How to Use Lip Liner With Lip Gloss? (Simple Steps)

Glossy lips are back in trend. Lip liner paired with lip gloss gives super luscious lips and a subtle pout. With a hint of lip color perfectly blended with the shine and moisture of the gloss, the combination is all you could ask for.

We’ve found perfect lip liner and gloss combinations with some useful application tips to help you use a lip liner with lip gloss.


Quick Answer

To use a lip liner with lip gloss, pick a liner that complements your skin tone in the nude, pink, or peachy shade. Make a feathered effect with lip liner by shading inwards towards the center with gentle strokes. Then, generously daub your favorite lip gloss over the top, blending it all out.  

It may not look as tricky, but there are some incredible tips and tricks you should know to lift your game and pull off this trend. Read on to learn what we have to offer.

How to Apply Lip Liner with Lip Gloss

Remember when we used to wear clear lip gloss, it was cute, yeah. But little did we know what a game-changer lip liner with lip gloss can be. It gives the kind of depth and definition to your lip shape that there’s no going back to old-school gloss days.

Here’s how you can combine the two magic ingredients for lustrous pouty lips:

  • Apply lip liner with gentle strokes: The application of lip line is quite critical for this combo. You’ll have to let go of your habit of applying sharp lines around the perimeter of your lips.

You can start by drawing soft-shaded lines around your mouth, then move on to gently shading the outline of your lip, keeping the strokes inwards.

Here you have a choice to keep one shade of lips and apply the liner entirely like lipstick or shade half your lips to give the ombre’ effect. Feel free to use your index finger to blend in the harsh lines, if any.

  • Daub the shiny lip gloss  

This is the fun part. Take the gloss applicator and generously apply the lip gloss all around your lips. If you want an intense lustrous look, you can go all out.

But for a subtle natural shine, apply it on the center, and spread it all around your lips with the finger. And there you have it. The glossy lips, with the hint of spice.

What color lip liner goes perfectly with clear lip gloss?

To start with your glossy lip liner look, a clear lip gloss that goes with your skin tone is a must-have in your makeup collection. A clear lip gloss with nourishing oils protects your lips from drying out and keeps them healthy all day long.

Next, you need to choose which liner shade will be the best for your complexion and the look you have in mind.

Here are the 3 most trendy lip liner shades that you can pick:

  • Nude to brown lip liner:

If you have a dusky to warm brown skin tone, nude lip liners are the best to create the look that you’re looking for. If you wish to pick any other color, choose a shade one to two tones darker than your natural lip shade.

  • Peachy pink lip liner:

A peachy liner can make your lips pop when combined with the clear lip gloss for medium skin tones with peach undertones. Peachy pink lip color comes in a wide range of shades, giving you other options to explore s you wish to apply.

  • Pink lip liner:

Ladies with fair skin can conveniently pick pink liners for super-fresh natural-looking lustrous lips. But here’s a catch, make sure to pick deeper tones of pink rather than light to baby pink shades, as they may give a clownish look with no definition.

What other shades of lip liner and lip gloss go perfectly together?

There are no bounds to follow this trend in particular, and you can always customize it as you like. But here are our top picks that you might want to consider:

  • Peachy pink liner with a shimmery gloss 

For a stunning beach look or night-time glam, you can combine peachy pink liner and pat some shimmery gloss over the top, and voila.

  • Nude liner with pink gloss

To create a super fresh everyday look, pair up nude liner with pink gloss and pull it off all day long.

How often should you apply lip gloss for touch up?

Lip gloss tends to come off way too quickly because of its consistency. It’s impossible to maintain the look without frequent touch-ups. But the question is, how often should the touch-up be?

Ideally, when you’re not eating or drinking too much, you may only need a touch-up twice or thrice. But you can always carry it in your bag, to use it whenever needed. You can also use it when your lips feel dry or chapped, as it can be an excellent alternative for lip balms.

How can you keep lip liner for a longer time?

Lip liners can stay on your lips all day long, depending on how well you’ve prepared them. You can take care of your lips in two simple steps:

  • Exfoliation

If you’re applying cosmetics on your lips daily, it’s important to make sure that you exfoliate them every alternate day in a week. Accumulation of dead skin can chip off the lip product applied. You can brush away the dead skin gently with a toothbrush or soft cloth.

  • Moisturize them

Once the exfoliation is done, don’t forget to moisturize your lips with a lip balm or nourishing oils.

How to apply lip liner for thin lips?

For those who have thinner lips and want to make them look fuller, you can make great use of lip liners. Follow the steps below and have fuller lips in no time:

  • Pick a lip liner at least two darker shades from your natural lip color. Draw a line gently on the outer perimeter of your lip line. Make sure you define each curve on your lip with multiple strokes.
  • Next, pick a shade or two lighter than the one used on the lip line and fill the inner side of the lips. This will somewhat give your lips an ombre effect, making them look bigger.
  • For a juicy fuller look, pat some neutral shade lip gloss, and there you go.

For a monotone shade on the lips, always use a darker lip liner shade to create the outline ad then fill out the rest with just a shade lighter.

Can you use lip gloss with matte lipstick?

You can most certainly use lip gloss on your matte lipstick for a dewy finish look. The formulation of matte lipstick is quite tricky to handle. Make sure you don’t daub your lip gloss generously with an applicator over matte lipstick. There are chances that the product may come off.

You can use your finger to pat the gloss over the lipstick and have shinny lips with your favorite matte lip color.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve learned some useful hacks for wearing lip liner with lip gloss, get your hands on your favorite shade from pink, peach, or nudes and create your look with this highly customizable trend.

We can’t wait for you to try this mix and match of shades; if you plan on trying one right now, let us know in the comment section below which was your top pick.

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