What Color Eyeshadow for Green Eyes? (Best Options)

Did you know that green eyes are one of the rarest human traits? Only 2% of the world’s whole population is known to have genuinely green eyes. More commonly found in people of Celtic or German ancestry, green eyes can be spotted in Northern, Central, and Western Europe.

So it isn’t completely your fault if you don’t know which color eye shadow will look good with green eyes. Continue reading to find out.


Quick Answer

BROWN – Yes! You read that right. The easiest color to find, and almost every eye shadow pallet hosts at least two different shades of brown – warm-toned brown and a cool-toned brown. So you can even have a preference for warm eye shadows depending on your skin color or cooler tones. Brown is the go-to color enhancer for green eyes.

Since you can’t always stick to just one color even there are multiple tones available – let’s take a deep dive into the world of eye shadows to find your green eyes more colors, shall we?

4 Eyeshadow Colors That Enhance Green Eyes

While we have told you that brown color eyeshadow is a match made in heaven with green eyes, here is a list of our favorite four eye shadow color picks, especially for green eyes apart from brown.

Matte and Velvety Red

A brighter, cherry version of warmer brown – red is a romantic color that works well for all sorts of makeup, from beautiful lips to blush and even eyeshadow. If you know your shadow placement on the eyelids, you can work your way through red eye shadow with green eyes that will look absolutely stunning.

Copper & Bronzy Glaze

A smooth glazed eye shadow in a copper or bronze shade is the best way to glam up any look and enhance your green eyes with it. These shades are so versatile that you can complete a wide range of eye look with just one eye shadow in a premium bronze or copper tone. Pair it with a glamorous dress, and you’re good to go.

Deep Royal Purple

One of the best ways to determine which color eyeshadow would work with colored eyes is to see the opposite of the color wheel. For instance, with green eyes, the opposite colors on the color wheel are purple and mauve. Hence, a deep royal purple eye shadow is the way to go with green eyes, as it will greatly bring out the underlying hues of your eyes.

Stunning Silver Metallic

You can hardly ever go wrong with stunning silver metallic eye shadow. One of the most versatile, glamorous yet wearable eye shadow colors – there is no doubt that silver pairs well with green eyes. Add a winged liner and kohl to complete your look, and you will feel how much it enhances your green eyes and makes them look bigger.

What Are Top Three Eyeshadow Palettes To Complement Your Green Eyes?

You might have the most beautiful green, dreamy eyes and makeup look in mind to enhance their beauty, but a quality eye shadow palette is a deal-maker.

Here are our top three picks of quality eye shadow palettes from three different price points to help you complete your look.

→   High End – Charlotte Tilbury Smokey Eyes Are Forever Instant Eye Palette

12 versatile, creamy eye shadows made to last. A beautiful variety of shimmers, mattes, glitters, and metallic. Retails at a high-end price point but is completely worth the money.

→   Mid-Range – Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette

Twelve easy to blend, warm, and deeply rich tones to pair with green eyes. The palette has a great color payoff and mid-range price point from matte nudes to terra cotta.

→   Budget Buy – Tarte Tartelette InBloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette

There is an impressive array of 12 different eye shadows – one palette for all your day to nighttime looks. Creamy, versatile shades retailing at a budgeted price make it a must-have.

Which Celebrity Has Green Eyes?

Green eyes look beautiful on anyone who has them. However, celebrities are some of the lucky few people who get to showcase their gorgeous green eyes to the world.

Moreover, with the help of hair and makeup, they get to enhance the beauty of their green eyes while trying out different looks to match and complement.

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular celebrities that flaunt their beautiful green eyes:

  • Emma Stone
  • Kristine Stewart
  • Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Olivia Wild
  • Charlize Theron
  • Lucy Hale
  • Rachel McAdams
  • Angelina Jolie

Do Lashes Look Good On Green Eyes?

It is really about personal preference, but yes, lashes look absolutely gorgeous when worn on green eyes.

Long, fluttery eyelashes that are more extenuated towards the outer corners make the eye look elongate and bright.

With green eyes, the effect is double as colored eyes already look so bold and brought, and then to add an enhancing pair of lashes on top – chef’s kiss!

Which Hair Color Looks Good With Green Eyes?

Naturally, people who are born with green eyes tend to be blonde, as it is a Central European trait. However, you can also keep dark hair with green eyes, as successfully shown by actress Kristen Stewart.

Moreover, you can also keep medium to warm shade of hair color like browns, reddish browns, and reds. Like warmer toned eye shadows, warm hair colors also bring out the color of green eyes and make them look big and bright.

Wrap Up

Green eyes are beautiful, and you are truly lucky if you have them or know someone who does. People with green eyes are considered some of the most beautiful people globally.

So if you have the confidence and knack for dramatics, wear glamorous eye shadow, classic winged eyeliner, and beautiful flurry eyelashes to an event and watch yourself stand out from the crowd. Cheers!

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