Can You Use Regular Nail Polish on Gel Nails? (Quick Answer)

You’re in love with your fresh manicure, but suddenly an event came up, and you might want to change the color or paint over existing gel polish with a new shade that goes perfectly with your attire.

A situation like this makes you wonder if you can apply regular nail polish over gel nails. If that’s the case, here’s all you need to know about painting gel nails using nail polish.


Quick Answer

We are delighted to confirm that you can use regular nail polish on gel nails.. If you opt to change your color at home using ordinary polish, gently paint to avoid a thick look and texture on your nails. Remember that you’re only supposed to apply thin layer of nail paint, as your nails are already covered with a thicker gel. 

As we start with the discussion, we’ll cover several tips and ideas for painting gel nails using basic nail polish at home, giving your nails a salon-perfect look for much less money.

So let’s get this party started, shall we?

How is Gel Nail Polish different from Regular Nail Polish?

The major difference between a gel manicure and a standard polish is that the gel will last considerably longer. A gel manicure is done using a thick bonding agent that covers your nails in a thicker paint layer and lasts two to three weeks.

Regular nail paint is significantly lighter and more brittle than gel and typically lasts approximately a week. You may apply both the gel and normal nail polish to your natural nails.

Here are the top 5 Gel nail polishes used by most of the salons:

  1. OPI Gel Nail Polish gives you healthier nails with easy removal. Its ProHealth Technology Base Coat shields the nails beneath the lacquer, preventing them from becoming brittle, flaky, or weak.
  2. Gellen Soak off Gel Nail Polish is environment friendly, with a mild scent, and has a much longer stay than regular nail polish.
  3. DND Gel Nail Polish has over 100 shades to offer that will give your nails an ever-lasting shine that won’t crack or flake, lasting up to 21 days.
  4. Gelish Dynamic Duo Soak Off Gel Nail Polish looks and feels like traditional nail polish but it lasts far longer. It fixes in 30 seconds under an LED bulb and 2 minutes in a regular UV lamp.
  5. Kiara Sky Gel Nail Polish has the base and nail color combined in one bottle in this composition. It simplifies and shortens the product’s application process.

What are the Alternatives to a Gel Base Coat?

If you don’t want to use gel polish as a base coat, we recommend a transparent non-gel polish or a deep nail cleaning. A base coat smoothes down your nail so that your actual polish may attach to it without appearing uneven or textured. Here are a few more options to consider:

  • Using an acetone nail polish remover to clean your nails will smooth them out and prepare your nails for your base nail polish.
  • White nail polish behaves like an empty canvas for the gel nail polish you wish to choose.
  • Your nails will be ready for paint with the help of a nail buffing and cleaning kit. This set includes a nail buffing brush, buffing cream, and a polishing strip.

Can We Air Dry Gel Nails?

If you want to keep up with the quality of the final look of your gel nails, choosing to air dry them can be a difficult option. It will take around 15 to 30 minutes for your gel nails to dry sufficiently to resume your normal activities, which seems like forever sometimes.

Keep in mind that air-drying your polish has the potential to run and smudge it, so be careful when opting for it. If you want salon-quality gel nails, we suggest investing in a UV/LED lamp for drying.

Is it possible to use UV Nail Dryers on Regular Nail Polish?

You may use a UV or LED drying lamp on regularly painted nails if you already have one. Regardless of the polish, you’re using; the primary goal of a drying light is to increase quality and drying time.

Regardless of your nail paint, we recommend using a drying light to guarantee that your manicure is as beautiful as possible.

For at-home manicures, there are a variety of smaller and more economical UV lights available to help you create a professional salon-quality nail for free.

Can Gel Polish be harmful to natural nails?

The answer is probably yes and no when it comes to whether gel polish is suitable for your nail’s health. It perfectly represents way too much of something good gone horribly wrong.

Gel paint should stay on your nails for around two weeks before taking a break for roughly the same amount of time. Long-term usage of gel paint on your nails can result in brittleness, severe flaking, and, in the worst-case scenario, skin cancer.

What are the alternatives for Gel Polish?

If you want to take a mini-break from gel nail paint, there are various wonderful options available for you to explore. We recommend natural-made nail paints or sticky nail wraps to test in between gel manicures.

Polishes with natural ingredients are safer and will keep your natural nails strong and healthy. Before buying a lacquer that might save your natural nails, do some research on the ingredients. Here are a few alternatives to consider:

  • Plant-Based Vegan Nail Polish
  • Breathable Vegan Nail Polish
  • Self Adhesive Nail Wraps 

How are Gel Nails different from Acrylics?

The main difference attributes to the product used. The gel nails are done using gel nail polish, while acrylics are done with a liquid monomer and the powder polymer. Gel nails have a more smooth and glossy appearance, while acrylics are more towards the matte look.

Gel nails may appear more natural, while acrylics can look too fake, if improperly applied.

Both nail techniques come with their perks and drawbacks; the choice you make entirely depends on your comfort.

Wrap Up

Gel nails are a long-lasting and low-maintenance option for effortlessly pretty nails. If you want to change things from the information we provided, you may prefer regular nail polish over your oh-so-convenient gel nails.

To guarantee that your nails painted with regular polish seem just as flawless and professional, it is recommended to use a UV or LED drying lamp. Breaks during gel manicures are another trick we learned for keeping your natural nails strong and healthy. Let us know in the comments which alternative was your favorite?

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