How to Put Eyeliner on Top Lid? (Simple Way)

Wearing eyeliner is probably one of the hardest things to do when applying makeup, especially if you’re new to it. All the fashion gurus and makeup artists make it look like a breeze, but it’s quite a difficult task when you get to it.

So, how do you put on eyeliner on the top lid? Let’s find out!


Quick Answer

To get the perfect eyeliner application on the top lid, you need first to sharpen the liner’s tip, warm it up if needed, and start with the outer corner of your lid. Slowly work your way through and apply it to the inner corner. If you keep practicing this way, you’ll be a pro in no time.

You can perfect the technique of applying eyeliner if you avoid common rookie mistakes. Read on to find the best way to put on eyeliner for beginners.

What’s the Best Way to Put Eyeliner on Top Lid for Beginners?

As a beginner, putting on eyeliner is the most intimidating task to perform. But if you follow these easy steps, you’ll be able to put on eyeliner quick and hassle-free:

  • Sharpen the Eyeliner: If you’re putting on a pencil eyeliner, sharpening the pencil should always be your first step. A sharp pencil will offer more precision, and you won’t have to struggle with creating a straight, thin line on your top lid. You can get a pencil liner for less than $10. But if you want a thick eyeliner, a rounded pencil would be a better option. You can dull the sharpness of your pencil by rubbing it on tissue paper.
  • Warm the Pencil: Warming up the pencil allows you to apply the eyeliner smoothly. When warmed up, they get a gel-like consistency, making it easier to glide in on the top lid. To warm the pencil, you can either hold it between your hands for a few seconds or put it in front of a hairdryer for 5 seconds.
  • Apply to the Outer Corner: Place your index finger on the outer corner of your lid and make sure your eyes are raised a little. Start applying the eyeliner from the outer corner and apply it as close to the lash line as possible.
  • Apply to the Inner Corner: Maintaining the same position, glide the eyeliner to the inner corner of the lid. At this point, you can make the eyeliner thicker if needed. But keep in mind that thick eyeliner makes your eyes look smaller.

How to Make Your Eyeliner Look Natural?

Eyeliner can dramatically change the whole look of your makeup. If you’re going for a more subtle and natural look, here are some tips for you:

  1. Choose the Right Eyeliner: There are different types of eyeliners. Gel or pencil liners are your best bet for a more natural look. They don’t look too heavy on the eyes and are easy to apply. Moreover, the color of your eyeliner should also be a lighter tone. Instead of opting for jet black, choose dark brown or beige shades.
  2. Use Short Strokes: If you want your eyeliner to look natural, don’t drag it across the eyelid in one stroke. Instead, you can apply it using short strokes. Start by making small dashes across the eyelid and connect them using short strokes. First with the outer corner and then move to the inner corner.
  3. Thin Out the Liner with Q-tips: If your eyeliner looks too thick, thin it out using a Q-tip. Apply a bit of moisturizer or makeup remover to the Q-tip and wipe off excess eyeliner, and you’ll have a perfectly natural-looking eyeliner.

What are the Best Eyeliners for Top Lids?

You’ll find a variety of different eyeliners in makeup stores. For your convenience, we’ve hand-picked the best eyeliner types for top lid:

  • Pencil: For beginners, pencil eyeliners are the easiest to use. They give subtle looks, and you can easily practice with them. When warmed up, they glide smoothly on the top lid, making them the ideal choice for beginners.
  • Gel: If you want a smoother application with waterproof eyeliner, gel liners should be your go-to option. They contain a high amount of wax that ensures easy application, and you can experiment with different eyeliner styles with them.
  • Cream: If you love smokey eyes and want to add an eyeliner that smudges and blends into your look, you should get a cream eyeliner. But make sure that your cream eyeliner is waterproof, or it will be running down your eyes in no time.

Can Eyeliner Be Worn on the Bottom Lid?

Yes, you can wear your eyeliner on the bottom lid as well. Many women combine the top and bottom lid liners to complete their eye look. You can even wear eyeliner on the bottom lid alone as well. Applying eyeliner on the bottom lid makes your eyes look wider and prettier.

A white liner on your water line is a great option for making your eyes look bigger. They’re also applied to match smokey eyes.

Should Eyeliner Be Applied Before Mascara?

It’s better to apply eyeliner before applying mascara because mascaras tend to smudge if not dried properly. While you apply eyeliner, your mascara can smudge and ruin your makeup. Moreover, after mascara application, your eyelashes are extended and have more volume, so they can get in the way when you apply eyeliner. This can give you an uneven application. But if you feel confident in your skills, you can always apply your eyeliner after applying mascara.

What Can Be Used as an Eyeliner Substitute?

If you don’t have eyeliner or have run out of your old one, you can always use your eyeshadow as a substitute. But make sure that your eyeshadow palette has the same color as your eyeliner if you’re going to use that.

If you have cream eyeshadows, that would be easier to apply, but powder eyeshadows can do just as good a job. Make sure you’re using an angled brush when applying eyeshadow as an eyeliner to get more precision in your application.

Can You Use Stencils to Apply Eyeliner on the Top Lid?

Yes, there are plenty of stencils available in makeup stores that you can use to apply the perfect wing or even a cat-eye liner on the top lid. You simply need to place the stencil on your top lid and fill in the spaces. Once you’re done, you’ll have your desired look. Of course, you’ll have to add some final touches by using your hand alone, so it’s better to practice applying eyeliner on your own.

Wrap Up

The best way to apply eyeliner on the top lid is to start with the outer corner of your top lid with a sharpened and warmed pencil and make your way into the inner corner.

With practice, you’ll be able to perfect your eyeliner technique. Let us know in the comments how you like to apply your eyeliner!

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