How Much Does a Diamond Necklace Cost? (Direct Answer)

Diamonds are extremely valuable pieces of carbon that signify a long-lasting bond between two individuals of the opposite sex.

It’s crucial to consider how much a diamond necklace costs before deciding the right type to buy for yourself or a loved one. Although the versatility of diamonds goes beyond the extravagance and wealth it symbolizes in our society, we will stick to its role as a fashion accessory in this cost analysis.


Quick Answer

The main factors that determine how much a diamond necklace costs are the four characteristics of a diamond: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Once you’ve established the ratio of each characteristic you desire, with the cut determining the quality, opting for the right balance will determine the pricing of the necklace, which can be anywhere from 500 USD to 36,000 USD.

Let us dive into the factors that determine the cost of diamond accessories.

Average Cost of a Diamond Necklace

Ever since diamonds were discovered in Africa back in 1866, they have become extremely valuable in our society due to their rarity and unique crystalline structure.

As a symbol of beauty, diamonds became the number one accessory and took the market by storm, quickly overtaking gold and becoming the go-to gift for a person’s significant other.

Even as a simple platonic gift to female relatives, they became an expression of love reserved for those who are special in your life.

Diamonds are very expensive; you can expect to pay somewhere between 500 USD to 36,000 USD for a diamond necklace, depending on its quality and size.

The main characteristics that determine its quality are Cut, Color Clarity and Carat.

It is difficult to isolate and analyze one characteristic by itself since they are intricately tied to each other in a complex web of carbon and hydrogen atoms that determine the properties of the diamond as a whole.

However, as a rule of thumb, it is advisable to consider the cut of a diamond above the other factors because it affects the beauty and brilliance of the piece.

To strike a good balance, other factors like color and clarity come into play to give you the best value for your money.

To find the best diamond, you must consider all the characteristics to find the right piece for your price range.

Let us say you have a budget of 4000 USD. That gives you a total of three options from which to choose the perfect diamond.

  1. You opt for the highest quality and therefore choose a ¾ Carat diamond. This means you sacrifice size and weight for other factors to ensure buying the most premium quality of diamond.
  2. You ignore quality and go for the biggest piece you can buy, a 1 ¾ Carat diamond. This would result in a diamond that’s bigger but unattractive visually.
  3. You strike the right balance and buy a 1 ¼ Carat diamond that’s beautiful, elegant and a decent size.

Although personal preference plays a role in determining the purchase of a diamond necklace, it’s better to contact an expert to get a professional opinion before making the purchase.

The 4 C’s of a Diamond

The main factors affecting a diamond’s quality are:

  1. Cut. This determines the sharpness of the angles, the quality finishing and proportions of the diamond.
  2. Color. This refers to the colorlessness of a diamond.
  3. Clarity. This refers to how clear and clean the diamond is from blemishes.
  4. Carat. This is a unit of weight and is, therefore, the weight of the diamond.

These four characteristics interact to give the diamond its properties, and varying ratios of each determine factors like beauty, quality, and structure.

Professionals use these four characteristics to grade a particular diamond, and the scaling is consistent worldwide.

The Most Important C of a Diamond

Cut: This is the most important characteristic that determines quality and beauty. It visually manifests as brilliance and fire in the diamond and should be prioritized above other characteristics.

Color: The diamond must be colorless and not reflect other lights, making it the second most important characteristic of a diamond.

Clarity: This characteristic determines how clear or clean the diamond is and free from blemishes and inclusions.

Carat: The weight determines the size of the diamond but is the least important characteristic to consider because quality and beauty trump size by a significant margin.

Top 4 Places to Buy a Diamond Necklace From

There are many bad vendors out there selling bad quality and fake diamonds, so it’s better to stick to reputable vendors for any diamond-related purchases.

Make sure you reach out to these reputable vendors to make all of your diamond necklace purchases.

  1. James Allen (great value for money).
  2. Brian Gavin Diamonds (highest quality diamonds available).
  3. Blue Nile (wide selection of diamonds available)
  4. Leibish and Co. (wide selection of fancy and colored diamonds)

Types of Diamond Necklaces

The two main types of diamond necklaces are pendants and true necklaces.

Pendant: A diamond pendant comprises a setting, which dangles from a chain. There are many types of settings available that incorporate a solitaire or several stones. Chains can be changed according to the mood and style you’re going for on different occasions.

True necklace: A true necklace makes use of a setting that is not free hanging. It uses diamonds in forms like collars and chains, which can be arranged in different styles. These are more expensive than pendants because more stones are used to create a necklace.

Factors Affecting Diamond Necklace Choice

It is important to consider the length, material, and style when considering the chain.

Chain sizes. There are different sizes for necklaces available, the most common ones being sixteen and eighteen inches. Some styles are up to 36 inches long but are uncommon and appeal to a particular taste.

Type of material used. The chain comes in different materials, each depending on the wearer’s preference. These can include white gold and platinum. Platinum is very expensive, although durable, but it is a better option to opt for white gold chains, which are equally beautiful and cheaper.

Finding The Right Diamond Necklace For Yourself

There’s a diamond necklace that exists for every style preference, and there is surely one that fits your exact requirements.

Classy style. If you’re looking for a classy piece for a formal occasion, you can opt for a classic solitaire necklace that will fit the bill.

A multiple stone necklace may be suitable for a party, which incorporates a ‘wow’ factor in its design.

Be sure not to risk overpaying for a mediocre piece and stick to a trusted vendor to purchase all of your diamond necklaces.

The Bottom Line

There are all sorts of diamond necklaces available in different price ranges, so you can be sure to find one that suits your needs.

When purchasing from a reputable vendor, make sure to know the four characteristics of a diamond and engage in a lengthy discussion of preferences with the salesman to find the best one.

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