Remember my horrid experience with an online discount site? No? Well, you are more than welcome to read it here which hopefully will serve as a warning. All the mental and emotional anguish for some bloody discount on hand creams. Fortunately, the hand creams that I purchased were worth the pain (no, nothing worth the bloody pain but it kinda made up for it…a little). I have heard and read gushes after gushes about how great L’Occitane hand creams are but I have never purchased it myself because 1. It’s pretty pricey for just a hand cream. 2. I’m a cheapskate 3. See no. 2 After using this hand cream for nearly a week, below are my thoughts on it. IMG_74791 Packaging is a squeeze tube which I like as it’s hygienic and there won’t be much waste. IMG_74801 Ingredient list IMG_74811

A screw cap top that some peeps might not be in favour with as it’s not as secure if you throw it in your bag. There’s always a chance the top might come off and out comes the gooey mess! Stuff of nightmare, I   tell ya…. IMG_74821

The hand cream itself is white, thick in consistency and I only need a pea size amount to moisturize my hands. This is fast becoming my favourite hand cream as it is so moisturizing! While the hand cream texture is thick, it doesn’t take long to absorb into the skin. It leaves a silky finish but not oily and instantly made my hands feel soft and smooth. However, do take note that this hand cream has a VERY STRONG FRAGRANCE so if you have a sensitive nose then it’s wise to give this a miss. I know many whom disliked and complained about the smell but I actually love it. It has a lovely flowery smell to it which brings me back in time. Call me weird but it pleasantly reminds me of something from my childhood. I won’t be repurchasing this hand cream anytime soon as I have 5 more tubes waiting to be used but when I finally run out of it, I will definitely be repurchasing! Major love!

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