I’m going to start this post with a warning, I am a little tired due to lack of sleep, grumpy because I had to retype word captcha three !#$@^&*$!* times to get it right (I swear word captcha and auto correct were created to drive me up the bloody wall) and I’m walking around smelling like a cinnamon roll. The rolls were great but my kitchen looks like a brown sugar bomb went off in it. And while I was baking and trying to clean, I caught little tyke happily rolling and playing in his puke…he was happier than a pig in the mud, his mum not so much. Okay, rant over and let’s get to business. Today is a little different as I am featuring one of my MUST-HAVEs in my skin care routine, a serum. I am a self confessed serum addict amongst other things (but we won’t go there…) and I cannot be without a serum in my skin care. I personally feel that serums do a lot of good for my skin. The ingredients are usually more potent and concentrated and my dehydrated skin seems to drink it up. So you can imagine my excitement when I finally got to try my first La-Roche Posay product, Substiane Serum*. P1010119 P1010120   P1010121   P1010122 This serum promises to plump, smooth, replenish volume, giving back elasticity and firmness to the skin. It’s also paraben free and suitable for sensitive skin. I am not sure how it’ll fare on sensitive skin, I pretty much have a cow hide for skin so I cannot attest to that claim. It’s really hard for me to treat this as a serum because the texture is just so thick and I am so used to serums in a light and very liquidy texture. The bottle stated that this can be used before moisturizer or by itself and after testing it for 3 weeks, I switched and used this as a moisturizer instead of a serum. I personally feel that this doesn’t do much as a serum but it’s a fantastic moisturizer. I didn’t see any difference in my skin; no plumpness, no extra firmness but I must say this product is very hydrating. It is wonderful in keeping my dry skin at bay which is important in this weather. 2 Celsius and waking up to frost every morning, ugh! Now to the scent…it reminds me of a laboratory. I could actually envisioned the whole lab while smelling this; the white coats, the bubbling liquids and test tubes but then again, I’m a little weird so…my point is, it has a medicine-y smell, not unpleasant but a little weird. So yay or nay to this serum? Well, this is one of the rare products that left me sitting on the fence. I don’t hate it but neither do I like it. I probably will repurchase this as a moisturizer but at the same time, I am in no hurry to spend my money on it. It’s unfortunate that the serum didn’t wow’ed me but it is probably my fault. I have read countless amazing reviews about La-Roche Posay so I have very high expectations from the brand and maybe it was a little too high. Next on my radar? The famous La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. Now I have to go for a shower and wash this darn cinnamon rolls smell off me. Have a wonderful weekend, luvs!

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