I’m going to make it short and hopefully sweet for you lovelies today. I know I tend to ramble on and on and my posts are sometimes too long of a read so let’s change and spice it up or lack thereof for today.

I spoke about these new-ish Wet Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel some time in March in my haul post (read here) and yes, it’s been a good few months and I had ample time to give them a try. If you’re not familiar with these nail polishes then check out the excerpt from Wet n Wild below;

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Wonder Gel! The first gel formula that doesn’t require a top coat and cures without a lamp, this nail color breakthrough is about to become your nail superhero. Provides up to 2 weeks of color and shine in 1 easy step.” 

Doesn’t need top coat, eh? Up to 2 weeks of colour and shine, eh? Yea, okay, let’s get to it. P1130134

P1130128 P1130131 P1130133

First of all, usually when a company says ‘up to so and so time line‘ you’ll automatically know they’re talking out of their tits. And it’s no different with these nail polishes. I bought 4 shades; Pretty PeasPeri-win-le of an EyeCyantific Method and Lavender Out Loud. The texture of this nail polish is slightly thicker than your usual nail polish so I agree on the part about it being a gel. The part where I disagree is the finish is as shiny as gel polish without the need of a top coat, it’s not true. Gel polish has a beautiful, glossy, shiny finish and Wet Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel truly pales in comparison. The finish actually looks lack lustre and tired, you know how your face looks after 3 hours sleep? Yea, that lifeless look but on a nail polish. I loveeee the brush in these nail polishes. It’s similar to Rimmel 60 Seconds which I absolutely adore because it makes application a breeze and gives a smooth finish without those pesky bubbles. Just how similar the brushes are? See below. P1130180

Now to the drying time. Well, despite the thickness, these nail polishes dry down surprisingly fast; touch dry within 5 minute on its own without top coat, within a couple of minutes with Seche Vite top coat and within less than a minute with Seche Vite top coat and Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops. And with the exception of Pretty Peas which needs two coats for full opacity, I could easily get away with just one coat with the other three shades. I have tried these nail polishes in multiple ways; with and without base and top coats, with base coat but without top coat and the results are best when I apply both base and top coats. Now here’s the funny/weird/wtf part about these nail polishes; I find the longer I use them, the less the longevity. Hear me out, I swear I’m not losing my mind, yet. I got 6 days wear before the first chip on my first try but all the subsequent testing resulted in less and less days. The most recent? 3 days and I got my first chip and this applies to all 4 shades. As I said…wtf?!

Do I like this nail polish? Well, yes and I will continue using the ones I have but I’m in no hurry to purchase the other shades. Between the rate 1-10, I would give these a comfortable 7 but the part ‘up to two weeks colour and shine’…let me roll my eyes to the back of my head.Well…so much for this being a short post, what a complete fail. Shutting up, now. Have you tried Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel before? How do you like them? And what is your favourite nail polish? Lastly, what are your thoughts on these bold, out of this world claims made by beauty brands? Leave your thoughts in the comment, I read each and every one of them! 

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