What Color Eyeshadow to Wear With a Silver Dress? (Best Options)

Do you want to sparkle and steal the show with your outfit? Opt for a silver dress, and you will surely turn heads wherever you go. . You can also pair your silver dress with some stand-out eye makeup to make even more of an impression.

Now you must be wondering what kind of makeup look you should do for your big moment in your silver dress? We have some eyeshadow color ideas for you to consider.


Quick Answer

Certain colors will pair well with silver, either complimenting your dress or contrasting it. We suggest you experiment with different eyeshadow colors and see which suits you best. Try purples, pinks, nudes and beiges, dark browns, blues, and of course, silver!

Eyeshadow is a great way to elevate your look and help tie in your dress with the rest of your makeup. Let’s talk more about the colors you should try.

What Color Eyeshadow Goes with a Silver Dress?

The following 6 colors of eyeshadow look amazing with silver dresses and can help make your look perfect and complete while offering you different options and styles.

Purple: Purple and silver are a match made in heaven. You can try out cool-toned purples like lilac or violet or warmer shades like plum or dark purple. A deep and dark purple eyeshadow is perfect for a dramatic nighttime look.

Pink: A light, rosy pink pairs well with silver. You can use pink to make your makeup look delicate and fresh. On the other hand, if you want to leave a bold impression, you can go crazy with the pinks. Apply the eyeshadow all the way up to your brow bone and blend it out. Go for a hot pink or a glittery pink.

Nude and Beige: There is no going wrong with a neutral eye makeup look, no matter the outfit or occasion. If you like nudes and beige colors, go for it! A silver dress is often a statement on its own, and some light nude eye makeup is perfect to compliment the dress without making you overdone.

Dark Brown: While your silver dress is flashy and metallic, a nice earthy brown is a perfect way to add some contrast. Try deep chocolate browns for a nice smokey look.

Blue: Blue and silver are cool-toned colors and pair together really well. If you want your eye makeup to have a pop of color, try blue! An electric blue eyeshadow will help bring out your silver dress, whereas a lighter blue will do the same but in a subtle manner.

Silver: Last but not least, put on some silver eyeshadow with a silver dress. Silver eyeshadow can help tie together your whole look and have your makeup and dress look complimentary. With silver eyeshadows, you can also experiment with glitter and shimmery looks.

3 Makeup Looks to Try with Your Silver Dress

Now that you know what color eyeshadows you should try with your silver dress, let’s talk about a few complete makeup looks for you to consider.

  • A Smokey Eye and Nude Lips
    Choose a dark shade of eyeshadow and smoke it out over your lids. You can go for a deep plum shade or a chocolate brown. Add on some bold eyeliner and some falsies to emphasize your eyes. Pair this eye makeup look with a nude or light pink lip.
  • A Bold Metallic Look

Have your makeup reflect the metallic nature of your dress. Shimmery silver eyeshadow with highlighted inner corners can look sleek and fierce. Try out some more metallic makeup with some shiny highlight on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your cupid’s bow.

  • Keep It Elegant

Stick to an all-time classic with nude or neutral eye makeup and a red lip. Apply falsies for a pop of boldness or some gloss on your red lips to draw in some more attention.

How to Match Your Lipstick to Your Eyeshadow

Are you wondering how to match your lipstick to your favorite eyeshadow colors? Let’s go back to the color basics – the color wheel! If you want to put on some purple eyeshadow, the colors next to purple on the color wheel are blue and red. Most women steer clear of untraditional lipstick colors like blue, so red is your best bet!

Additionally, you can follow a simple rule for makeup if you’re still confused. If you have dark eye makeup on, choose light lipstick. You can go for darker or bolder lipstick if you have light eye makeup on.

What Shoes Go Best with a Silver Dress?

Depending on the occasion and your comfort level, you can try different kinds of shoes with your silver dress. High heels like stilettos or pointed-toe heels, pumps, strappy sandals, heeled booties. There are so many options to choose from, and it all depends on how formal or casual you want to dress.

As for the color of your shoes, neutral colors like nude, black, and white are safe options. You can also go for silver, blue, or grey.

Silver Dresses with Different Cuts You Can Try

There are so many different styles and cuts you can choose from for silver dresses. You don’t need to pick out a different color to add some change to your wardrobe. For a classy or modest look, you can try a floor-length dress, maybe with sleeves or an off-shoulder style. If you want to emphasize your figure, you can wear a form-fitting dress or a dress that uses a belt to cinch in the waist. For a night out, a cocktail-style shorter dress would be ideal.

Gold or Silver Jewelry with a Silver Dress?

Mixing metals can result in some pleasing and contrasting effects. If you want to wear silver jewelry with your silver dress, the outcome will be great, and the jewelry will tie in with the dress. On the other hand, gold jewelry can add a nice bit of contrast to your dress while still matching because both the jewelry and the dress are metallic.

If you want to experiment and go for a bold look, try mixing and matching gold and silver jewelry.

Can You Wear a Silver Dress to a Wedding?

There are very strict rules about colors you shouldn’t wear to a wedding. White is completely off-limits because you don’t want to outshine the bride. It would be best if you also steer clear of ivory, off-white, and eggshell colors. It isn’t a loud and clear no when it comes to gold and silver, but you may want to think about it. If your silver dress is a pale silver or perhaps floor-length, it can appear bridal. In that case, it’s best to avoid wearing your silver dress to a wedding and go for a different color.

Wrap up

A silver dress is versatile, can be worn to different occasions and styled with different makeup looks. When it comes to eyeshadow, we love to pair silver dresses with colors like purples, pinks, nudes and beiges, dark browns, blues, and of course, silver.

Now that you know which colors will look good with your silver dress, do you have any preferences? Try out the different colors and tell us which is your favorite in the comments.

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