Can Electrolysis Be Done on Eyebrows? (Simple Answer)

Have you grown tired of endless plucking, threading, and shaving? Well, you’re not alone; most people no longer want to be involved in repetitive rituals and are searching for long-term solutions.

But can electrolysis be done on eyebrows safely? And is it even effective? Let’s find out.


Quick Answer

Electrolysis is the best procedure available for permanent hair removal. It can certainly be carried out safely on eyebrows and other body parts and implements the use of chemical and heat-based technology to destroy hair follicles and eliminate the possibility of unwanted hair growth. When done correctly by a certified professional, you can achieve the exact eyebrow style you desire and not have to worry about future hair growth in the area post-treatment.

Let’s dive into our research, which covers all aspects of electrolysis.

Is Electrolysis a Good Option For Eyebrows

It indeed does become mundane and monotonous having to go through our daily rituals to maintain our appearance, or at least make sure we don’t walk out the house looking ghastly.

A unibrow is unappealing to many and hardwired as we are to perceive ourselves through the eyes of others; we want to look a certain way to get the best possible outcome for ourselves.

What is electrolysis? Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal process, much like laser therapy, but there are fewer risks associated with it if done correctly by a professional.

More and more people are opting for this option because it is reliable and a long-term solution to unwanted hair growth.

Factors affecting duration of electrolysis: The most important criteria for determining the duration of the electrolysis process for hair removal are the body area undergoing the process and the texture and thickness of the hair.

Duration of electrolysis: It’s essential to reach out for a consultation beforehand, but since eyebrows and the area around them is barely a few centimeters long and across, you can expect one session to last between five and thirty minutes.

Eyebrow hair is thick and requires maintenance; plucking and waxing are time-consuming processes that require effort, which you may have grown tired of.

Duration of treatment for unibrow or full sculpt: Whether you want the hair from the middle portion removed, or if you’re going for a full sculpt that targets the sides, it can take longer to target the entire area, up to thirty minutes per session.

Side effects of electrolysis: The only side effects associated with electrolysis are a slight skin irritation around the area.

Why short-term solutions aren’t ideal: Shaving, waxing, trimming, and plucking are all temporary rituals that require time and commitment, and for people living a busy lifestyle can quickly become annoying.

Electrolysis frees up time: If you spend one hour a week engaged in hair removal processes, that amounts to about 50 hours a week, if not more, on self-maintenance. A simple solution would be to free up this time having to think about self-maintenance forever, thus optimizing and freeing up essential time for yourself.

Electrolysis is suitable for women: Electrolysis is particularly beneficial for women, who generally spend more time on their appearance, making it a superior option compared to other forms of hair removal, because it is permanent.

Let us dive into some pros and cons of the electrolysis process for hair removal.


Electrolysis is a Permanent Solution for Hair Removal. It is the only hair-removal process that exists, apart from laser therapy, which can permanently inhibit the growth of new hair follicles.

  • Few Sessions Required. You are only required to go for a few hair-removal sessions, especially for eyebrows, and each session lasts between five and thirty minutes, depending on the expertise of the professional and area of body hair.
  • Safer than other options. It is much safer when compared to laser hair removal, which can damage eyes if used nearby. Additionally, it is suitable for use on all skin and different hair colors.


  • Electrolysis can be costly. Costs usually depend on the body area being targeted for electrolysis, and you can expect to pay between 200 USD and 400 USD per session.
  • Some risk is involved. In some cases, electrolysis has been found to result in skin discoloration, but that is usually due to the incompetence of skincare professionals. In most cases, the worst you can expect is slight irritation and reddening of the skin.

Myths Surrounding Electrolysis

Certain myths spring up around new technologies that need to be debunked.

  • Myth #1: Electrolysis can be pretty painful. This is not true because, with modern methods, electrolysis is uncomfortable at most. If you find it painful, you may be prescribed an anesthetic cream, which can numb the area and limit the painful sensation.
  • Myth #2: Electric tweezers also permanently remove hair. These myths have been circulating by scammers making false claims. The only approved method of permanently removing hair is electrolysis, as approved by the FDA and AMA.
  • Myth #3: Temporary hair-removal methods are superior. There are many creams available for hair removal, containing harmful chemicals that irritate the skin. Although effective, it is a time-consuming process, creating quite a mess. Other procedures like waxing are employed, which involves coating the skin with hot wax, and then using a strip to remove the hair from its follicles forcibly. Although more effective than trimming and waxing, the hair does eventually come back, and the process of waxing itself is time-consuming and painful.

Side Effects of Electrolysis

There are some side effects associated with electrolysis procedures, and these are mostly temporary and minor.

Some effects you can expect: These are redness and slight irritation in the area, the appearance of small red spots, swelling of the skin, and dryness.

After-therapy: Your Electrologist will brief you through all these potential inflammations and what to do about them. Some creams may be applied in the after-procedure therapy, but the symptoms usually disappear in a few days at most.

How to Find the Right Electrologist for Hair Removal

There are a few things to keep in mind when finding the right Electrologist for hair removal around eyebrows or any other body part.

It is worth taking the time to do some research, and checking the reviews of any establishment you deem acceptable is one way.

Ask for qualifications: It is essential first to find out if the professional is qualified to carry out the process of electrolysis, and most states in America require practicing professionals to have licenses and certifications. Certifications are usually found framed and attached to a wall in any decent establishment, and you should ask before committing for a final evaluation.

Ask others for guidance: You should ask people in your circle of friends and even have them reach out to their friends to find out if anyone has successfully implemented this process for permanent hair removal. You might find a name for a reputable establishment that conducts this process professionally.

What to do Once You Find an Electrologist

It is good to prepare some questions in advance and confirm the proper technique used for electrolysis. 

Book a consultation: Some establishments offer free consultations; book one and prepare a list of questions to ask, such as how much each session costs, how many sessions are needed, what side effects you should expect, how much experience does the skincare professional have and details of how the process works. 

Confirm use of the correct technique: The skincare professional should use a needle electrolysis process. Some fake establishments may disguise their methods by calling them electrolysis but actually be using photo epilators. These are short-term procedures that do not cost as much as electrolysis.

Can Eyebrows Grow Back After the Procedure

Electrolysis employs heat and chemical-based technology to eradicate the hair follicles, eliminating growth possibilities.

How it works: Fine probes are inserted into the follicle, and upon completion of the entire procedure, after several sessions, no new follicles can emerge, and results become permanent.

Benefits of electrolysis: This procedure is much superior to other conventional and short-term solutions for hair removal, such as threading and waxing. Although a bit pricey, it is worth the cost simply by the results it provides.

You can enjoy your new eyebrow style, which is done delicately and precisely, with no more worries about unwanted hair growth on the side or middle.

Laser Therapy or Electrolysis

Both procedures are superior in comparison with shaving, waxing, and threading.

Advantages of electrolysis: Electrolysis trumps laser therapy because it produces longer-lasting results and has fewer risks associated with it. There are no maintenance treatments required either, which makes it preferable to laser therapy as a whole.

Advantages of laser therapy: Laser therapy has some advantages over electrolysis, such as the need for fewer sessions, and it targets a more significant body area at once.

It makes no sense to do both procedures, which is why it’s better to do some research beforehand, but electrolysis is currently the best option for maintaining your eyebrows.

Final Thoughts

Eyebrows cover a tiny area of the body, making electrolysis the most suitable method for permanent hair removal because it provides the best results, has high precision, and carries the least risk.

Other hair-removal therapies provide mediocre results at best and risk developing complications, especially when carried out by an inexperienced ‘professional.’

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