What Color Lipstick Goes With Green Eyeshadow? (Best Options)

Why keep green eye shadows only for merging Halloween and Christmas looks when you can wear green eye shadows with every look? Thanks to top makeup artists showing their wearability from glamorous to everyday mattes, green eye shadows are becoming increasingly popular.

Unsure how to complete your green eye shadow look because you can’t think of a lipstick shade? Worry not because you are at the right place. Read on to find out what color lipstick pairs well with green eye shadow.


Quick Answer

Warm Brown! – Yes, anything and everything that is warm-toned in the brown shade range pairs well with green eye shadow. Whether it is the lipstick shade, your favorite bronzer, contour, or even the smokey eye shadow to pair with green, brown is the answer.

However, many people find brown boring and need some color to enhance the overall feel of their look. So continue reading as we indulge your color theories with more lipstick choices to pair with green eyeshadow.

5 Lipstick Looks That Pair Well With Green Eyeshadow

While planning a look with green eyeshadow, keeping the occasion and the dress in mind is vital. Green eyeshadow has the biggest shade range. So you can easily make a glam look, a bright sunny fresh look, or even a dark smokey eye. Hence, here are some lipsticks that will pair well with green looks.

1. Warm Brown

Warm brown has to be the number one choice of lipstick, no matter which green eye shadow you are going for. From neon green to muted olive green colors, a warm-toned brown matte lipstick is the perfect shade for all green eye shadow looks.

2. Matte Nude

The margin of error with nudes is extremely low. If you want your eyes to be the star of the show, pair your green eye shadow with a neutral color nude lipstick that enhances your original lip color. Keep it matte for an extra-muted effect.

3. Fuchsia Pink

The bright fuchsia pink might not be your everyday choice of lipstick color, but it pairs extremely well with bright green shades like neon green, lime green, etc. An easy-to-find color – you can keep it matte or glossy as per your liking.

4. Rich Wine

A deeper color to coordinate your winter outfit looks for a glamorous night event. The rich wine hue brings out the drama of the whole look. Pairs extremely well with shimmer cut-crease smokey eyes in black and olive green for a sultry, seductive look.

5. Glossy Cherry Red

The perfect Christmas look to carry – bright shimmery green eye shadow and glossy cherry red lips. Certainly will make you the star of the show, a head turner at every Christmas party you wear it at. Keep the skin dewy and flushed for an elegant, uptight makeup look.

What Color Lipstick to Wear With Green Eyeshadow?

It isn’t something to be ashamed of if you aren’t too good with makeup looks and would like something simple and easy.

Following are the top three lipstick colors that pair extremely well with green eye shadow and would look great on their own without any complicated blending to do.

  • Brown: Keep it simple, easy, and chic with your everyday warm brown lipstick. Achieve a hassle-free look with one swipe of green eyeshadow and brown lipstick to look effortless chic in minutes!
  • Pink: Everyone has that one favorite pink lipstick in their collection that they can never pair with anything. Lime green eyeshadow is the winner to pair a smooth fuchsia pink lipstick with.
  • Red: A match made in heaven for Christmas – there is no other way to go around green eyeshadow and red lipstick. Sometimes less is more, and this makeup look is certainly a testament to that.

What Are Top Three Lipsticks To Complete Your Look?

Sometimes the look you have in mind can turn out very different when you apply makeup to your face. The reason is the quality of the lipstick you are using.

Hence, here are our top three favorite lipsticks of all time that will help you achieve the exact green eye shadow look you have in mind.

High End – Lisa Eldridge Velvet Muse

A sensual shade of rosewood mixes the best warm brown tones with a hint of dirty rose pink to enhance your natural lip. Keep it a single swipe or layer for a denser finish – the color payoff is to die for.

Mid-Range – Mac Velvet Teddy

A favorite cult shade of makeup lovers and top makeup artists alike. It is a top-quality lipstick that lies in the mid-range of warm brown and has a concurrent price point. The beautiful matte finish makes it the perfect lipstick for a green eyeshadow look.

Budget Buy – Colourpop Grunge

One of the best lipsticks you can get on a budget. It is the perfect neutral shade that looks good on everyone. The medium to dark brown tone enhances the natural curvature of your lips, making them seem fuller and plump.

What Are Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Green Eyeshadow?

You might have the best makeup look in mind, but a quality eye shadow palette is a must-have to achieve pigmented color payoff.

Here are our top three picks of quality eye shadow palettes from three different price points to help you complete your green eye shadow look.

High End – Jeffree Star Blood Money Palette

Jeffree Stars 4th palette in the Blood palette series. It showcases 18 rich shades of green and coordinating colors. The eye shadow palette has a promising pigment payoff with foils and metallics, from dirty green shimmers to minty mattes and olive tones.

Mid-Range – Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Emerald Obsessions

One can blindly trust Huda Beauty products to be insanely good in quality, and this palette is no exception. From mattes to foils – the formula is top-notch. Additionally, the browns in the palette provide the perfect mix of colors to achieve a completed look with just a single palette.

Budget Buy – Colourpop Just My Luck Green Eyeshadow Palette

A green monochrome palette with nine amazing shades of green. One of the best eye shadow palettes on a budget makes it a must-have to add to your makeup collection without breaking the bank.

Is Green Eyeshadow Wearable With Any Look?

Even though many people keep green eye shadows safe to take out in the Christmas season, we suggest that green is a wearable color with every look.

Because green has the biggest shade range, you can choose between many different hues from the light like mint or deep like moss green to complete your day to night time looks.

What Color Eyes Look Good With Green Eyeshadow?

Just like everything, brown looks great with green. Brown eyes are the best eye color to have if you like wearing green eye shadow. Even if you have light brown color or hazel brown eyes, green eye shadows enhance the hues, making them look brighter and bigger.

Which Bronzer to Pair with Green Eyeshadow?

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer is the best bronzer out there, and the title has been labeled so for a reason. Loved equally by makeup lovers and top makeup artists like Hindash, you can easily get your hands on one to pair with your green eye shadow look to look divine in no time.

Wrap Up

So don’t just keep your green eye shadows safe for Christmas because you couldn’t find a lipstick to wear with it. Pair the look at every occasion to look your classy best with green eye shadows and warm brown lipstick.

Do let us know which lipstick shade you prefer when applying green eye shadow. Cheers!

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