Should You Apply Eyeliner Before Fake Eyelashes? (Correct Answer)

If you’re a fan of eye makeup, your look would be incomplete without fake eyelashes. After all, your eyes do most of the conversation when you interact with people.

However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with so many steps involved in eye makeup. You may have yourself asking questions like, is eyeliner applied before artificial lashes? Fortunately enough, we’ve taken a poll from makeup artists worldwide to answer most of your questions about fake eyelashes.


Quick Answer

It’s best to apply your artificial eyelashes after you’re done with your complete eye makeup, including your eyeliner. When the eye makeup goes first, you can have the grounds to apply your falsies more precisely. It also cuts down on the amount of cosmetics that ends up on your fake lashes. In case your eyeliner smudges when you’re applying your lashes, you can touch them up soon after for a flawless finish.

It’s no secret that applying false lashes is the most dreaded eye makeup step. In this blog, we’ll share some practical steps to make the application of eyelashes easier than ever. Read on to find out!

Which Fake Eyelashes are best For New Users?

For starters, many people find the procedure of applying false eyelashes very frightening. Learning how to prepare correctly and apply them is one thing, and then there are many different lash brands to choose from.

They come in a broad pricing range, making it difficult to know where to start. It’s tempting to opt for the cheapest lashes, but that’s certainly not the best way to just get started with artificial lashes.

Choosing the lashes that are an easier option for you to apply, irrespective of the cost is recommended.

Here are a few options you might want to consider:

  • Natural-looking eyelashes: 

As beginners, it’s better not to go way too overboard with those dramatic falsies. Natural-looking lashes are light and hence, comparatively easier to apply.

  • False Lash Kit: 

Lashes that come with a complete kit include glue, a lash applicator, and multiple pairs of lashes. These kits save you from the hassle of choosing the right lash glue and come with instructions to guide you through all steps.

  • Magnetic lashes

Magnetic lashes speak for themselves. Instead of using lash glue, these lashes are magnetically attached to your lash line. It might be challenging to find out how to use them at first. When learning, get yourself a how-to-use guide for a better experience. 

How to incorporate false lashes into your eye makeup routine?

Once you’ve chosen the lashes for yourself, the next step is to figure out how to incorporate them into your eye makeup routine. As previously said, falsies should always come in the last for various reasons.

  • It’s much more convenient to create an eye makeup look without those lashes interrupting. If needed, you always have an option to have a quick touch-up later, but getting the look right the first time is much easier.
  • Makeup on your lashes, such as eyeliner and eye shadow, is not only unattractive, but it may also shorten the life of lashes that can be reused. Eye shadow fallout on your eyelashes will lead to an accumulation of crud that you will regret later.
  • Oils in certain forms of eyeliner, for example, might interfere with lash adhesive, making it more difficult for lashes to remain in place.

Best way to use false lashes with eyeliner?

You’re done with your eye makeup, and now you’re left with your eyeliner and lashes. We’ve listed down some simple steps to help you go about this crucial step:

  • Prep your natural lashes, and curl them up with your favorite mascara. You can also use an eyelash curler before applying mascara, but that’s optional. Mascara helps your natural lashes to blend in well with the falsies.
  • Grab your chosen lashes; if there’s an instruction manual, follow that, or you can simply trim them to the size of your lash line, apply the lash glue, let it sit for 20 seconds, and with the help of tweezers or a lash applicator, place your lash gently over your lash line. Hold them against your lid for a few seconds to stick. And that’s it!
  • After you’ve applied your lash, you should use eyeliner to go over the lash line exactly where the fake lash is affixed. It not only adds a little drama to your look, but it also hides the artificial lash line making your falsies appear more natural.

Is it always necessary to apply eyeliner with false lashes?

One of the best things with makeup is that there are no hard and fast rules to follow. Maybe you don’t want to wear eyeliner at all and want to wear a basic and clean artificial lash instead.

Maybe you’ve never been a big fan of eyeliner but desire fuller-looking lashes and a winged-liner with some natural-looking falsies. You can always get a clean lash line without using eyeliner at all.

What is a lash extension?

If wearing artificial lashes every day isn’t an option for you, lash extensions can be a viable alternative. Extensions are fake lashes applied by a specialist and can be synthetic, mink, or silk.

Once chosen, they are attached one by one over the lash line with a semi-permanent adhesive.

You might need a follow up with these lashes every six to eight weeks, with the maintenance needed every three to four weeks.

Lash extensions are undoubtedly a more expensive option but are also far more convenient and save time. Instead of messing around with artificial lashes, consider lash extensions if you truly believe that longer and fuller lashes will boost your confidence.

Are eyelash extensions harmful?

The convenience of eyelash extensions comes with some serious drawbacks too. Your natural eyelashes protect your eyes from external dirt and irritants in the atmosphere, which lash extensions, are unlikely to do.

Furthermore, lash extensions are most likely to cause allergic reactions. The preservative formaldehyde is included in several types of glue used to install eyelash extensions. It is a chemical molecule that can induce allergies in your eye as well as the skin around it.

If you still wish to go for lash extension, pick lashes that aren’t overly long or thick. The fuller and longer the extensions are, the greater stress you exert on your natural lashes.

If you apply too much pressure on the eyelash, it’s likely to fall out along with the extensions, damaging the follicles of your lashes.

Can eye makeup be applied with lash extensions on?

Having your lash extensions secure and in place, you may continue to use eyeliner and eye makeup, however you’ll have to keep a few things in mind.

  • Makeup removal will be more difficult and will need far more thought than usual in order to keep extensions safe.
  • For the same reason as before, stay away from oil-based makeup and makeup removers, it will degrade the glue, weakening your lashes.

If you follow these tips to maintain your extensions clean and securely connected, pursuing your regular eye makeup routine will not be a problem.

Wrap up

False lashes may definitely make a difference in your look and boost your confidence if you naturally have sparse lashes. Using bold eyeliner to complement them will elevate the aesthetics and serve the purpose.

Don’t be scared to try and learn new things about makeup. You’ll only get better with practice and will come up with some beautiful looks of your own. In the comments, let us know which looks you created with falsies of your choice?

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