What Color Sneakers Go With Everything? (Simple Answer)

Sneakers are gaining traction for being the most versatile shoes. They work with any formal or casual outfit, as long as you know how to pair your shoes with your outfit, and there are many colors and combinations to flaunt your personal style.

It can be nice to just have one pair of shoes to default to when in a rush or indecisive. So what color sneakers go with everything?

Quick Answer

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that go with everything, black, grey, navy, white and beige are your best options. With the expectation of white, darker shoes tend to pair well with most outfits. So if you are looking for a truly versatile sneaker color, black is the color to choose.

After researching, here is what I found on what sneakers go with everything.


Which Color Sneakers Match Every Outfit?

While white might be most people’s default shoe color that matches everything, that isn’t the case. They do indeed match most casual outfits and are a great option for just going out. However, sneakers are now becoming a style for formal situations as well, and in that case, white just doesn’t work. Here are the two colors that do work for every outfit:

Black: Black truly does go with everything. No matter the shades, tones, or style, black is truly the one-size-fits-all when it comes to shoe color. For that reason, having a simple pair of black sneakers is always a good idea.

Beige: Beige is another great color to go with. They match pretty much every outfit, like black. the only caveat is that there are generally considered to be two shades of beige, and each one fits a different tone. For example, browner shades of beige work better with warmer colors, lighter beiges work better with cooler. So while beige technically matches every outfit, instead of having one shoe to wear with everything, it would probably be best to have two pairs to match cooler and warmer outfits.

White: White does, in fact, work with most casual outfits. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to formal outfits. While having a pair of white sneakers is fine for casual situations, such as going out or relaxing at home, white has no place in a formal setting. It can come off as tacky and doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit.

Grey: Grey is a great option when it comes to sneakers. Like white, light grey is okay for casual events but doesn’t fit in very well with formal ones. For that reason, darker shades of grey tend to work with more formal outfits than lighter ones.

Navy: Navy is an appropriate color for formal settings. However, it also tends to work better with casual events because it can be paired with a variety of different colors and styles and still look great.

There is one other part of choosing a sneaker. While color is very important when it comes to sneakers, there is a whole other set of choices too, and this is style. There are sports styles, basic, hiking, luxury, skate shoes, and more. Generally, if you are trying to find a style that goes with everything, a simple shoe with no designs, probably for running, is your best bet.

If you want to get away from simple running shoes, then learning about different sneakers that go with different styles of trousers is key.

How to Choose Sneaker Colors?

Choosing a sneaker color depends on what you are looking for from your sneaker. Are they a way to make a personal statement, or perhaps something you just want to support your outfit?

Match an accessory: If you are looking for specific shoes for outfits, an easy trick is to match something else you are wearing, even if it is small. Perhaps your nails are sky blue today, you can get sky blue shoes to match. Or maybe your earrings have a brilliant ruby in them, and your shoes can match.

Support the rest of your outfit: If you want some other part of your outfit to be the main feature, stick to matching your trousers, or going for a simple shade of gray. This will allow them to match the outfit, but not detract from it, and will allow you to make your new shirt or accessory the star.

Try to keep your sneaker color within a shade or two of what you are trying to pair it with: If you can’t find the same shade of color, that is fine. Keeping within a shade or two, no matter if lighter or darker, is common.

How to Match the Color of Your Sneakers to Your Trousers?

While colors are important to choosing something to match your trousers, sneakers also come in many different styles. Even if you get a black sneaker, they might not match your trousers based on the style.

Style is important: Often, the style of sneaker tends to be more of the determining factor. Having sporty sneakers with sweatpants is key or a chunkier style of shoe with looser trousers. Generally, if you want something that fits everything, a simple running shoe works best.

If your trousers are bright: If you are already wearing a lot of bright colors, keep your shoes simple with black or beige

If your trousers are plain: If your trousers are plain, however, you can add a pop of color by matching your shoes and shirt, or shoes and accessories. This creates uniformity, while also catching the eye.

Which Color Sneakers Hide Dirt?

There are many different kinds of dirt, such as bright orange clay or black soil. While one color might do the job most of the time it is also worth trying to match the color of dirt near you to sneakers.

Lean towards gray and khaki: Gray and khaki colors hide dirt the best. They tend to be similar colors to most soil and don’t appear dusty at a glance.

Avoid black and white: Black and white are generally considered the worst. They are too dark and too light respectively to hide any dirt. They will appear dirty the quickest, leading to a lot of cleaning to keep them looking spotless.

Most Popular Sneaker Color?

The answer isn’t as black-and-white as choosing a sneaker color that matches everything. While surveys show people prefer one color, sales show something different.

There are a few different opinions on the most popular sneaker color: In 2020, based on a survey, the most popular everyday shoes were black. White was the second-highest according to this study. However, according to this article, the volt color, which is a shade of light green, has been popular since 2011.

People may lean more towards brands than color: Generally, people tend to focus on brands that they prefer to colors, and then choose based on the colors available. People may prefer black or white, such as in the study, but will take the colors offered to them from the brand they prefer.

Do Gray Sneakers Go With Everything?

Yes. As a lighter shade of black, gray sneakers go well with everything. The shade of gray doesn’t matter, either. You can wear anything from a very dark gray to almost white.

Grays work best with cooler tones: They work well with either casual or more formal attire. If you are struggling to get your gray sneakers to fit your outfit, try pairing them with blue or black jeans and colors such as orange or pink for the top. Though gray works with everything, these are the colors it matches best to, and are a sure way to have your outfit match.

What Color Socks To Wear With Sneakers That Go With Everything?

Socks can be a simple extension of your trousers or a small burst of color that your outfit needs. Depending on what you are looking for, there are different colored socks to match your sneakers.

For more formal outfits, try to match your trousers or shoes: Matching your socks to either your trousers or your shoes is the simplest way for them to become an extension of your outfit. Choosing a shade lighter or darker is also acceptable.

To add a burst of color, use patterns or texture: Adding patterns or textures is an easy way to add a personal touch to an outfit. For example, if wearing maroon trousers, find socks with a shade of red in them. It doesn’t need to be the main color, but the shades will allow it to mesh with your trousers while also creating a contrast.

Wrap Up

Black, beige, white, navy and grey sneakers are the appropriate colors for most outfits. You will have to experiment with the shades of each color to see which one works best for different tones. If you want to buy a single pair of sneakers to match every outfit, go with black sneakers.

Now that you have the basics, you can work to expand your style with your style of shoe, socks, and even trousers.

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