Taking supplements is a tricky subject. Some claim it helps them tremendously, some don’t believe in it and others couldn’t be arse about it. I personally have been taking supplements since the young age of 13. It was ancient time my friends, gwad damn ancient time…when the dinosaurs still roam the earth.

I was extremely active, attending tennis and swimming practise 6 days a week which meant I was constantly under the sun and my body was always under tremendous pressure. My mum taught me the habit of taking supplements, actually I had no choice because she sat next to me and made sure I swallowed those damn pills. Got to love mothers, eh?

Recently I was given the chance to try 2 probiotic supplements from the company Hyperbiotic. I received Pro-15 Advanced Strength* and Advanced Immune Formula* to test and review and have been consistently taking it everyday since receiving it. After almost a month of taking both supplements, I am now ready to give my thoughts.

Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula and Pro-15 Advanced Strength
Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Advanced Strength


Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula


Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula and Pro-15 Advanced Strength
Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula


Hyperbiotics Pro-15 Advanced Strength

I am not even going to try explaining the science behind both these probiotics because:

1. I probably will get it wrong.

2. I’ll confuse the crap out of you.

3. I’ll confuse the crap out of me.


What I will do is tell you my experience with both and how it has affected my daily life. And I will start by saying, I need to continue taking both forever. It has not helped me to lose weight (the gwad damn last 0.5kg just won’t go away), I haven’t seen much improvement skin wise but the biggest change in me is I am now sharp as a tack.

I have been on the go for the past one week. I feel refreshed, energized and my mind is alert. Despite my current struggle with chronic insomnia, I don’t feel as fatigued as I did in the past. Blogging wise has improved tremendously too. I have ten posts drafted and ready to go. Ten fucking posts. Yea, I don’t believe it either.

I have tons of pictures taken waiting for me to draft the post. This has never happened to me, never ever. I have always drafted the post a day before publishing and have been doing so since I started blogging and that all changed recently. And the only change/addition in my life was incorporating these probiotics into my daily routine.

These have improved my daily life quality tremendously and for once I actually feel that I have stumbled across a supplement gold mine. It has changed from a habit into something that I truly believe in.

Click here to read why you should consider adding probiotic into your daily routine.

Hyperbiotic PRO-15 Advanced Strength can be found here and Hyperbiotics Pro-Immune Advanced Immune Formula can be found here.

Are you in the habit of taking supplements to improve and maintain your health?

**I received this product for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. This post is powered by BrandBacker.

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