Welcome to my first negative (read: nasty) review of 2016! Yes, we are diving head first into the nastiness that comes with this mascara. It reminded me of my one and only relationship with a bloke who was two years younger than me and it brought out the worst part of me. A part that I didn’t even know existed; a frustrated screaming banshee.

I was determined to date only older and more mature men after that and I think I should really stop purchasing mascaras that have no reviews and stick to the oldies but goodies. Don’t believe me? Try Googling Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl Mascara and you’ll only find reviews for the original version without the ‘curl‘ part.


I personally am a huge fan of Marcelle and they could do no wrong in my eyes. Marcelle is a local Canadian cruelty-free brand and I adore many of their products. I love the foundation, lip and eye liners, micellar water, eye makeup remover and their Duo Eyebrow-PRO is my holy grail eyebrow product. As I said, they could do no wrong until this. Everything about this mascara looks so promising on the outside. I love the black/red packaging that looks so sleek.

Don’t judge a book by its cover or in this case, mascara because it went downhill from here onwards.


Are you seeing what I’m seeing? A thick gloppy mess all stuck on the wand. Not only is the texture a yucky gummy mess, the bristle on the wand is a touch too far apart so my lashes ended up stuck together when I comb through. The mascara also doesn’t apply evenly, when I comb through my lashes for second coat, certain parts of my lashes especially the tip will be mascara free if that makes any sense. It seems like the wand takes off whatever mascara that previously coated my lashes. Weird….

Now the most important part, how well does it hold the curl? Does it successfully curl my lashes? Oh yea, it curled my lashes alright but in the wrong direction. See below.


It did curl my lashes…downwards. Like WTF?! I want my lashes to curl upwards for f*ck’s sake, not downwards! If I want my lashes to curl downwards then I would have left it bare so it’s poker straight. Dude…seriously…wtf?! I would give it to Marcelle though, the mascara did successfully curl the lashes, they just forgot to mention which direction the curl would go.

I honestly gave this mascara my best shot. I even waited for almost a month to give it another go but it gave the same horrible result so this mascara has found a new home in the trash. Bloody waste of money.

Have you ever experienced any mascara such as this before? And I plan to name all my negative reviews as ‘Let Me Get My Claws Out’, what are you thoughts on the title?

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