What Type of Socks to Wear With Sneakers? (Best Option)

Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes, right? When it’s hot outside or you just want to be comfy, sneakers are your best friend! But there is one issue that always pops up: what type of socks should I wear with my sneakers?

This is a question asked by people of all ages. So, what type of socks should you wear with your sneakers? I looked into it and here are the answers.

Quick Answer

There are three main types of socks to wear with sneakers. They are ankle socks, mid-calf height socks, and crew height socks. Ankle socks are the shortest in height while crew height socks are by far the longest. The choice in socks depends on the type of shoe you’re wearing as well as how high up your leg you want to pull your sneaker.

The perfect sock for sneakers depends on what type of sneaker you’re planning on wearing, where it sits on your leg, the size of your calf muscles, and the type of sock you prefer. Below are some guidelines on what socks to wear with sneakers depending on your needs.


Can You Wear Crew Socks With Sneakers?

Crew height socks will generally be best for people who wear low-cut sneakers or runners that sit below their ankles. These types of shoes can often feel tight around the ankle which isn’t ideal when trying to support your foot correctly while walking or running.

Wearing this longer style of socks usually makes them feel looser than they would if you had worn something shorter like an ankle sock. If you do choose to wear crew height socks with low cut sneakers, it is important that they are worn in a style that isn’t constricting your ankle.

Elastic cuffs on crew height socks are usually the best choice when wearing shoes that sit snugly against this area of your foot.

Can You Wear Mid-Calf  Socks With Sneakers?

Mid-calf height socks work well with sneakers that have a wide opening at the top. These types of shoes will sit more comfortably around the ankles if mid-calf-length socks are worn underneath them instead of ankle-length ones.

Even though mid-calf height socks extend higher up on your legs than ankle-length ones, they provide enough support while walking or running without feeling too tight or restrictive around this part of your body. Socks with compression technology built into the fabric are often best suited to people who are looking to wear these types of socks.

Mid-calf height socks are also commonly worn with low-cut, casual shoes that have either laces or Velcro straps. These sneakers slip on and off easily without feeling too loose around the ankles which can be an issue with shoes that lack laces or Velcro closures.

Mid-calf height socks will sit naturally above the top line of your sneaker making them a comfortable choice if you like wearing casual and sporty sneakers instead of typical lace-ups.

Can You Wear Ankle Length Socks With Sneakers?

You should wear ankle-length socks with high-top, lace-up sneakers as they will provide enough support to prevent this area of your foot from feeling too tight while walking or running.

The snug fit around your heel and ankle will feel more comfortable because it isn’t too wide or too narrow. If you are wearing high-top sneakers with an opening that is wider at the top, avoid wearing ankle-length socks because they will slip down inside your shoe which won’t provide enough support.

Can You Wear Sneakers Without Socks?

In general, it is not advisable to wear sneakers without socks as this can cause bad odors. People with foot diseases such as athlete’s foot as well as those who have a high tendency for yeast infections should also avoid going without socks or wearing shoes without socks.

In the case of athletes, they are advised to always wear shoes and socks even when exercising because their feet may sweat excessively and need proper ventilation otherwise there is a risk that their feet could develop fungal infections.

What Socks to Wear With Sneakers and Jeans?

Dark socks should be worn with dark jeans. Black and dark grey are a safe bet. If ankle height socks are being worn, it is best to wear a slightly longer style so they peek out from underneath your pants leg and don’t create an awkward look by bunching up around your ankle as you walk.

Crew height socks work better if the color of them matches the color of your jeans or sneakers in most cases. When wearing mid-calf socks, it is best to wear a color that closely matches the color of your pants because they will be visible in the gap between your pants and your shoes when you sit down.

Wrap Up

Ankle height socks are recommended for high-top lace-up sneakers as they provide a snug fit around the ankle. Mid-calf length socks are recommended for low-cut casual shoes with Velcro or laces closure. Lastly, crew height socks are best worn with runners and trainers that sit below your ankle bone.

Socks should be made from a material that doesn’t shrink when washed or dry cleaned. This can cause them to become tighter fitting around the ankles and feet which could affect your comfort while wearing them. Cotton blends are recommended for creating socks as they don’t have this problem even if they are washed frequently.

Now that you know all about all sock options, why not go try a pair yourself and see which works best with the sneakers in your wardrobe?

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