What Color Lipstick to Wear With Red Dress? (Best Options)

When you wear a red dress, you automatically stand out from the crowd because of the bold color . But to rock your final look, you need to pair your dress with lipstick that will make you look like the epitome of perfection.

So, what color lipstick should you wear with a red dress to complete your look?


Quick Answer

You can wear different color lipsticks with a red dress depending on your skin’s undertone, but a nude lip color is the best option you have. Not only does it look great, but it also highlights the attention to your dress. Some other colors you can wear with red dresses include red, brown, peach, and black.

If you find yourself unable to match your red dress with the perfect shade of lipstick, read on to find the best lip color that would complement your dress.

What are the Best Lip Colors for Red Dress?

Red dresses are tricky to wear because it is difficult to find the right makeup to match your dress without looking extra. But since it is such a bold color, you’d want to pair it up with the best lip colors based on where you plan on wearing it. Here are some of the best lipsticks that you can wear with a red dress:

  • Nude Lipstick: When in doubt, nude is the way to go. You should choose a nude lip color that best matches your skin tone, and it will always complement your dress. If you want your red dress to stand out or want to wear a glamorous eye look, adding nude lipstick to your final look will most definitely make you look gorgeous, and your red dress will steal all the attention.
  • Red Lipstick: Red lipsticks with red dresses are classic. But sometimes, it can look monotonous. To avoid this, you should always wear red lipstick that is either one or two shades darker than the color of your dress. With the right shade of red, anyone can look stunning with the red-red combo.
  • Brown Lipstick: If you don’t want to go overkill with your lipstick, brown is the safest color to wear. Not only does it look superb with a red dress, but it’s also a color that anyone can wear without looking extra.
  • Peach Lipstick: If you’re planning to wear your red dress during the day and don’t want to look too out there, wear peach lipstick. You can never go wrong with peach. It’s safe, soft, and not to mention a beautiful shade that will look fabulous in contrast with a red dress.
  • Black Lipstick: Black lipstick may sound odd to many people, but if you’re going for a head-turning look, there is no better shade of lipstick than black. The best part is that black lipstick looks great on every skin tone.

What are the Best Lip Colors for Red Dress with Different Undertones?

There are three types of undertones, warm, cool, and neutral. What makeup suits your skin has a lot to do with your undertone. Here are the best lip colors to wear with a red dress for each undertone:

  1. Warm Undertone: Warm and warm make a great combo. If you have a warm undertone, wear warmer lipstick shades to match your red dress. Ideally, a lipstick that has red, yellow, and pink undertones is best for people with warm undertones. So, keeping all the factors in mind, peach lipstick is the perfect option for people with a warm undertone. It looks great with red dresses, and it’s suitable to be worn in almost all settings, be it formal or casual.
  2. Cool Undertone: A pale purple lipstick can look stunning on people with a cool undertone. While it may sound too out there, cool undertones can make this color look stunning with a red dress. Since you’ll be wearing a pale purple, it doesn’t look too overwhelming. But if you want something more attention-grabbing, black lipstick would suffice.
  3. Neutral Undertone: Neutral undertone allows you room to experiment with different colors. You can wear almost any color, and it will look gorgeous. You can wear red, brown, nude, peach, and even black lipstick with a neutral undertone.

What Kind of Eye Makeup Looks Great with Red Dress?

Eye makeup with red dresses should always depend on the lip color you decide to wear. Considering the five lip colors we discussed, here are the best eye makeups that complement them:

  • Nude Lip: If you decide to wear a nude lip color, create a smokey eye look. Smokey eyes combined with a nude lip look stunning when paired with a red dress.
  • Brown Lip: Use glittery eye shadows to add sparkle to your look when wearing brown lip color with your red dress.
  • Red Lip: Red lip with red dress is already a powerful combo; keep your eye makeup to a bare minimum, or your final look will be everywhere.
  • Peach Lip: If you decide to wear a peach lip color, brown eyeshadow tones will look great. You can also add a bit of shimmer to your eyes to enhance your overall look.
  • Black Lip: Black is a stunning color, but you have to be quite bold to pull it off with your red dress. Since both your dress and lip color would be darker tones, keep your eyeshadow as light as possible.

What Lip Color Goes with Black Hair and Red Dress?

If you have black hair and plan to wear a red dress, brown lipstick should be your go-to option. The brown color will highlight your features and blend perfectly with your overall look. Generally, people with black hair look stunning with a coffee brown shade. You can also try different shades of brown and wear the one that looks the best.

You can complement your brown lip color with shimmery or even matte eye shadows on the lighter end of the shade card.

What Lip Color Goes with Blonde Hair and Red Dress?

If you have blonde hair, wear a red lip color with your red dress. Red lip color accentuates your features, and you can look stunning. It’s great for creating a bold look and making a fashion statement. But if red lip color is too much for you, you can always opt for more neutral colors such as nude or soft peach. In this case, you can play with your eyeshadow. But with a red lip, you should keep your eyes neutral.

What Lip Color Goes with Brown Hair and Red Dress?

Brown hair and red dress look absolutely gorgeous with a peach lip color. The lighter shades bring out your features and complement your red dress. For eye makeup, you can go for smokey eyes. It’s the perfect look for parties. But if you want to tone down your look for official meetings, use peachy eyeshadows to match your peach lip with a red dress.

Always add a bit of gloss to your peach lip color. Peach lipsticks look great when you add a bit of shine to them.

What Lip Color Goes with Red Hair and Red Dress?

You might think that red hair and a red dress would look great with red lipstick. Well, think again. If you have red hair and wear a red dress, opt for more toned-down shades such as peach or even soft pink.

Such colors balance out the color scheme and don’t look overwhelming. Of course, when you wear softer colors, you can have more room to experiment with your eyeshadow. A full-glam eye makeup would create a striking look.

Wrap Up

To sum up, nude is the ultimate lifesaver for lip colors to wear with a red dress. But based on your undertone and hair color, you can wear different lipsticks, including red, brown, peach, and black.

Let us know in the comments what lipstick you wear with a red dress!

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