IMG_75681 Ta-daa! Here’s my hair after ONE WEEK of reverse hair washing! I know it’s impossible to judge by pictures but I swear my hair feel better, lighter and surprisingly soft. All my worries about drying my hair out to the point I will be Frizzy Sally was for nothing. I actually find my hair to be more manageable and the best part? Most of the time I don’t even need to blow dry it. It dries perfectly in place without me having to wrestle my hair between a bloody comb and hair dryer. How brilliant is that? Will this permanently be my way for hair washing from now onward? Probably, but I know I will forget and fall back into old habits every once in a while. After years and years and too many years of shampoo and then conditioner, it’s only natural to fall back to my old ways no? But I am determine to continue this reverse hair washing for a long time. I might forget and not do it everyday but I will definitely do it every time I remember! NOTE: I have very fine hair so this technique works on me. It might not work on thicker/wavy/curly hair. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try.

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