Should Eyeliner Be Thick or Thin? (Direct Answer)

We typically wear outfits that match our body types, like slim-fit t-shirts if we’re lean and short-back-and-sides haircuts to accentuate our jawline.

Similarly, when deciding whether eyeliner should be worn thick or thin, it is important to remember that eye shape plays a contributing role in your decision.


Quick Answer

The main factors that determine the use of thick or thin eyeliner lines are personal preference and eye shape. The main purpose of eyeliner is to bring more attention to the eyes and make them more prominent, and thin and thick lines are applied according to the look you’re going for; whether it’s subtle or bold is up to you.

Let us explain in detail which eye shape corresponds to which eyeliner style.

How To Decide Between Thick or Thin Eyeliner

Mastering the use of eyeliner is a prerequisite in the makeup world, especially if it’s part of your daily ritual.

We all have different opinions about which is the best eyeliner in the market, but the truth is that the best choice depends mainly on personal preference and eye shape.

Upping your eyeliner game isn’t easy but requires patience and commitment.

If you’re consistently applying it every day, chances are you’ll learn faster and get the wrist movement down eventually.

If you’re doing it once a week, you don’t have enough experience and need to practice more to become more adept at it.

Either way, we’ve all been beginners before, and although it’s a steep learning curve to truly master the art of consistent and smooth eyeliner application, it’s fun.

The purpose of eyeliner is to highlight the wearer’s eyes, making it perfect for people with smaller eyes.

Some strategies are needed to improve the application to avoid creating harsh lines that aren’t too dark, which could ruin the effect you’re going for.

There are various types of eyeliner available, but the three main ones are black liquid, pencil, and gel-type eyeliner.

The pencil type is a preferred choice for many because it is ideal for precise lines to create the exact effect you want, and it’s almost like drawing on a piece of paper.

The black liquid eyeliner is perfect for beginners because it produces great results without too much of a messy trial and error process.

The simplest application method is to stretch out your eyelids and keep them taut; start applying the eyeliner from one side to the other and make sure to keep your strokes gentle.

Whether the stroke is thick or thin depends on what looks good to you and which shape eyes you have.

The eye shapes are almond eyes, hooded eyes, downturned eyes, and round eyes, among others.

Eyeliner For Almond Eyes

People with almond-shaped eyes can get away with thick or thin eyeliner; it doesn’t matter because they both look good.

To accentuate the shape, it helps to initiate the application process by drawing very thin and precise lines from the inner eye and out to the sides.

Once a line is completed, start from the beginning and slowly spread outwards to increase the effect and build thickness.

If you must choose, thick and winged eyeliners work well to accentuate your eye’s curves.

Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

When applying eyeliner for hooded eyes, it is advised to apply straight into your lash line.

Hooded eyelids make it easier to apply thick coatings of eyeliner because thin lines are difficult to perceive when eyes are open.

If you choose to opt for a cat-eye look, you can create thick wings that will accentuate your eye shape and create definition.

If you’re going for the round-eye look, you can apply thick lines in the center of your eye and thin at the edges.

Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes

When working with downturned eyes, the best style you can go for is keeping them lifted.

Using pencil eyeliner can bring more attention to the inner corners while leaving the lower lash line alone.

You can start at the top lash line in the middle portion below the upper point of your arch and then spread outward.

By implementing an upward flick in the corners of your eyes, you can create a rounder look to your downturned eyes.

Eyeliner for Round Eyes

Round eyes are circular and not oval like almond eyes. Since they’re already prominent as part of your facial features, you can get away with applying thick lines to create the effect you want.

If you’re opting for a long winged-eye style, start from your bottom lid and spread outwards to create wings on the tip.

If a subtle look is more to your taste, you can opt for thin lines on your upper lid and work lightly to the corners of your bottom lid.

Eyeliner for Small Eyes

Small eyes are less prominent on the face because other facial features like the mouth and nose stand out more.

This contrast creates the effect of smaller eyes, for which the optimal liner application is considered working with thin lines on the top lash and thicker lines in the corners of the bottom lash.

This ends up defining your eyes and makes them appear larger to create a more attractive look.

Eyeliner for Close Eyes

Close eyes or eyes that are closer together have a small space between them.

The best application method is to start applying thin coatings in the bottom corner of your eyelid and work your way to the corners.

It’s important to avoid applying eyeliner into the tear duct, which can have the opposite effect of highlighting close eyes.

Working with thicker lines on the corners of the upper and low eyelid can create the illusion of making them seem farther apart.

Wrap Up

There is no clear-cut answer for applying thin or thicker lines around your eyes, but there are certain guidelines that can help you achieve the look you want.

It is important to remember that you should go for the look you desire, and if something looks good to you but is not accepted as the ‘correct thing to do,’ then it’s okay to make your own rules.

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