishments, it’s ideal to have a minimalist approach for other accessories to keep the look elegant. If you’ve picked your dangling jewelry first, go for plain shoes. 

How to Choose a Bag to Complement your Shoes?

It’s impossible to have a complementing bag for each pair of shoes you have. Here’s how you make them both sync:

  • Match the shade: If you are lucky enough to have a bag in the same shade as your shoes, problem solved! If not, pick a shade from the same family. For example, a bag in the shade of peachy pink can look pretty good with hot pink shoes. If you have nothing, a neutral-colored bag can save the look.
  • Type of bag:The shoes and bag for a look go hand-in-hand and catch the eye almost instantly. You don’t have to go all out to flaunt them both. If your shoes aren’t on point, lift the game with your bag, and vice versa. We can give you a few examples here; a compact clutch can fix your look for stilettos. But if you’re wearing sneakers, a bag pack or a side bag can look great together.
  • Match the metal:As for the jewelry, the metal shade is important for picking the bag to compliment your shoes. If your bag has a chain strap, it should match the shade of the buckle on your shoe.

How should the Weather Impact Your Choice of Shoe?

If you’re a fashion freak and don’t want to compromise on your looks because of the weather outside.Here are a few options of shoes that you can pick according to the temperature.

  • Cold: Some shoes are specific for cold weather, like long boots, loafers, wedge boots, and litas. The purpose is to keep your feet covered to prevent the cold keeping the looks on top, too!
  • Hot or humid:for hot and humid evenings, open shoes, like sliders, flip-flops, or t-strap open-toe heels and matching wedges can work.

Does the Type of Dress Affect the Choice of Shoe?

In most cases, your dress type determines your choice of shoes. If you’re wearing formals like skirts, maxis, or boot-cut pants, you’re going to pick shoes that will complement the formal attire, such as heels. Also, wearing heels can give it an elegant lift for dresses longer in length.

Which Nail Color Looks Best with Black Outfit?

For all the high-maintenance ladies out there, we know your look would be incomplete without your nail color! If you don’t have your white acrylics done, a nail color matching your lipstick can work perfectly. Or, if you would like a pop of color, go for red nails without a doubt. Black nails can also work, sometimes, but let’s leave them for the Goths!

Wrap Up

While creating your look with a black dress, there’s no fixed shoe option in the world of fashion, but our top favorites are heels in color black, white, red wine, aqua/ hot pink, or nudes. And if flats are your choice, then loafers, leather boots, or vibrant mules can work perfectly.

Now that you’ve so many styling options in mind style your chic black dress with the favorite pair of shoes in your wardrobe, and let us know in the comment section your top 3 picks.

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