What Color Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes? (Best Options)

Eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes stand out and complete your makeup look. It can make your eyes look brighter, bigger, and more alluring. Different colored eyeliner could suit you, depending on your eye color.

If you have hazel eyes, you may be wondering what color eyeliner will look best. We’ve got the perfect colors for you to try.


Quick Answer

Hazel eyes have shades of green and brown in them so you can try colors that complement both green and brown. If you have hazel eyes, you should try black, green, purple, brown, bronze, copper, and gold eyeliners.

Colored eyeliner can elevate your makeup and make you look distinct from everybody else. Try out these different colored eyeliners for your hazel eyes.

What Color Eyeliner Should You Use for Hazel Eyes?

There are quite a few options for you to choose from when it comes to different colored eyeliner for hazel eyes. Some colors can make hazel eyes appear browner, while others make them appear greener. Here are our top colors that we suggest you should try:

Black: Black eyeliner is a classic and suits every eye color. Black should be your go-to if you want a simple, downplayed look.

Olive green: An olive green eyeliner is complimentary for hazel eyes and makes them appear greener and brighter. Olive green is also a more muted green shade and can be worn if you want a subtle or light makeup look.

Emerald green: Emerald green is a great eyeliner color for a bold and lasting impression. Emerald green is bright and exciting and will draw everybody’s attention straight to your eyes. It will also emphasize the green shades in your eyes.

Purple: Purple compliments green in the best way possible. A purple eyeliner, whether bright purple, violet, mauve, or plum, will make your eyes appear an attractive, deep green color.   

Brown: Brown eyeliner is great for a subtle, everyday wear look. It can also help in making your eyes appear more chocolatey-brown. If you want a daytime makeup look, brown is your best choice.

Bronze: A metallic eyeliner is amazing for a night out, and the shiny makeup will emphasize your eyes. Bronze will bring out the brown shades in your hazel eyes.  

Copper: Copper is another metallic color eyeliner that you need to try! Copper is fun and exciting and will make your eyes look deeper and darker brown.  

Gold: Gold eyeliner is a great way to make you look opulent and luxurious. If you want to dress to impress, gold eyeliner is perfect. It will also make your eyes look a bright, warm brown.

Eyeliner Styles for Different Eye Shapes

Everybody has differently shaped eyes, and different eyeliner styles complement different eye shapes. Let’s take a look at how you should apply your eyeliner according to your eye shape:

Almond: If you have almond-shaped eyes, you’re the lucky one! You can apply any style of eyeliner you like. Thin, thick, winged, or without a wing. All styles suit almond-shaped eyes.

Round: If you have round eyes, you want to use eyeliner to elongate them. A triangle-shaped wing will help you achieve that.

Hooded: For hooded eyes, apply the eyeliner thinner at the inner corner and thicker towards the outer corner.

Upturned: For upturned eyes, try a thin liner with a small wing at the outer corner.

Downturned: For downturned eyes, apply the eyeliner thinner in the inner corner and thicker as you approach the outer corner. Make the wing turn upwards to lift your eye.

Monolid: If you have monolid eyes, you need to apply very thick eyeliner. Apply it thick enough so that it is visible when your eyes are fully open.

Liquid Liner or Pencil? What’s Better?

Liquid eyeliner gives you a smooth application, a precise design, and a glossy finish. However, it is less easy to control and might be a better option for a more experienced makeup user. Mistakes can be quite difficult to fix.

Pencil eyeliner gives you a softer look and is easier to apply. However, it can smudge and might be difficult to make a precise design with.

Both are good options, and you should choose whichever you find easier to use.

What Lipstick Should You Pair with Different Colored Eyeliner?

As a rule, if you’re wearing heavy and bright eye makeup, you should wear lighter or more neutral lipstick. If your eye makeup is light and subtle, you can go for a bold lipstick color.

For example, if you put on green or purple eyeliner, go for a light pink or nude lipstick. You can go bold with a bright red lip if you wear light brown eyeliner. Colorful lipstick looks good with black eyeliner. Try bright pink, purple, orange, or blue lipstick if you put on a simple black liner.

Is Eyeliner the Same as Kajal?

The only difference between eyeliner and kajal is the part of the eye it is applied on. Kajal is primarily used on the waterline of both the upper and lower eyelids.

Eyeliner is applied on the eyelid, not the waterline. Some softer pencil eyeliners can be used in place of kajal to highlight the waterlines. Kajal isn’t a great option for using on your eyelid because it can smudge and not give you a precise application.

What Can You Do If You Don’t Know How to Apply Eyeliner Well?

If you’re new to makeup and have difficulty applying precise and neat eyeliner, don’t let that discourage you. Practice makes perfect, and the more you try it, the better you’ll become. However, there are other options for beginners.

You can try using an eyeliner stencil or eyeliner stamps. These tools are great for those people who do not have much confidence in their eyeliner application skills. You can find stencils and stamps at most makeup stores.

How to Remove Eyeliner Properly

Leaving your eyeliner on overnight is not a good idea as it can lead to clogged pores, eye infections, and stains on your pillowcase. Before you go to bed, remove all of your makeup, including your eyeliner. Use a cotton pad soaked in a water or oil-based eye makeup remover. When removing the eyeliner, remember to be gentle and not rub harshly. Your eyes are delicate and sensitive, and harsh rubbing can lead to irritation.

Wrap Up

Different colored eyeliner can accentuate those green and brown shades. If you have hazel eyes, we suggest you try black, green, purple, brown, bronze, copper, and gold eyeliners.

Now that you know which colors will look best with your hazel eyes try them out and let us know which color is your favorite in the comments.

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