What Nail Color For Pale Skin? (Gorgeous)

Painting your nails is a fun way to pass the time, and it also makes your hands look more attractive. That said, picking the wrong nail color can sometimes have the opposite effect.

We’ve put together a brief guide to help you learn what nail colors suit pale skin best, how to pick the right nail color for your skin, and what nail colors to avoid.


Quick Answer

Pale/fair/light skin tones are bright yet delicate, which is why vibrant colors and pastels contrast beautifully with these skin tones. If you have a pale skin tone, the best nail colors to apply include:

  • Deep reds
  • Popping pinks
  • Beachy oranges
  • Dark purples
  • Pastel pink

Knowing the best nail colors is different from knowing which color is appropriate for the situation. We’ve discussed how to find the right nail color and how to compliment your skin’s undertones with nail colors below.

Which Nail Colors Look Best on Pale Skin?

There are two categories of colors that look excellent on pale skin:

  • Bright Colors: Bright nail colors compliment pale skin and make it look more attractive. The shade and strikingness of these colors offset the bluish or reddish undertones your skin may have. The best examples of bright nail colors include strawberry pink, deep red, dark purple, and beachy orange. Of course, you can pick any other nail color that looks just as flattering. These nail colors are perfect for informal occasions such as weddings, holidays, and other fun events.
  • Pastel Colors: Any pastel nail paint will add a healthy glow to your fingertips. Using any pastel color is an excellent idea if you have pale skin. Nudes of every shade, bubblegum pink, spring green, clean white, buttery yellow, and lavender, are some beautiful pastel colors that compliment pale skin beautifully. You can also use light pastels such as pale pink to give your nails a warm glow. Pastel nail colors give your hands a healthy yet professional look, making them the right colors for formal settings.

While bright and pastel nail colors are known to compliment pale skin, you are not limited to applying these nail colors. Experimenting is always fun, and we recommend that you look into getting crème and shimmer nail paints since those can look very attractive if you have fair skin.

Stick to light colors, but if you want to paint your nails a flashy color, go for something that sticks out, like coral or neon orange.

How to Choose Nail Color for Pale Skin

Choosing the right nail color is about finding what color creates an interesting contrast with your skin. Learning about your skin’s undertone will give you a better understanding of why some colors look better on your hands than others.

Here’s a guide to choosing nail color according to your skin’s undertone:

Pink Undertone

When under a good amount of light, take a look at the skin around your wrist. More specifically, focus on the veins on your wrist, and take a good look at the color.

If you see that the veins are blue, your skin has a pink undertone. Individuals susceptible to acne and pigmentation disorders such as freckles are more likely to have a pink undertone.

Applying bright nail colors is the right way to go if you have a pink undertone. Pinks and blues complement this undertone best, but you can also go for colors like purple, red, and burgundy.

Wearing grey and yellow nail colors is not a good idea since those colors will make your hands look washed out.

Yellow Undertone

If you notice that your skin has a subtle, yellowish hue, you have a yellow undertone. Typically, the veins at the wrist look greenish for those with a yellow undertone.

If you have a yellow or “peachy” undertone, warm colors are an excellent match for your nails. Wearing nail colors like moss orange, orchid, violet-red, and cappuccino will get you a lot of attention.

Cool colors like blue and amethyst will make your skin look washed out, so avoid wearing these nail colors.

Neutral Undertone

You have a neutral undertone if you do not see any blue or green veins on your wrist. A larger range of nail colors will look good on your hands.

You can wear both cool and warm nail colors, but going for bold colors is the best way to complement your skin type.

Which Nail Colors Make Pale Skin Look Tan?

Nothing gives you a healthy glow like a fresh tan. But picking the wrong nail color will leave your hands looking washed out. If you have a tan, paint your nails with summery colors – think sunset yellows, greens, oranges, and opaque pinks.

These colors will complement your tan and give your look a beachy flair.

What Nail Colors Should People with Pale Skin Stay Away From?

Unless you have a neutral undertone, vampy colors such as magenta and burgundy are hard to pull off. These shades often accentuate the paleness of the skin.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to stay away from dark colors and warm brown shades. Black nail color is also a big no-no since it will make your skin look unhealthy and less youthful.

If you’re trying to minimize the appearance of nail beds, applying medium to dark blues is the right way to go. Those shades make nail beds look a lot better and are perfect for long nails.

What Nail Colors Make Pale Skin Look Younger?

If you want to ensure that your nail paint doesn’t make you look older, stick to neutral shades such as brown, light beige, red, and bright orange. Wearing reddish nail color keeps the blue undertones of your skin hidden.

Avoid wearing glitter or neon nail paint, since they reflect a lot of light and make the skin look older.

Does White Nail Polish Look Good On Pale Skin?

White nail color is known to make your nail beds appear larger than they are in French manicures. However, if your skin is pale, wearing a light pastel shade will look better and also achieve the same effect. Wearing blush-y pink nail color is an excellent idea if you have pale skin and want to make your nail beds look bigger.

What are the Best Nude Nail Colors for Pale Skin?

Nude nail colors look great no matter the occasion. But wearing the right shade is important when you have a light skin tone. If you have a pink undertone, wearing a pastel peach nail color is the right way to go. If you have very light skin, wearing pale pink nail color will accentuate the warmth of your arms.

Wrap Up

Bright and pastel colors are your best bet. You can experiment with different colors according to your skin’s undertone.

With this guide handy, choosing a nail color for your next manicure or pedicure should be a breeze. Leave a comment telling us your favorite nail color and follow us for more helpful fashion advice.

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