Can You Use Liquid Eyeliner on Your Waterline? (Quick Answer)

Coloring your waterline is the latest trend that makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Most people use a white eyeliner for this as it opens up your eyes. Today, there are so many liner options available that making a choice isn’t easy.

Some people believe that leaving your waterline, a sensitive part of your eye, bare is better and safer. However, using eyeliner is a must for those who love doing makeup and like creativity. Now, you might be wondering whether you can use eyeliner on the waterline or not. Let’s discuss this matter in detail.


Quick Answer

Yes, you can apply eyeliner on your waterline, but it is generally not recommended. As the name says, your waterline is a delicate, thin line between your eye and the eyelashes. Even though it’s close to your eye, you can apply makeup on it without damaging your cornea. You shouldn’t use a liquid liner on your waterline because it can cause redness and watery eyes. Not only will it take multiple swipes to color the waterline because of the wetness on it, but your entire makeup will also be ruined if your eyes start to twitch,

You can use a pencil liner on your waterline as it is budge-proof and smudge-proof. However, take caution no matter what eye makeup you are using. Now that you know the answer to your burning question, why not look into other aspects of applying eyeliner on the waterline:

Why Use Pencil Eyeliner for Your Waterline

As mentioned above, your waterline is a sensitive layer of skin. The method of applying eyeliner to your waterline is referred to as tight lining. The preservatives and polymers in eyeliners can be quite irritating. If you have ever applied eyeliner on your waterline, you might have experienced a feeling of having something stuck in your eyes, like an eyelash or dust particle. This feeling makes you want to rub your eyes and smudge your makeup.

What Happens When You Apply Liquid Eyeliner?

Using liquid eyeliner n on your waterline can be challenging. First of all, the watery application of the liner will take longer to dry, and in the meantime, your eyes will start to water. This irritation will be exacerbated when your liner runs into your eye. Since liquid liners’ formula is thinner than other eyeliners, its application is more likely to smudge, even if the eyeliner is waterproof. So, it is better to use

How to Extend Eyeliner Wear Time on Your Waterline?

The answer to this question is the right product. You will find dozens of “Top 10” lists online offering details about smudge-proof pencil eyeliners. Pencil eyeliners are perfect for your waterline. However, if you are looking for a product that will not cause irritation, we suggest you go for one specifically made for the waterline. Don’t forget to check the ingredients list to ensure that the liner won’t give you red and runny eyes. Look for a liner with a semi-matte formula to avoid getting rubbed away, but removal is easy and smooth.

What Color to Use on the Waterline

If you want a Disney princess look with dewy eyes, use white or cream-colored eye pencil on your waterline. The eye pencil application will make your eyes bigger and more awake. If you have colored eyes, choosing a liner color can be difficult because you need to pick something that will complement your eyes. For hazel eyes, go with navy blue. For blue eyes, go with black. For copper eyes, use a brown liner. For grey eyes, go with a shimmery black color.

How to Apply Eyeliner on Your Waterline

Now that we have established that it is safe to use pencil liner on your waterline, let’s look at the steps to apply it. One of the most important things to remember during tight lining is that you should refrain from tugging too hard on your skin; otherwise, you will ruin your makeup. The tip to applying eyeliner on your upper lid and tight lining is making sure there are no white gaps. If you use black eyeliner on your upper lid, gently lift your skin and color the top waterline. Then proceed to your bottom waterline.

Prepare Your Pencil Liner

Sharpen your pencil and draw with it on tissue paper. The sharp, clean pencil tip will not only remove any bacteria from the tip but also make it slightly blunt so that it doesn’t poke your eye. Always test the pencil first on your arm to ensure that the tip is smooth and won’t cause any irritation when touching the waterline.

Expose Your Waterline

If you have big and sharp nails, this step might be a little painful. With your forefinger, gently pull on your skin and expose the waterline. Use a cotton bud to wipe any excess moisture that you see gathering in the corner of your eye. The direr your waterline, the easier it will be to apply the eyeliner. Moreover, your eyeliner will last longer.

Apply Eyeliner

Place the pencil on your tear duct. Swipe it right once and then swipe left. Put down the pencil, close your eyes and wait for a few seconds. Open your eyes and see if the liner is still there. If not, apply it once again. You can repeat this thrice to achieve your desired result. If the color is still light, use a different brand of pencil.

Applying Eyeliner on Lower and Upper Waterline at the Same Time

If you are in a hurry and want to apply eyeliner on the top and bottom waterline, here’s a neat trick to try: Apply eyeliner on your upper waterline and before it dries, close your eyes. This will transfer the liner on the upper waterline to your lower waterline. You will need a pencil liner with a creamy formula rather than one with a matter formula.


In conclusion, it is completely safe to apply eyeliner on your waterline but with a pencil liner. The liquid formula will take time to dry, and in the meantime, the moisture in your eyes will smudge your eye makeup.

Make sure to choose the right liner color based on your eye color. Using black on your upper lid and waterline will make you appear older and give your eyes a dull look, whereas white and other colors will make your eyes pop.

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