Winter has finally calmed down on my side but I know it revved up a couple of notches in other parts of the world. Temperatures are no longer in the negative, snow is no longer on the ground but rain…oh my, it rains for days and the sun hasn’t peaked through the clouds for a long time. While I don’t miss the warmth (yes, I know it’s bloody freaking weird for a Malaysian to admit that), I do need the freaking sun for photography. There’s only so much picture brightening that I can do with my Macbook. Argghhh! 

Another ‘amah-zing‘ thing about winter is how my skin transforms from Dr. Jekyll to the monstrous Hyde. While most of my skin was relatively calm and in the best condition because I was up in arms with a huge arsenal of hydrating skincare, I couldn’t say the same about the skin around my lips.

Winter, I hate you…as much as I hate celery and cilantro. Random but thought I should throw it in there.

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Fun fact; ChopSaver is an all-natural, herbal lip care product that was created in Dan Gosling, a professional trumpet player’s kitchen. One of the main ingredient of ChopSaver is arnica, a natural healing agent derived from a sunflower which reduces bruising and swelling. Other amazing ingredients are shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, aloe, citrus oils, grapeseed oil – all known for their healing, soothing qualities. You can check the ingredient list here.

I was kindly sent Gosling’s Original ChopSaver* and ChopSaver with SPF 15* and have been using both every day for two weeks and I must say, I like one more than the other.

ChopSaver with SPF 15* has captured my heart and I have completely neglected my previous, must have, must use Carmex. It has a faint citrusy scent, smooth texture and doesn’t leave my lips very slippery and the product doesn’t sit uncomfortably on top of my lips.

This is so much better, smoother than Carmex and my lips remained moisturized for much longer. Using Carmex, my lips are usually dry and slightly uncomfortable as soon as I’m done with my makeup and ready to apply lipstick but I never have this problem with ChopSaver. Guys, get this, it’s an absolute must-have!

Now onto Gosling’s Original ChopSaver*…frankly, I am on the fence about this. It has the same faint citrusy scent as the other with SPF which I don’t mind and actually have grown to love. On one hand, this is the first, the one and only lip balm that I could apply before bed and wake up to smooth and moisturized lips the next morning. It also doesn’t leave my lips feeling waxy, slippery and my lips felt instantly moisturized and soft without any product sitting on top of it.

But on the other hand, I dislike the gritty texture of this lip balm. See the picture below. Do you notice the fine, little bumps all over the balm? It doesn’t hurt or scratch my lips upon application but it does feel a touch weird. Now I’m not sure if this is how the product is due to all the natural ingredients or I got a fluke. Nevertheless, it didn’t affect the good results that my lips are getting from using this.


It has tiny bumps all over it and not smooth as normal lip balms.

I really like both lip balms and frankly, I could overlook the gritty texture of Gosling’s Original ChopSaver* because this mama loves how soft and moisturized my lips are thanks to this duo. If you are looking for a non waxy, sticky, slippery lip balm then I highly recommend these!

You could purchase ChopSaver from the website (click here) or check the nearest store by clicking here.

*I received this product for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here.

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