How Much Does a Sapphire Ring Cost? (Direct Answer)

It isn’t easy to find the perfect ring in your price range if you are unaware of what to look for.

When wondering how much a sapphire ring costs, it is important to know that sapphires are rare stones that come in different colors and are a cheaper alternative to diamonds, although still quite valuable and expensive.


Quick Answer

Authentic sapphire rings can cost 400 USD to more than 10000 USD. The pricing of sapphire rings depends on a few factors, like quality, shape, color, degree of blemishes and inclusions, and size. Some colors like blue and pink are more popular and valuable compared to others; round-shaped gemstones cost more, a greater degree of blemish negatively impacts pricing, and finally, the bigger the gemstone, the higher the value.

Let us dive into the details of the cost of sapphires.

Average Cost of a Sapphire Ring

Sapphires are rare and valuable gemstones that are a type of mineral and part of the corundum family.

Colors of Sapphires: They exist in various colors like blue, purple, green, and yellow, which make them very visually appealing and a good option for those looking to change up their jewelry style.

Sapphire Structure: Sapphires exist in crystalline aluminum oxide structures and are known for their deep and saturated color.

Most Valuable Pieces: Blue sapphires are the most valuable and expensive of the bunch and a common choice for those looking to buy a sapphire ring.

Pricing of Sapphires: The price of sapphires depends on their quality, and you can expect to pay somewhere between 400 USD to 600 USD for one carat.

Higher quality sapphires can be more expensive, between 800 USD and 1200 USD.

Cheaper options are available, but you can bet they are not authentic stones; sapphires are naturally harvested and valuable pieces in their original form.

Authentic sapphire rings can cost 400 USD to more than 10000 USD, and the most important factor affecting this cost is quality.

Rising popularity of sapphires: Sapphires are becoming increasingly popular and a good alternative to diamonds because they are more reasonable in their pricing and stunningly attractive.

There is a long history of royals owning sapphire gems, and they are still used worldwide as jewelry and symbols of beauty and wealth.

Significance of sapphires: Sapphire rings also signify long-lasting bonds between individuals have become an increasingly popular option for those looking to pop the big question. They also signify sincerity and faithfulness, making them a perfect choice for a wedding ring.

In contrast to other gemstones, sapphires are pretty sturdy and robust, which means they do not crack or break easily.

Factors Affecting Cost of Sapphire Rings

The main factors that affect the cost of sapphire rings are shape, color, inclusions, and unheated with a report.

Shape: Different shapes are available and depend on how the sapphire is cut; round sapphires cost more than elongates or oval because cutting it wastes more gemstone than the others.

Color: The color of gemstones affects the price, and there are some rules of thumb when looking to buy the perfect piece, such as the vibrancy of colors, the hue, and color zoning.

Inclusions: Inclusions can also affect the value of the sapphire, so ensure that the piece you’re getting is clear and not too light in color.

Unheated gemstones: Unheated sapphires are more valuable if the gemstone isn’t heat-treated, which is essentially done to accentuate their colors; unheated pieces come with official reports.

Sapphires or Diamonds?

If you’re unsure whether to opt for a diamond or sapphire ring, it makes sense to make a comparison and consider the advantages of each.

Pros of diamonds: Diamonds have higher overall quality and are shinier due to better light reflection off their surface.

Pros of sapphires: Sapphires are equally stunning in their own way but cost a fraction of a diamond’s price.

Characteristics of diamonds: If you choose diamonds, make sure you check their four characteristics, namely cut, color, clarity, and carat.

Authenticity of sapphires: For sapphires, you must check if it’s a natural stone or a fake duplicate; visit a reputable vendor for any purchases to avoid being scammed.

Synthetic Sapphires

Synthetic or created sapphires are made in the laboratory and have similar properties to a naturally harvested stone.

How synthetic sapphires are made: The lab-created sapphire is produced using very high temperatures and pressures and still consists of the material corundum, which makes it identical in some ways to a natural gemstone.

The duplicate sapphire is still visually appealing but is not even close to the value of a real sapphire gemstone.

Costing of a Synthetic Sapphire

You can expect to pay between 30 USD and 100 USD for one carat of synthetic sapphire.


Synthetic sapphires are cheaper than originals: This is a pretty big price difference compared to the real thing and is an affordable option for some people who cannot afford diamonds or real sapphires.

The duplicates are convincing: Very good synthetic pieces of sapphire are very difficult to distinguish from the real thing without an expert’s opinion; this makes them a pretty standard option for jewelry and popular even with celebrities and influencers.

Pink or Blue Sapphires?

Pink sapphires have recently become more popular, especially among the younger generation, due to their brilliantly gleaming surfaces.

Cost of pink sapphires: They are pretty rare and cost between 200 USD and 800 USD, and comparable to pink diamonds in terms of beauty but one-third the price.

Why blue sapphires: Blue sapphires are the most popular option and come in various shades of blue; kings, emperors, and queens have owned them over the past millennia.

Blues are also considered a symbol of wealth, power, and wisdom and therefore appeal to many people.

Is it Wise to Invest in Sapphires?

If you are considering investing in jewelry so that you can lock it up in your deposit box and wait for the price to skyrocket before you sell them off in the future, sapphires may be a good option for you.

Best pieces offer the highest returns: This is only true, however, if you invest in the rarest form of the gemstone, which means big and exceptionally cut pieces that are truly colorless and devoid of inclusions and blemishes.

Blue sapphires offer the biggest return on investment, but other colors like pink and yellow have also recently gained popularity.

Wrap Up

When looking to buy the perfect sapphire ring for a loved one, it is important to consider all the factors that determine the gemstone’s pricing and check if what you’re paying for is authentic.

Reach out to certified gemologists to discuss these factors before buying a sapphire ring to ensure you pick the best available option.

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